Metaphysical properties of the letters of the alphabet

This is a list of the metaphysical properties of the letters of the english alphabet. These properties are discovered through my own personal experience, understandings with others, numerology, the history of the letters, and are also based off what the letters are used for

A- Leader, Confident, Alert, Determined, Bold, Ambitious, Positivity, Courageous, Independent, Strength, Beginnings
B- Sensitive, Cooperative, Emotional, Relationships, Fertility, Compassionate, Communication, and Interactions
C- Energetic, Community, Creativity, Inspiration, and Intelligence
D- Balanced, Secure, Focused, Willpower, Perseverance, Power, Order, Grounded, Loyalty, Devotion, Mastery, Hard Work, Stability
E- Love, Compassionate, Charming, Kindness, Communication, Devotion, Praise
F- Responsible, Organized, Manageable
G- Orderly, Instinctive, Intuition, Magick, Spiritual, Knowledge, Truth
H- Successful, Self-contained, Money, Wealth, Fortune
I- Inspirational, Impulsive, Compassionate, Sensitive, Independent
J- Truthful, Intelligent, Successful, Independence, Wholeness, Self-determination
K- Strong willed, Influential, Vigorous
L- Charitable, Kind, Intuition, Charisma
M- Courageous, Optimism, Self-confident, spirituality, Exploration
N- Imaginative, Intuitive, self-expression, Pragmatism
O- Community, patience, Freedom
P- Power, Knowledgeable, Spiritual, Idealism
Q- Leader, Unknowable, Mysterious, Wisdom
R- Stable, Compassionate, Introspection, Tolerant, Peacemaker
S- Energetic, Attractiveness, Wealth, Efficiency
T- Active, Strong, Determined, Growth, Independence
U- Clever, Creative, Lucky
V- Loyal, Honest, Reliable, Diplomacy, Relationships
W- Self-expressive, Sociable, Charming, Imaginative, Mysterious
X- Sensual, Unrestrained, Sexuality, Self-expression
Y- Intellectual, Enterprising, Independent, unconventional Pioneering, flexible
Z- Practical, Trusting, Compassionate, Endings

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