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List Of Different Theisms

This is a list of multiple theisms which are different doctrines, and philosophies that pertain to deity. If there are any theisms that I missed, or misrepresented please tell me, and I will add them to the list.

Theism: Theism is the belief in some form of deity.

Monotheism: Monotheism is the belief in only one deity.

Ditheism: Ditheism is the belief in two deities, which may be in conflict with each other.

Bitheism: Bitheism is the belief in two deities, which are not in opposition to each other, and are of equal power, but will represent two dualistic elements, forms, or states.

Duotheism: Duotheism is the belief in two deities usually when referring to a god, and goddess of equal power.

Tritheism: Tritheism is the belief that cosmic divinity is composed of three powerful entities, or trinity, or is also used to represent the belief in three deities.

Tetratheism: Tetratheism is the belief in four deities.

Polytheism: Polytheism is the belief in multiple deities.

Multitheism: Multitheism th…

Shape-Shifting Meditation

This is a form of mental shape-shifting that will help you to transform into your mental form you wish to take, whatever that may be. Shape-shifting meditation is a form of meditation in which you go on to the mental scape in your mind, and take on the form of something else, usually an animal, or mythical creature. By doing this you can learn lessons about the form that you have taken, and can experience things from that form's perspective. It will also help to connect you stronger with that form allowing you to understand it, and work with it. If you are able to meditate, and get into an altered state of consciousness you will be able to experience the shape shifting meditation for yourself.

How To Shape-shift Meditate:

1) First find a spot where you will not be disturbed, and sit, stand, or lay in a comfortable position in that spot. You should also wear loose clothing that will not be restrictive so that you can be completely relaxed, and not feel restricted. If you would like…

The 3 steps to get rid of a curse

Once you believe that you have been cursed you can then start the process in order to get rid of the curse that was placed on you. You can do this by following these three steps in order to isolate yourself, fight back, and then cleanse, and heal yourself back to normal health.
Here is the post on symptoms of being cursed, and diagnostics methods:

The first step you are going to want to do is shield yourself. This will give you time to identify what the curse is, and where it might be coming from. Along with allowing you to think about how you would like to proceed in the next step. The shielding does not have to be anything elaborate it just has to work well enough to isolate you from the negative energy of the curse, and will give you some time to think, while not being impacted by the curse.

Shielding methods that you could try, would be things such as: Casting a circle.Charging…

Wolf Magick: Four Wolves

In wolf magick there are four main types of wolves these are the black wolf, the white wolf, the gray wolf, and the brown wolf. These four wolves have different metaphysical properties that can help with your magical practice, if you take the time to invoke them in specific situations. The energy of these four wolves will come to you, and will be able to permeate your magick with their energies allowing your magic to be increasingly charged and strengthened with the power of wolf energy. If you wish to work with wolf energy in your practice, it would be a very useful idea to learn how to use these different subsections of the wolf's energy.

The White Wolf:

The white wolf is the wolf that brings the energies of balance, emotion, harmony, peace, and clarity. This wolf is good to call upon when you need to cleanse areas, walk between worlds, or find peace within yourself. This wolf energy allows you to be calm and collected within life, so that you can find your path, and where it le…

Wolf Magick: Wolf Energy

Calling upon the energy of the wolf can bring much-needed energy into your practice. When we call upon the energy of the wolf we are not calling upon the energy of a single wolf, but on the collective universal energy essence of  the wolves. This collective essence of wolf energy can bring certain energies, and attributes of the wolf into our practice in order to enhance it. In order to call upon this energy, and invoke it into your practice all you must really do is call out to it saying out loud, or in your head preferably multiple times, "I invoke the energy of the wolf" can bring the energy of the wolf to you quickly. This can also be done through the act of howling, when also combined with your intentions to invoke the wolf. This will act as a way of calling out into the universe using a vibrational tone to summon down the energy. This energy can also be invoked through the act of getting representations of wolves such as pictures, figures, statues, actual body parts o…

What is a soul


Many different people have philosophized about the soul, and the role that it plays in all of us. The concept of the soul has been defined, redefined, and changed multiple times throughout history by many different parties, groups, religions, and belief systems. People have believed in it, and people have denied its existence. Making it very hard to pin down what a soul is, but its base definition would be the essence, and being of an entity. This is said to be the main spiritual piece of the entity, and is the "I am" of the entity.  It is very common for people to believe that they have a soul, even though the concept is not very well understood. I do believe in the soul, and I feel like I should share from my understanding what the soul is.

What is the soul:

The soul is what separates us from other entities. It is every part of ourselves from the body, to the spirit, to the consciousness, to the personality, to the identity, to the actions, to the choices, to…

Word Sigil Method

This sigil making method is one of the most common ones that is used in modern sigilization practices. The first thing that you are going to need in order to create a sigil using this method is a statement of intent. A statement of intent is a statement that tells exactly what you want to manifest. These statements of intent are going to be the basic programming for the sigil, and will give it its meanings, properties, and associations. These statements of intent are usually written in present tense, and without negations though other forms of statements of intent have been known to work either way.  The reason that statements of intent are usually written in present tense is because it is done to trick your subconscious into thinking that you already have it, so you will attract more of it to you, and it will also in an energetic sense send out a specific energy so that the energy can return back to you through the magickal law of positive attraction. The reason that negations are n…

Eyes Closed Sigil Method

The eyes closed sigil method is a method in which a practitioner will take a writing utensil, and a piece of paper close their eyes, and randomly strike at the paper until a Sigil is created. During this process the practitioner should envision their desire, or their statement of intent deeply in their head, so that it will imprint upon the sigil. Once you believe your sigil is complete you can then open your eyes, and take that sigil, and charge it, and activate it.

Automatic Writing Sigil Method

This is the sigil method in which you use automatic writing in order to create a unique sigil that you can charge, and activate in order to send out your desire into the universe. Automatic writing is the act of channeling the universe, your higher self, or some other entity, so that it can pass down information in writing, or drawings. You should probably have some channeling experience, or some automatic writing experience, so that you can get the most out of this method. The way that you can go about this is to get a writing utensil, and paper, and find a comfortable location where you can enter a trance-like state uninterrupted. Once you have found your location you will want to set up some form of spiritual protection such as casting a circle, or some other form of spiritual protection. Next you're going to want to call out for the entity that you would like to channel, so that it can help you create a sigil upon the paper in front of you. The Entity that you channel should b…

Photograph sigil method

The photograph sigil method is a method where you take a photo of what you desire, or something that your desire is associated with, and either use that picture as the sigil, or you can draw out the lines that you find important in the image to make a sigil. Both of these ways will work perfectly fine, and will provide you with a very quick, and easy sigil method that you can do anytime that you have a camera, or picture. all you need is the picture, or a sigil constructed from the picture, and then you can charge, and activate it as normal.;

Types Of Witches

This is a post on the many different types of witches. Due to the fact there are so many different types of them, I probably missed a couple, and this list isn't complete. You do not have to be only one type of these witches, but can be a multitude of them, and you do not have to feel limited to fit in to any of these. In order for a type of witch to appear on this list someone must be identifying with it. If you are not represented here, or misrepresented here please tell me, and I will change it.

Witch: A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. There are no other requirements to be a witch besides the act of practicing witchcraft, because of this anyone can be a witch regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, or any other factor. Witchcraft is defined as the practice of magick primarily but not limited to the practice of thaumaturgy.

Male Witch: Are witches who happened to be males. Though this term is not necessary, because the word witch is already gender neutral.