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7 random things about sigils

Just some things I wanted to write down having to do with sigils. I thought some of this information might be useful, and I couldn't figure out a way to work it into a post on its own, so please enjoy,and stay beautiful my friends. <3

1) Sigils that are flashing much like a strobe light, become some form of brain stimulant that eases all who see it into a more gnostic like state, attracting their attention to it giving the sigil energy, and allowing it to manifest.

2) You don't need to do any sigil method in order to make a sigil, all you need is something unique that you can associate your intent with. This will become your sigil.

3) Sigils are one of the lowest forms of programmed energy constructs, but are still incredibly useful.

4) The more an individual sigil  is used for its purpose, the stronger that individual sigil is at performing its purpose, and it may eventually get to a state where it does not need to be charged anymore, because of the great amount of energy …

How to find your Spirit guides, and guardian angels

Your spirit guides, and guardian angels are very powerful entities that have been watching over you, and are ever present in your life even, if you do not have a relationship with them yet. These beings are specifically connected to you, because you chose each other before you were even born into this incarnation. Everyone has a spirit guide, and a guardian angel. Finding them, and learning how to interact, and communicate with them can greatly improve every single facet of your life through the simple act of their presence. Some people may find it hard to find their spirit guides, and guardian angels, others will find it very easy, it all depends on if you are ready to know them, or not. There are many ways to go about finding your spirit guides, and guardian angels, if you are ready to go searching for them. Any of these methods am about to share with you can help you find them, but it is also important to use your insight, and introspection to verify your experiences.

This article m…

Altered States Of Consciousness

Altered states of consciousness also called altered state of minds, or mind alterations, and sometimes abbreviated to ASC, are a very important part of a whole lot of spiritual practices, and techniques. An altered state of consciousness can be achieved through anything that makes your consciousness different than where it usually resides. In an altered states of consciousness one can raise their vibration, and become more sensitive to the world, and energy around them allowing them to connect to the higher spiritual realms, so that they can better communicate with it, and use it to its fullest potential. This can be done through pretty much anything from dancing to meditation to even playing video games, along with much, much more. These altered states of consciousness will help you ease into your practice, and will allow you to gather through focus, and desire, the energy that you will need in order to do your magick. Altered states of consciousness can be a very valuable tool in yo…

The Crazy Stage (UPG)

The crazy stage (for lack of a better name) is a term that I personally use to refer to a point of time, where usually a new practitioner is first introduced to their practice, and for some reason they fall into misinformation, and happened to think they know everything. This is not every practitioner's experience, but it is one that I continue to see time, and time again. A person in a crazy stage is someone that probably does want to get into magick, but they usually hold the romanticize preconceptions of what magick is, even while continuing their studies. During the beginning stages of a practitioners development, the practitioner is very impressionable, and cannot usually tell the difference between UPG, and VPG, because they have nothing to base their information off of yet besides their preconceptions of what magick is, which a lot of the time is given to them by Hollywood. Not everybody has a crazy stage, This is for many different reasons, but the reasons that I have fou…

Positive energy, And Negative energy

Positive energy is energy that is harmonic with the rest of your being. Positive energy does not need to be light energy, or any other type of energy it just has to be energy that is harmonic with your very being.  This energy will have positive intentions with you, and your spiritual system, and will be seen to be very helpful, and beneficial to you. This energy can be used to heal, and restore balance to your spiritual system. Positive energy can be attracted to you, if you're open to receiving it. Positive energy can be used by intentionally trying to send it to someone, or something else. This will usually result in you blessing them with your positive energy.

Things that can be gained from positive energy :

Feeling of being disharmonic with everything else around youPeacefulness.Feelings of being safe, and secure.Feelings of love, and fulfillment.Mindfulness.Calmness.Your energy, and chakras will be more open, balance, and flowing.And much, much more.
Negative energy is energy…

Learning to write your own spells, and/or rituals

Introduction :

All the Spells, and/or rituals that you have seen at one point had to be created, and written down. Learning to do this process, and to write down your own spells, and rituals can be a very fun, and creative process. Learning to do this can greatly help you along your path allowing your magick to become more versatile, and connected to you. You will not need to know a lot in order to do this, all you will need to do is understand metaphysical properties, so that you can put them together in order to form some form of a spell, and/or ritual. It's also very important that you understand how magick works. Being able to write, and create your own spell so that you can personalize them can increase the power, and understanding that you hold with that spell, and/or ritual.

