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Ravens of antimony time of the year correspondences

Raven of antimony correspondences to the 366 days of the year.

Oct 31 Day outside the cycle | The forgotten raven, and Carita (“ ”, and CARA)
Nov 1 - Nov 10 | REBIRTH (WA)
Nov 11 - Nov 20 | FANTASY (FA)
Nov 21 - Nov 30 | DEVOTION (Æ)(A’)
Dec 1 - Dec 10 |  CHAOS (KA)
Dec 11 - Dec 19 | PANIC (ȜA) (Gha)
Dec 20 - Dec 29 | ENLIGHTENMENT (XA)
Dec 30 - Jan 8 | ILLUSION (QA)
Jan 9 - Jan 18 | CORRUPTION (ACK)
Jan 19 - Jan 28 | UNKNOWN (YA)
Jan 29 - Feb 7 | LUST (E)
Feb 8 - Feb 17 | PASSION (U)
Feb 18 - Feb 27 | PREJUDICE (TA)
Feb 28 - Mar 9 | HEALTH (SHA)
Mar 10 - Mar 19 | ASCENDANCY (O)
Mar 20 - Mar 29 | RELEASE (VA)
Mar 30 - Apr 7 | SKILL (A)
Apr 8 - Apr 17 | WARDING (GA)
Apr 18 - Apr 27 | CONNECTION (LA)
Apr 28 - May 7 | BINDING (BA)
May 8 - May 17 | ENERGY (KNA)
May 18 - May 27 | MIGHT (I)
May 28 - Jun 5 | EXPERIENCE (DA)
Jun 6 - Jun 15 | LIFE (SKA)
Jun 16 - Jun 25 | LIGHT (MA)
Jun 26 - Jul 8 | BANISHMENT (ARD)
Jul 9 - Jul 18 | PAIN (PA)
Jul 19 - Jul 28 | PROTECTION (CA)
Jul 29 - Aug 7 | …

Opening sigil, and reading commissions

I will be opening up sigil, and reading commissions. I will be offering divination readings from the rider waite tarot deck, and the ravens of antimony oracle deck. Sigil commissions will be made in my present style. Prices will be below, and payment will be send over PayPal.

Sigil commission prices:

Sigil = $3.00

Reading commissions prices:

1 card  = $1.00
2 card  = $2.00
3 card = $3.00
4 card = $3.50
5 card = $4.00
6 card = $4.50
7 card = $5.00
8 card =  $6.50
9 card = $7.00
10 card = $8.50
plus $1.50 per card, after this point

Reading commissions  specials:

The Ravens Of Antimony Micro Unkindness Of Ravens Spread $10.00

The Ravens Of Antimony Macro Unkindness Of Ravens Spread $15.00

I have the right to refuse any commission that I do not want to take, and all commissions will be paid in full before receivement of service. Commissions may take up to time to process, if busy.

Feel free to message me at @wolfofantimony, or get in contact with me in some other way.

Nomancy using ravens of antimony

I have noticed in the practice, and study of my alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony that by going to the process of writing one's name in the ravens, those ravens will be able to tell you a little bit about the nature of that person based on the ravens that appear, and in what order. The energies of the ravens work with the energies of the numerological letter placement to set forth insight. For example if you were going to do this with the name John, it would look like this.

First you would start off with the name:


Then we transfer the name into the ravens of antimony alphabet, and pronunciation:



Then we would transfer the ravens of antimony into there meanings:

Knowledge Ascendancy Anger Logic
These post can help you achieve this: Ravens of antimony Alphabet letter correspondencesRavens of antimony36 Ravens of the ravens of antimony
Then we take these meanings, and associate them to the aspects of the letter placement:

1 = Unity, achievement, and overv…

Even more laws of magick

Laws of magick I have found, while learning that seem to be true, and fixed from my understanding, The authors are unknown to me, though I do feel there is wisdom in these understandings.
Law of identification, or Law of imitation:

This law states that an entity that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity. The more knowledge that the imitating, or identifying entity has the better, and stronger the association will be, and the more connected that entity will become to the other. This law seems to be connected to the law of association.

Law of Balance:

This law states that balance between energies, and ideas achieves the greatest potential, and that extremes should be avoided, because the state allows you to be more open-minded, and to see all alternatives, so that you will be able to work with the most information, and choose the right path for yourself, while not being blinded.

The Law of Cycles

This law states that everything moves in cycle…

The 8 ancient greek words for love

These are the different ancient greek words for love, and their meanings. I feel that these words of love are important to know, so that you can examine the different ways that love can manifest. More than one of some of these loves can be felt for a single construct, and some of these loves can also transform into each other.

