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Custom sigil commissions

Custom sigil commissions:

Sigils are a powerful magickal tool, and are symbols that represent an intent, construct, or entity that can be used in order to help you manifest your desires into the universe.

All custom sigils are $3, and can be for any form of intention.

Feel free to DM at @wolfofantimony, or feel free to message me at my email at with questions, or to place an order.

Viadescioic: Hand empowerment

By going through this process of empowering your hand you'll be able to cleanse, open, and charge your hand allowing it to be more effective in energy work. This will make all of the energy centers in your hand work together in harmony to help you to direct energy, increase your energetic flow, and your receptivity.

In order to start empowering your hand first start with the opposite pointer, and index finger of the hand you are not empowering, and place these two fingers in the palm of the other hand.

Say the word "Ardshakna" (Ard-Shah-Knah) meaning cleanse, purification, and cure.

Starting in the center of your palm, move your fingers to the tip of your middle finger, then to the tip of  your pointer finger, then to the tip of your pinky finger, then to the tip of your thumb, then to the tip of your ring finger, then back to the tip of your middle finger, then bring your fingers back to the center of your palm.

Say the word  "Aiokna" (Ah-Ee-Oh-Knah) meaning b…

Elements of the finger energy centers

1) The Thumb Energy Centers:

This is connected to the element of earth(Dakna), and it is connected to identity, self, and will.

2) Pointer finger Energy Centers:

This is connected to the element of fire(Ukna), and it is connected to path, opportunity, and expansion.

3) Middle finger Energy Centers :

This is connected to the element of spirit(Skakna), and it is connected to domination, authority, and unrevealed power.

4) Ring finger Energy Centers:

This is connected to the element of water(Shakna), and it is connected to emotions, intuition, and vitality.

5) Pinky finger Energy Centers:

This is connected to the element of air(Nakna), and it is connected to intellect, communication, and understanding.

Full moons, and metaphysical properties

Full Moon of January: The energies of the wolf moon (Wasaodakna):
The Wolf Expression Pathfinding Communication New BeginningsRenewal Loyalty Survival Hard workSpirit work Determination Protection Endurance Creativity Strength Overcoming Obstacles Home FamilyCaring Self careStrength  Full Moon of February: The energies of the Snow Moon (Usaodakna):
PlanningPurificationInitiationCleansePropertyGrowthHealingSelf-loveForgivenessFuture plansPsychic abilityBlessingAccept responsibilityKnowledgeWisdomHeightened clarityConnection to the divineStrengthPerservereInitiationDivinationMoving towards goals
Full Moon of March: The energies of the Crow Moon, or Worm Moon (Knasaodakna):
DesiresProsperityLuckFreedomPreparationBreak illusionsBanishingBalanceWardingRebirthPurityCleaningRenewalNew beginningsInspirational FertilityChangeSelf-confidenceSelf-reliance Full Moon of April: The energies of the Seed Moon, or Pink Moon (Shasaodakna):
Mother EarthCreativityRestoringChangeSelf-confidenceSelf-relianceS…

Ravens of antimony: Phonemes, and Pronunciation

LUST: Grapheme: (E)Pronunciation:[eh]IPA: /ɛ/As the “e” in “met.” PASSION : Grapheme: (U)Pronunciation: [oo]IPA: /u/As the “oo” in “boot.” DEVOTION: Grapheme: (Æ), or (A')Pronunciation: [ay]IPA: /e/As the "ay" in "may" PREJUDICE: Grapheme: (TA)Pronunciation: [tah]IPA: /tɑ/