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Tulpas, And Tulpamancy

Tulpas are a certain type of thought form that are created through intense intent, and focus of your mind. These entities are a lot like servitors, but have more free will, and personality, and feel a lot less like servants, and more like friends, and allies. This entity can act independent of you, and has its own thoughts, feelings, and energy. Tulpas are usually assigned a form in which they primarily manifest in, but the tulpa can always change the form whenever it would like. These entities will be created in your mind to begin with, and over a course of time will learn, grow, and change into unique individual entities that can thrive, and survive on their own. While creating, and working with this entity that you have molded from the energy of your mind you will create a connection, and friendship that can last with you forever.

These entities were originally taught, and created by Tibetan Buddhists, but eventually the technique made its way into other types of practitioners hand…

The Raven's Nest

Some things that you might need to understand before this:

Alphabet of Desire:

Ravens of Antimony:

Sigil surroundings:

The Raven's Nest is a pair of 2 parallel circles with every single letter, or Raven of my alphabet of desire the Ravens of Antimony spread evenly around the inside of the two rings. This symbol is usually placed around all of my sigils, and is a way to protect, and enhance their energies through the power of the Ravens of Antimony. It seems only fitting because my sigils are composed of the Ravens of Antimony, and now they will be empowered by the very force that created them. It's pretty much just a symbol in order to invoke the energies of my alphabet of desire the Ravens of a…