Eros - Eros is an erotic love. This love is connected to sexual passion, and is seen as a strong physical and/or emotional attraction. Eros is the love that is based and desire, and the examen meant of beauty. This love is only focus on the individual's satisfaction, and manifests as emotional involvement only based on certain factors, and characteristics of the individual of the love. If these characteristics, or factors disappear the love would be broken. This love only wants to receive what the other can supply.

Philia also written Phileō - Philia is described as a companionable love. This love is connected to lovesthat are based in deep friendship, brother…

Source, Deity, and Divinity

This post is meant to be my take on source, and how it relates to deities, as well as divinity. These are just some of my present thoughts on the matter that I would like to share. On Source: Source is the head emanation of everything, and is the monad of the all. Source can be used as a synonym for the all because we are all a part of source, and are just different emanations of it. Source is divine, and is genderless. It is not so much an entity as it is a construct, and does not create intelligent design as much as it is the energy, and materials for that design. It has always existed, and can never be destroyed. It is part of everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that will be. It is present in this universe, and all the others, and is the main essence of existence itself. It could be perceived as a deity, but it is definitely different than the other deities. It is not “good” nor “evil” and is truly neutral. On Deity:  Deities can be anything for my understan…

Balancing your energetic system

Balancing your energetic system is a good thing to do every once in awhile, so that your energy can be flowing smoothly throughout your spiritual subtle bodies. This is a very simple practice that anyone can do to go over their energy field to cleanse it, and balance it in order to bring it back up to good working order.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. This should also be in the timeframe where you feel you will have enough time, and not be rushed. You should also be wearing comfortable clothing during this in order to get you in the right mood to do this working. You will want to go through the process of finding a comfortable place to sit, or lay where you will be comfortable, while performing this technique. You will also want to go through the process of casting, or using spiritual protection to make sure that your space is safe for you to do this technique.

Next you will want to close your eyes, and get…

Basic guide to how to banish an entity


Learning how to banish an entity is a very important skill to know in case you come across an entity that you want to send out of your space, and is a good way to protect yourself from spiritual entities that may come to try to do harm to you. There are many ways to go about banishing an entity, and in this post I will be going over a couple of them. I will also be giving tips that may be helpful. This is not an extensive guide by any means, but it's definitely a stepping stone to understanding the processes that coincide with the banishment of entities.

Protecting yourself:

Protecting yourself is very important especially when you feel a presence that should not be in your space. Through the act of putting up shields you will help protect you're so against them by putting up a wall of energy between the two of you, and by putting up wards anything that's already on the inside out. This will give you time to come back to yourself, so that you can focus on wha…

General magick practitioner names, and titles

General names: Witch - Meaning a practitioner of witchcraft.Wicca - Meaning old English word for male practitioner of witchcraft.Wicce - Meaning old English word for female practitioner of witchcraft .Occultist - Meaning a practitioner of magick.Wizard - Meaning wise person, much like Sage, or philosopher.Sage -Meaning wise person.Wise Man - Meaning a man that is wise.Wise Woman - Meaning a woman that is wise.Wise (gender name here) - Meaning a (gender name here) that is wise.Magician - Meaning a practitioner of magick.Mage - Meaning a practitioner of magick.Magus - Meaning practitioner of magick, or a Zoroastrian priest.Magickan - Meaning a practitioner of magick.Magican - Meaning a practitioner of magick.Magick Practitioner - Meaning practitioner of magick.Practitioner - Meaning a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession.Spellcaster - Meaning one who sends out spells, and is a practitioner of magick.Spell Chanter - Meaning one who sends out spells, and is a practi…

The 4 categories of magick: Pyrosophic, Geosophic, Hydrosophic, and Aerosophic

Introduction: This is my paradigm for understanding and for categorizing Magick especially when pertaining to learning the practices, and understandings of it. This paradigm of categorization is inspired by the 4 classical elemental system, and is also inspired by the layout of the Temple of Witchcraft series by Christopher Penczak. This is a system of not only categorizing magic into four separate distinct categories that will be based off of the attributes of the magickal practice, but is also a learner's guide for the general understanding of magick, and the occult.This understanding was first written about in my post on beginning your magickal journey, but will now be extrapolated on more in-depth here in order to flush out the paradigm, and to see more of what it covers. This entire post will pretty much be my personal understanding surrounding the categorization of magick as a whole. The four categories of magick: Pyrosophic, geosophic, hydrosophic, and aerosophic are the f…