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Witchcraft: Metaphysical Properties of Antimony

Antimony also called stibium is a chemical element from the periodic table, which is a metallic metalloid. It is primarily found in the mineral stibnite also sometimes referred to as antimonite. It was said to be a very important ingredient of the philosopher's stone, and was sometimes known as sacred lead, and lead of the philosophers. Antimony is connected to the wolf, and is connected to the wild animalistic tendencies inside of all of us. Antimony is toxic, and carcinogenic, and because of this it is very dangerous to handle.
Metaphysical Properties of Antimony:
The spirit of the WolfIntelligenceCreativitySpiritual GrowthAdaptabilityWisdomStrengthIntrospectionSharing understandings between peopleGetting rid of bad habits and old limiting behaviorsCutting Through IllusionPsychic EnhancementTransmutationTransformationEnlightenmentAscendantsExplorationRealizationWealthPowerAnimal TendenciesProtectionQroundingCleansingPurificationManifestingFree spirit

Energy Work: Calling Down Energy

Calling down energy from above is a useful skill to learn in energy work, because it allows you to connect yourself to higher sources of energy, so that you will be able to use that energy source in your practice to charge constructs, and to empower yourself. This technique opens up connection with the higher planes of existences, your higher self, and to source allowing you to use that higher energy in your energy work. This practice is like a reverse form of grounding where instead of grounding to the Earth, and the physical plane, you connect yourself to your higher being, and higher spiritual planes. This process is primarily done for the bringing down of more energy when it is needed, and it is a simple technique that can be made more complicated as you figure out better ways of using it.

How to call down energy:

1) First you're going to want to find a comfortable position, whether that be sitting, standing, or laying. You really just want to find a position that you will fee…


The understanding of energy has been used for a lot of magickal paradigms, and traditions, along with many metaphysical forms of healing, and medicine throughout the ages. This is also the core understanding for the energy model of magick, and throughout the world, cultures, and traditions have found, and worked with this mystical energy, but have called it different names. Some of the names at this energy have been called are:

Energy names: Chi Energy, Qi Energy, Ki Energy, Psi Energy, Psy Energy, Psychic Energy, Vital Energy, Esoteric Energy, Prana, Aether, Quintessence, Metaphysical Energy, Occult Energy, Magical Energy, The Force, Life force, Élan Vital, Spirit Energy, Pneuma, and Mana, along with many others. In my practice it is also referred to as "Kna" which is energy translation into my personal constructed language the ravens of antimony.

My own understandings of energy from my practice from what I have found out through experience, and research is presented below: