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Wolf Magick: Teachings Of The Wolf

The wolf has so many different lessons to teach us that can help us improve our lives, and how we look at the world. The lessons of the wolf are connected to its metaphysical properties, and is what we can learn from the wolves as we work with them. These lessons do not have to be learned in order to work with wolf magick, but are inherently connected to the wolf.

The wolf teaching of community, and communication:

The wolf teachers an importance on community, and communication. By forming relationships, and communities with others you will be able to learn and grow as a person, while also helping the community to do the same. You will not only be part of one community, but you will reside in many of them. In all of these communities you will have a role to play, and by playing that role you will allow the rest of the machine to run smoothly, so that you can strengthen the whole of the community. These roles will not be imposed upon you but will be spots that are filled by willing partic…

Wolf Magick: Wolf Entities

This is a list of wolf-like entities that are connected to the spirit of the wolf, and its Energies.Sea-Wolf (Wasgo/Gonakadet) | A creature that is half wolf, and half orca whale. Akhlut | A shapeshifter that can switch between between their wolf forms and their orca forms. Werewolf (Lycan, Rugaru) | A man with the ability to transform into a quadruped, or biped wolf. Crocotta | A large dog-wolf with a horse-like mane, and a hyena like head. Winged wolf | A wolf with wings. Alphyn | A creature with the body of a wolf with tufts of hair covering its body. It also has a thick mane, and long thin tongue.Chatloup | A creature with the face of a cat, the body of a wolf, and the serrated horns of an antelope.Tyger | A creature with the body of a wolf, but it has a crest of tufts on the back of its neck, and a tusk pointing down from its nose. It has the tail of a lion and a thick mane along the neck like a horse. Theow | A wolf with cloven hooves, and a bovine muzzle, and tail. Cynogriffo…

Using sigils in the mind:

Focusing on a sigil in your mind’s eye will bring a mental form of that sigil into your immediate environment, so that you can use it in your practice to act out your desires. This can be useful to use sigils even when you do not have tools to make it physically.

This would be like focusing on a sigil for good luck in your head, so you can invoke good luck to you. A practitioner could also focus upon a sigil, and somebody else in the immediate vicinity in order to connect them to their will, and cast it upon them, so that they will be affected by their desire. To do this you will need focus, concentration, and willpower, so that you will be able to envision, charge, and activate mental sigils to affect yourself and the world around you.

In order to do this all you need to do is envision the sigil in your mind as clearly as you possibly can, then focus on that sigil in your mind while you internalized its image into your mind. Once you feel that you have done this for long enough, visu…

Storing Negative Energy:

If you ever are in a negative mood, and you know how to manipulate spiritual energy, and move that negative spiritual energy into some other object, so that you can store it, and save it to be used in curses, or more malevolent practices. This will allow you to call on some more negativity when you are in the process of needing it. This is pretty much a way of saving negative energy for the future, so that it is not simply wasted, when you are feeling bad, and can be channeled into something in order to be used for later. 
In order to do this you are going to need some form of object in which you can store negative energy within, and you will need to be in a bad mood, so that you have negative energy in order to transfer into the object. This object can be pretty much anything though most of the time it should not be made out of metal. This is because metal is not very good for placing energy upon, because of its metaphysical properties. There are also some other items that have clea…

Microcosm, and Macrocosm


A microcosm is the smaller parts of a system, usually referring to a smaller part of the cosmos.

A macrocosm is the larger whole of a system, usually referring to the whole of the cosmos.

