The four basic qualities

The four basic qualities also referred to as the sensible qualities, and the elemental qualities are the four properties of hot, dry, cold, and wet. These understandings were used in humorism, and greek philosophy, and were also brought into occult philosophy, along with the classical four elements. Each one of these qualities has its own correspondences, that are unique to them, and work in accordance with the other three qualities in order to facilitate dynamic harmony within the paradigm. Hot, and cold are the primary qualities, or active qualities, and Dry and Wet are the secondary qualities, or passive qualities. Hot, and cold are the primaries, because they have the ability to go through the process of creating dryness, and wetness from their existence, or action. Hot, and cold are also sometimes referred to as first qualities, and dry, and wet are sometimes referred to as second qualities. Hot, and dry is connected to masculine energy, and yang energy. Cold, and wet is connecte…

Finding your element

There are four classical elements that are known to make up the world which are fire, earth, air, and water. Every person has an affinity to all of these elements, and the fifth element spirit, though there is usually an element that you work better with, and that you are more attuned to. This elemental attunement is connected to your physical, and etheric being through different energies that are brought into you through cosmic forces, and your higher spiritual being, along with the inherent energies of your lower bodies. By finding your element you will be able to understand more about yourself through the elemental associations, and how those elements choose to manifest in your being. By working more closely with that element in your magical practice you may find that through working with it, and its aspects your manifestation will go more smoothly, because of how balanced, and aligned you are with that elemental manifestation. Finding your element will also allow you to understand…

How to unlink from linking sigils

Linking sigils are a special type of sigil that have very interesting, and useful utility. These linking sigils are connected to other forms of itself through a magickal link, because of this linking sigils can be powerful taglocks, and can go through the act of storing power, and connecting places, and acts of magick together. A linking sigil shares this connection with every other version of itself, and can go through the process of forming a network when more sigils are constructed, and used. In order to unlink yourself from the influences of the linking sigil is very simple, and can be done like this:

All you have to do is destroy the linking sigil representation in the proximity to you, the place, or the act. When one of these sigil representations is destroyed a node in the network is also destroyed, and becomes disconnected from the rest of the network. That act, or place becomes free from the connection of the linking sigil, and it's network. If the linking sigil is not ar…

Spell to get the job of your choosing, and to get paid well

This spell is meant to allow you to manifest the job that you want, and to allow it to pay you well. Feel free to change around the ingredients, and items as you see fit, make sure though that the metaphysical properties are similar, or greater, then the ones that are already in the spell. You do not need to have everything on the item list, though it is important that you try to fill each placement with something that can do the job of what ever was supposed to be there. There are many ways to go about this spell, but the important part is that you raise enough energy to attract the job that you want, while also allowing it to be financially supportive of you. The spell will also work upon your subconscious pushing you towards getting the job that you want, by giving you self-confidence to go for it.

Things you may need, or want to have:

4 Green candles, or 1 Green candle - Green candle for prosperity, success, and wealth. Four candles for stability, balance, and continuous flow of fo…

Ravens of antimony time of the year correspondences

Raven of antimony correspondences to the 366 days of the year.
Oct 31 Day outside the cycle | The forgotten raven, and Carita (" ", and CARA)Nov 1 - Nov 10 | REBIRTH (WA) Nov 11 - Nov 20 | FANTASY (FA) Nov 21 - Nov 30 | DEVOTION (Æ) Dec 1 - Dec 10 |  CHAOS (KA) Dec 11 - Dec 19 | PANIC (ȜA) Dec 20 - Dec 29 | ENLIGHTENMENT (XA) Dec 30 - Jan 8 | ILLUSION (QA) Jan 9 - Jan 18 | CORRUPTION (ACK) Jan 19 - Jan 28 | UNKNOWN (YA) Jan 29 - Feb 7 | LUST (E) Feb 8 - Feb 17 | PASSION (U) Feb 18 - Feb 27 | PREJUDICE (TA) Feb 28 - Mar 9 | HEALTH (SHA) Mar 10 - Mar 19 | ASCENDANCY (O) Mar 20 - Mar 29 | RELEASE (VA) Mar 30 - Apr 7 | SKILL (A) Apr 8 - Apr 17 | WARDING (GA) Apr 18 - Apr 27 | CONNECTION (LA) Apr 28 - May 7 | BINDING (BA) May 8 - May 17 | ENERGY (KNA) May 18 - May 27 | MIGHT (I) May 28 - Jun 5 | EXPERIENCE (DA) Jun 6 - Jun 15 | LIFE (SKA) Jun 16 - Jun 25 | LIGHT (MA) Jun 26 - Jul 8 | BANISHMENT (ARD) Jul 9 - Jul 18 | PAIN (PA) Jul 19 - Jul 28 | PROTECTION (CA) Jul 29 - Aug 7…

Opening sigil, and reading commissions

I will be opening up sigil, and reading commissions. I will be offering divination readings from the rider waite tarot deck, and the ravens of antimony oracle deck. Sigil commissions will be made in my present style. Prices will be below, and payment will be send over PayPal.

Sigil commission prices:

Sigil = $3.00

Reading commissions prices:

1 card  = $1.00
2 card  = $2.00
3 card = $3.00
4 card = $3.50
5 card = $4.00
6 card = $4.50
7 card = $5.00
8 card =  $6.50
9 card = $7.00
10 card = $8.50
plus $1.50 per card, after this point

Reading commissions  specials:

The Ravens Of Antimony Micro Unkindness Of Ravens Spread $10.00

The Ravens Of Antimony Macro Unkindness Of Ravens Spread $15.00

I have the right to refuse any commission that I do not want to take, and all commissions will be paid in full before receivement of service. Commissions may take up to time to process, if busy.

Feel free to message me at @wolfofantimony, or get in contact with me in some other way.

Nomancy using ravens of antimony

I have noticed in the practice, and study of my alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony that by going to the process of writing one's name in the ravens, those ravens will be able to tell you a little bit about the nature of that person based on the ravens that appear, and in what order. The energies of the ravens work with the energies of the numerological letter placement to set forth insight. For example if you were going to do this with the name John, it would look like this.

First you would start off with the name:


Then we transfer the name into the ravens of antimony alphabet, and pronunciation:



Then we would transfer the ravens of antimony into there meanings:

Knowledge Ascendancy Anger Logic
These post can help you achieve this: Ravens of antimony Alphabet letter correspondencesRavens of antimony36 Ravens of the ravens of antimony
Then we take these meanings, and associate them to the aspects of the letter placement:

1 = Unity, achievement, and overv…