Wolf Magick: Wolf Entities

This is a list of wolf-like entities that are connected to the spirit of the wolf, and its Energies.
  • Sea-Wolf (Wasgo/Gonakadet) | A creature that is half wolf, and half orca whale. 
  • Akhlut | A shapeshifter that can switch between between their wolf forms and their orca forms. 
  • Werewolf (Lycan, Rugaru) | A man with the ability to transform into a quadruped, or biped wolf. 
  • Crocotta | A large dog-wolf with a horse-like mane, and a hyena like head. 
  • Winged wolf | A wolf with wings. 
  • Alphyn | A creature with the body of a wolf with tufts of hair covering its body. It also has a thick mane, and long thin tongue.
  • Chatloup | A creature with the face of a cat, the body of a wolf, and the serrated horns of an antelope.
  • Tyger | A creature with the body of a wolf, but it has a crest of tufts on the back of its neck, and a tusk pointing down from its nose. It has the tail of a lion and a thick mane along the neck like a horse.
  • Theow | A wolf with cloven hooves, and a bovine muzzle, and tail. 
  • Cynogriffon | A Half eagle, and half dog/wolf

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