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Metaphysical properties of the letters of the alphabet

This is a list of the metaphysical properties of the letters of the english alphabet. These properties are discovered through my own personal experience, understandings with others, numerology, the history of the letters, and are also based off what the letters are used for
A- Leader, Confident, Alert, Determined, Bold, Ambitious, Positivity, Courageous, Independent, Strength, Beginnings
B- Sensitive, Cooperative, Emotional, Relationships, Fertility, Compassionate, Communication, and Interactions
C- Energetic, Community, Creativity, Inspiration, and Intelligence
D- Balanced, Secure, Focused, Willpower, Perseverance, Power, Order, Grounded, Loyalty, Devotion, Mastery, Hard Work, Stability
E- Love, Compassionate, Charming, Kindness, Communication, Devotion, Praise
F- Responsible, Organized, Manageable
G- Orderly, Instinctive, Intuition, Magick, Spiritual, Knowledge, Truth
H- Successful, Self-contained, Money, Wealth, Fortune
I- Inspirational, Impulsive, Compassionate, Sensitive, Indepe…

Viadescioism: Perception, subjective truth, and worldview

Viadescioism approaches the world  from both a subjective, and objective perspective, and does not place an importance on one over the other, though in this post we will be talking about subjective perception.

Subjective perception allows the viadescioist to study their own experiences, and how they perceive things allowing them to understand there worldview, and how it tints there perception in specific ways. It is how they see the world, and it is always relative to the individual, allowing them to create their own personal truths. This practice can allow the individual to know themselves, their experiences, and these different aspects shape their world. There is a lot of importance placed upon the objective outer world, and we should also learn to see the world from our subjective inner world. This practice allows you not to observe only from the outside in, but in order to flip that understanding, and go to the inside out. You are able to go within yourself, and find answers to th…