Wolf Magick: Wolf Sounds

There are four primary vocalizations that wolves make, and these are known as barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. These sounds are able to be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate certain energies, and in order to perform specific tasks. Wolves also combined sounds to make combinations much like howl-barking which could also be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate a combination of two energies. These sounds can be used as vocal emissions by the practitioner in many different parts of their practice.
Whimpering: Whimpering also referred to as squeaking, whining, and yiping is a short high frequency noise that is usually seen to be friendly, submissive, and not aggressive. Wolves use whimpering in friendly interactions, or in cases on when they are feeling frustration, and anxiety. It is a way of calling to the pups, and it is also a way that wolves tell another wolf that they are being submissive. This is connected to the energies of water. Whimpering can be used in …

Ancestor Work

Ancestor work is a practice that is found all over the world in many different cultures, and traditions. There are a couple types of ancestors that have the potential to be worked with, and honored. These different types of ancestors have different connections to you, and can help you out in various ways. From these practices you understand that your ancestors are still with you in a spiritual form and can still help an impact your life. You will be able to honor, and communicate with your ancestors in order to gain insight, and understanding that you might not have gotten any other way. You can build relationships with all of those you have a connection with already that you may not even know that you are connected to. The types of ancestors as I categorize them here are blood ancestors, associated ancestors, land ancestors, and tradition ancestors.
Blood Ancestors:

Your blood ancestors are any entity from whom one is descended going all the way back to even prehistoric times. You wil…

Basic Understanding Of Conjuring Spiritual Entities


This is simply a basic view on the understanding of summoning forth spiritual entities, and is by no means an extensive overview of the practice, and I am also not responsible for how you choose to use this information, or what comes forth from it's execution.

In order to do this practice effectively you are going to need to understand, or have a method of

CleansingCenteringGroundingBanishingProtection through shieldingBindingDivination, or spiritual communicationSIgil

Conjuring spiritual entities is a process in which you summon forth an entity to your location in order to communicate, and interact with them. In order to conjure an entity to you all one must do is call for them. this can be done in many different ways but will usually include some form of connecting with them, so that you can ask them to appear to you. There are many different ins-and-outs to this practice, and practitioners do it differently based upon their tradition, and understandings…


Familiars are entities that go through the process of helping the magickal practitioner in their workings. These entities can be either spiritual, or physical, and these two distinctions make up the two different types of familiars a practitioner can have. Familiars are primarily worked with in order to help you with your magickal agenda, but can also be a messenger, and a protector when needed, and they are also able to interact with the spiritual world, and can divine information. They can also give their own energies to your castings in order to empower your working allowing for whatever you are doing magickally to go more smoothly. Not all practitioners go through the process of working with familiars, but anyone is able to have one if they would like, and you can even have more than one.

There are many ways in which you can come in contact with your familiar, but usually they either just spontaneously show up, are given to you, or are summoned by you. Familiars that spontaneously…

Dryads: The spirits of trees

Dryads are the spirits of trees, and are elemental nature spirits that are present within forests, woodlands, and groves, because of this you are going to find a lot more dryads located in forested areas though they are also able to be found in trees in parks of suburbs, and cities. Tree spirits have been recognized throughout the world through many different cultures, though in my understanding I will be referring to them as dryads from the Greek understanding of things. Because, of how many trees there are there could be quite a lot of dryads located on the Earth communicating and connecting with the people of the areas in which they live.

Dryads are associated with various trees, and have varying degrees of temperament. Though these entities do seem to be usually very shy, though if you can approach them in a specific manner you will be able to communicate with them, and win their trust.  even though they are shy they're also incredibly fierce when it comes to defending the fore…

Viadescioism: Centralism, The Middle Way, Balance, and Polarity

Viadescioism is focused upon the middle ground between polarities. Viadescioism embodies this virtue of balance, and equilibrium within the fifth virtue of Isoropia, and connects it with the understanding of mercury on the tetractys, and it brings forth understandings of justice, moderation and egalitarianism.

It follows the middle way, and sees that existence is not black, or white, it is a balance, and is neutral. Balancing at the center of the nature of everything, and balancing between the understandings of balance, and instability. Once you are sitting with in the middle way you are able to be more at peace, and from this spot you can see all.

When you lean to a specific side your eyes become cloudy to what is over the middle, and you begin to build up false egotistical identity with the side in which you lean. You identify yourself with that idea, and take it on as something that you are, and then something that "I am". Walking between the two extremes allows us with i…