Metaphysical properties of the letters of the alphabet

This is a list of the metaphysical properties of the letters of the english alphabet. These properties are discovered through my own personal experience, understandings with others, numerology, the history of the letters, and are also based off what the letters are used for
A- Leader, Confident, Alert, Determined, Bold, Ambitious, Positivity, Courageous, Independent, Strength, Beginnings
B- Sensitive, Cooperative, Emotional, Relationships, Fertility, Compassionate, Communication, and Interactions
C- Energetic, Community, Creativity, Inspiration, and Intelligence
D- Balanced, Secure, Focused, Willpower, Perseverance, Power, Order, Grounded, Loyalty, Devotion, Mastery, Hard Work, Stability
E- Love, Compassionate, Charming, Kindness, Communication, Devotion, Praise
F- Responsible, Organized, Manageable
G- Orderly, Instinctive, Intuition, Magick, Spiritual, Knowledge, Truth
H- Successful, Self-contained, Money, Wealth, Fortune
I- Inspirational, Impulsive, Compassionate, Sensitive, Indepe…

Viadescioism: Perception, subjective truth, and worldview

Viadescioism approaches the world  from both a subjective, and objective perspective, and does not place an importance on one over the other, though in this post we will be talking about subjective perception.

Subjective perception allows the viadescioist to study their own experiences, and how they perceive things allowing them to understand there worldview, and how it tints there perception in specific ways. It is how they see the world, and it is always relative to the individual, allowing them to create their own personal truths. This practice can allow the individual to know themselves, their experiences, and these different aspects shape their world. There is a lot of importance placed upon the objective outer world, and we should also learn to see the world from our subjective inner world. This practice allows you not to observe only from the outside in, but in order to flip that understanding, and go to the inside out. You are able to go within yourself, and find answers to th…

Wolf Magick: Teachings Of The Wolf

The wolf has so many different lessons to teach us that can help us improve our lives, and how we look at the world. The lessons of the wolf are connected to its metaphysical properties, and is what we can learn from the wolves as we work with them. These lessons do not have to be learned in order to work with wolf magick, but are inherently connected to the wolf.

The wolf teaching of community, and communication:

The wolf teachers an importance on community, and communication. By forming relationships, and communities with others you will be able to learn and grow as a person, while also helping the community to do the same. You will not only be part of one community, but you will reside in many of them. In all of these communities you will have a role to play, and by playing that role you will allow the rest of the machine to run smoothly, so that you can strengthen the whole of the community. These roles will not be imposed upon you but will be spots that are filled by willing partic…

Wolf Magick: Wolf Entities

This is a list of wolf-like entities that are connected to the spirit of the wolf, and its Energies.Sea-Wolf (Wasgo/Gonakadet) | A creature that is half wolf, and half orca whale. Akhlut | A shapeshifter that can switch between between their wolf forms and their orca forms. Werewolf (Lycan, Rugaru) | A man with the ability to transform into a quadruped, or biped wolf. Crocotta | A large dog-wolf with a horse-like mane, and a hyena like head. Winged wolf | A wolf with wings. Alphyn | A creature with the body of a wolf with tufts of hair covering its body. It also has a thick mane, and long thin tongue.Chatloup | A creature with the face of a cat, the body of a wolf, and the serrated horns of an antelope.Tyger | A creature with the body of a wolf, but it has a crest of tufts on the back of its neck, and a tusk pointing down from its nose. It has the tail of a lion and a thick mane along the neck like a horse. Theow | A wolf with cloven hooves, and a bovine muzzle, and tail. Cynogriffo…

Using sigils in the mind:

Focusing on a sigil in your mind’s eye will bring a mental form of that sigil into your immediate environment, so that you can use it in your practice to act out your desires. This can be useful to use sigils even when you do not have tools to make it physically.

This would be like focusing on a sigil for good luck in your head, so you can invoke good luck to you. A practitioner could also focus upon a sigil, and somebody else in the immediate vicinity in order to connect them to their will, and cast it upon them, so that they will be affected by their desire. To do this you will need focus, concentration, and willpower, so that you will be able to envision, charge, and activate mental sigils to affect yourself and the world around you.

In order to do this all you need to do is envision the sigil in your mind as clearly as you possibly can, then focus on that sigil in your mind while you internalized its image into your mind. Once you feel that you have done this for long enough, visu…

Storing Negative Energy:

If you ever are in a negative mood, and you know how to manipulate spiritual energy, and move that negative spiritual energy into some other object, so that you can store it, and save it to be used in curses, or more malevolent practices. This will allow you to call on some more negativity when you are in the process of needing it. This is pretty much a way of saving negative energy for the future, so that it is not simply wasted, when you are feeling bad, and can be channeled into something in order to be used for later. 
In order to do this you are going to need some form of object in which you can store negative energy within, and you will need to be in a bad mood, so that you have negative energy in order to transfer into the object. This object can be pretty much anything though most of the time it should not be made out of metal. This is because metal is not very good for placing energy upon, because of its metaphysical properties. There are also some other items that have clea…

Microcosm, and Macrocosm


A microcosm is the smaller parts of a system, usually referring to a smaller part of the cosmos.

A macrocosm is the larger whole of a system, usually referring to the whole of the cosmos.

This idea was first thought to be proposed by Pythagoras, but was later popularized by hermeticism through the understanding of the principle of correspondence. The principle of correspondence which states; "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing." This understanding presents the idea that there is a similarity of pattern, nature, or structure between smaller, and larger aspects of existence. This understanding was originally applied to the connection between humans, and the universe, and was also a foundation for some forms of panpsychism. 
By understanding one you can understand the other, and through this understanding we can gain knowledge of how t…