Setting the intent:

First you need to figure out what you want your intention for the spell, or ritual to be. This can be whatever you wanted to be but it should be in the realms of something that can be…

Fate Vs. Destiny


Fate, and destiny are two words that everyone seems to use synonymously with each other even though these words do not refer to the same concept. It is very important to understand the differences of these two constructs, so you can better understand how they work, and fit into the greater whole of things. In this article we will be going over both of their definitions, and a little bit of information about both of them in order to better shed light on how they are different from each other. Some people may not believe in either of these, but I can assure you they do affect you even if you are not aware of it. Hopefully you can take something away from this to help you in your practice, and your understandings.

Fate :

Fate is something that is going to happen in the future usually because of a choice you made, or one someone else did. Fate is like the lines that connect the act of cause, and effect. These fates makeup many branching paths in our experiences, and can change…


Abracadabra, some may know this as the word that stage magicians say as they do their magic, but it actually has a rooted past in occultism. People believe that this word may originate from some form of Aramaic roots, but nobody is completely 100% sure on the fact of its origin. In the Aramaic origin theory the phrases said to mean things such as "I create as I speak.", "I create like the word.", or "it came to pass as it was spoken.". People also believe it might have come from the Greek word “abraxas", or the Hebrew words for Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These words being “ab, ben and ruach hakodesh”. The first known recording of this word appeared in a book in the 2nd century AD. This book is known as the Liber Medicinalis by Quintus Serenus Sammonicus. This is where the word was first recorded for having a metaphysical purpose in which it was used to heal, and protect against malaria. It was written in order for it to be used in this purpose, i…

Spiritual Senses: The Clairs


These are the psychic senses, and the abilities that they have. Knowing, and learning to use the clairs can help you gain information on the world around you. All of these senses are the spiritual extensions of your already existing senses. You already possess them and use them, you just have to remember how to. You do not have to be born with a divine gift in order to use these skills. All you have to do is be open to the experiences you are having, and learn how to progressed them. As long as you take time to progress their growth you will be able to learn, and use them to their full potential. Everybody has these skills to some extent, but they may not be proficient enough for you to get the full experience out of, and need to be exercised in order for them to allow you to perceive the world.


Clairvoyance is the six sense's ability to see. This allows you to see the spiritual world with your inner eyes, and perceive sites that you never would have se…

The Higher Self

The higher self also sometimes referred to as meditational self,  soul consciousness, or higher consciousness is the highest form of you. It is the real you. You are just a projection of your higher self that has been manifested, and incarnated into this existence. You are still a very important whole to the form of you that is your higher self  in your life, and are valid, and important to all of your existences. Everyone has a higher self, even if you don't believe you communicate with it, it can still influence you, and its effects can still be seen. It is the you that is connected to all the other versions of you, and all of their experiences, and lives. The higher self is a concept that has appeared in multiple cultures religious and spiritual beliefs from around the world. Our higher selves reside on the casual plane of existence, where it stays, and watches over you as you go, and live your lives, and explore the lower planes of existence. That is where you will be gatherin…

Theurgy and Thaumaturgy

Theurgy, and thaumaturgy are two types of categories of magick. These terms are used to show the difference between the results of what you will accomplish from certain types of magick, along with what you will be impacting. They are not meant to be limiting in any form of thought, or idea, or even show superiority in any sort of fashion. These are two terms that are very important for understanding the concepts of magick, and should be at least known and understood by the people who practice it.


Theurgy also known as high magick is a type of practice that is more focused on manifesting higher forms of understanding, and spiritual enlightenment. Theurgy comes to us from the Greek word θεουργία meaning God working. It usually pertains very highly to the gods, and the higher divine realms, because of this it is highly associated with religion, and usually calls upon the help of other spiritual beings. This type of magick is used in order to help the practitioner reach a state of …