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Energy work: Energetic processes

These are different processes that energy can act out when it is instructed to do so. This will help you to better understand the workings of energy, and what energy is doing when these processes are being performed.

Cleansing - Cleansing is the process of resetting the energetic states of any construct back to its base metaphysical properties. It is usually used in order to get rid of unwanted energies that have connected themselves to a construct usually through contiguity, or contagion.

Banishing - Banishing is the process of sending away a specific energy construct, or entity from a specific area. Sometimes it is used, and seen as a more aggressive form of cleansing being used in order to send a specific energy in the environment away, so that it will not be present in that space in the future.

Centering - Centering is the process of bringing the energy of a construct, or an entity back to the center of the construct, so that the energy can be used more efficiently. This process i…

Energy work: Charging and opening the energy centers in the hands

Before you partake in energy work it is important to charge, and open the energy centers in your hands. This will allow energy to flow through your hands better making it easier to direct, project, and absorb energy in a more fluid, and smooth manner. By doing this you will improve your capabilities to work with energy, which will improve the rest of your energy working techniques. In order to go about charging, and opening these energy centers you can choose to do one of these methods seen below, while doing any of these methods you should focus on your energy centers being opened, and charged. This conscious intention will allow your energy centers to change to the state that you want them in.

Methods for charging, and opening the energy centers in your hands:

Massaging the center of your palms - Through the act of massaging the center of your palms you will be able to activate, and open the energy centers that reside there through the slight pressure of your fingers pushing into an…

Witchy ideas for things to do during the super blue blood moon

This is a list of different items of things you can do for the  super blue blood moon on January 31 2018:

You could meditate.You could go through the process of finding your spirit guides.You could make moon water, or in this case super blue blood moon water.You could use divination to connect with spirit guides, spirit companions, ancestors, deities, and your higher self, along with any other type of spiritual being.Perform a cleansing ritual to cleanse the area that you live in.Take this time to do healing spells or rituals in the healing, nurturing, energy of the moon.Take this time to send positive energy to people who you believe needs it.Perform initiation ceremonies, or begin, and end trials of initiation.It will be a good time to do energy work, and to open up your energy centers.If you are attuned to reiki you can perform a self reiki treatment and send out reiki to people who you believe need it, and who are open to receiving it.Charge your crystals, and tools in the moonligh…

Energies of the super blue blood moon

On January 31st there is going to be a super blue blood moon, which is quite a rare event, and will have many energies that you may want to bring into your working. The super blue blood moon is the meeting up of 3 different interactions between the earth, moon, & sun. This Trinity of interaction can be a very good time for many different magickal practices, that will be able to use this energy in order to manifest, and enhance the practitioners life. Any metaphysical properties that appear on Multiple Lists will be extra enhanced.
Energies of the super full moon:A super moon occurs when the moon, becomes full at a time where it has reached the closest point of its orbit to the Earth allowing it to look bigger. This also means the lunar energy is closer to us, and because of that it makes the lunar energy more intense, and enhanced.

Metaphysical properties:
EnhancementStrengthPowerEnergyPsychic and spiritual awarenessFemininityYinNightDarknessPassivityReceptivityMysteriesIntuitionEmot…

Some practices for a closeted witch

These are some practices that may be helpful for a closeted practitioners practice, if they want to go through the process of manifesting their desire without anyone noticing.


You could practice sigil magick:

Sigils are very discreet and through the process of sigilization you can create sigils that take the form of doodles, or even of visual pieces of art. You could go to the process of learning to create hyper sigils, and learn to manifest your desire through poetry, fictional stories, and other forms of literature, and art. You could create music or sounds that are sigils that could be listened to, and played on instruments. All of this could be pretty much invisible to anyone else experiencing it, and would just look like forms of artistic expression.

You could practice kitchen magick:
Kitchen magick is very discreet, and by simply understanding ingredients, and the metaphysical properties of those ingredients. You could cook up some truly magickal meals. That would be …

Sigil magick: Ways to connect a sigil to their target

There are many ways to go about connecting a sigil to a specific target, so that you would be able to affect the target with the intention of the sigil. This would be useful if you were trying to place your will upon someone, or something. This can be done with pretty much any sigil that has an intention that does not target something specifically. This would be like if you had a Sigil for protection, and wanted to use the sigil to protect a specific person. This understanding allows you to connect your sigil to them, so that when you activated it will target them.


Using the name of the target in the intention is one way you can go about targeting a construct or an entity with your sigil. To do this all you would have to simply do is put the name of what you want to affect in the statement of intention that you used to create the sigil. The statement of intent would look something like "John is protected". You could also use the targets name by writing it near or upon…

Elemental Metaphysical Correspondences

The energies of the elements have many different metaphysical correspondences that can be invoked through working with those elements. By bringing fire, water, air, and earth energies into certain situations you will be able to strengthen aspects of that situation by allowing the elements to be present. This can be good to empower yourself ,or you're working when you need a specific energy to be brought into your life.
Metaphysical Correspondences Of Fire: Passion, Creativity, Banishment, Aggression, Purification, Destruction, Strength, Exorcism Protection, Empowerment, Manifestation, Authority, Will, Action, Consumption, Wild, Illumination, Power, Courage, Energy, Sex, Masculinity, Yang, and much, much more.
Metaphysical Correspondences Of Water: Calmness, Sensitiveness, Subconscious, Dreams, Life, Intuition, Healing, Cleanse, Death, Rebirth, loving, Emotions, Astral travel, Astral Projection, Relationships, Transformation, Change, Absorption, Trance State, Reflection, Sensitive,…

How to lay a curse

Disclaimer: I (the wolf of antimony) am not responsible for what you choose to do with this information. Use at your own risk.

Cursing is the act of sending out ill will, and negative energy at a construct, or entity, and hopes to do harm, or create misfortune. Curses act as a form of spiritual attack that allows the practitioner to force their will, and power upon another. There are many reasons why one would want to throw a curse from revenge to teaching people life lessons, but it depends on the practitioner's ethical judgement to decide in what circumstances a curse would be necessary. All these different practitioners that practice cursing have their own ideas, morals, and ethics, and if you believe that you would like to incorporate this into your practice, you will have your own as well. By understanding these practices you can not only learn how to do them, but you can also learn how to prevent them, and to break them. You will have an understanding  of the processes that …