This idea was first thought to be proposed by Pythagoras, but was later popularized by hermeticism through the understanding of the principle of correspondence. The principle of correspondence which states; "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing." This understanding presents the idea that there is a similarity of pattern, nature, or structure between smaller, and larger aspects of existence. This understanding was originally applied to the connection between humans, and the universe, and was also a foundation for some forms of panpsychism. 
By understanding one you can understand the other, and through this understanding we can gain knowledge of how t…

Metaphysical properties of the pentagram, and Inverted pentagram

In magick the pentagram is a very powerful symbol. It is a symbol of power, protection, and connection to the five elements. The symbol can greatly empower your magical working, but the pentagram also has its inverted sibling that can also be used. These two symbols have metaphysical properties that may allow you to choose one or the other when it comes to using them in your practice. Both of these pentagrams also share some similar metaphysical properties that I will also place in a list.

The pentagram in general:

Power, Elements, Magick, Manifestation, Energy, Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Protection.

Upright pentagram:

Spirituality, Spiritual Manifestation, Divinity, Invocation, Banishment, Binding, Cleansing, Exorcism, Balance, Stability, Harmony, Healing, Life, Love, Communication, Psychic Empowerment, External, Fire, Air, and Yang.

Inverted pentagram:

Material, Physical Manifestation, Evocation, Curses, Personal Empowerment, Strength, Power, Grounding, Wealth, Fortune, Money, De…

putting things under your pillow

By putting certain things underneath your pillow, you will allow those metaphysical properties to interact with your dreams, and your person all throughout the night, when you sleep upon that pillow. Here is a small list of constructs you can put underneath your pillow, that will provide to you certain energies, minds states, and physical stimulus throughout the night based on what they are:

Lapis lazuli under your pillow for awareness of your dreams, and vividness of those dreams.Clear quartz under your pillow to wake up with more energy, after you awake from your sleep.Bayleaf under your pillow in order to have more prophetic dreams.Chamomile under your pillow in order to promote relaxation, and good  dreams.Rose petals under your pillow in order to bring love into your waking life.Peppermint under your pillow in order to promote relaxation, and vivid dreams.Lavender under your pillow in order to promote calm, and in order for you to sleep well.Anise under your pillow in order to pre…

Infuse herb with energy

While grinding up herbs in a mortar, and pestle, or while working with herbs for whatever you are going to use it for, it is a good idea to think about the intentions you want this herb to bring you, and will those into the herb while you are going to the process of grinding or working with them. This will allow you to infuse those herbs with more of the energy that you want them to be used for, and will allow them to be more effective in their spiritual being. This does not have to be intense thinking, it just has to be present, so that you can empower it with your will, while you are grinding, and working with those herbs.

Basic ways to target a person with a sigils effect:

Some ways that you would be able to target a person with sigil effects would be:

Draw the sigil on, or around a picture of that target.Draw the sigil on, or around the name of the target.Draw the sigil on, or around something the target is associated with.Use the targets name in the intention of the sigil.Places the sigil in an area where the target frequents.Allow the sigil to make physical contact with the target.Place the sigil in an area where the target will see it.During the charging and activating process focuse intently upon the person you want it to affect.
These things can be done with pretty much any type of sigils, and would be a very important thing to remember if you ever have to cast a sigil on to someone. Some of these you may need to charge, and activate the sigil beforehand in order to target them, and others will be done before the charging and activating process.

Energy Work: Using your eyes

Your eyes emit, and receive energy, and because of this you are able to use your eyes in energy work as a very diverse, and interesting tool. Your eyes are always releasing, and receiving spiritual energy that can go through the process of affecting yourself, and the world around you. This may happen on a spiritual level but it can also be very physical, and mental, because of how your body, and mind is affected by specific visual stimuli.

Releasing energy from your eyes:

In order to do this all you must do is focus on the specific energies you would like to release, and move that energy up towards your eyes. Once in your eyes it is able to travel with your vision to its Target in order to affect it. You are going to want to program that energy before you send it out through your eyes with a specific intention in mind, if you do not program the energy it will simply go out as a neutral form, or the energy will be based off the emotions that you are presently feeling. Whenever your eye…

Dimensions, Planes Of Existences, Realms, and Universes:

Dimensions: A dimension is a quantitative measurement that can communicate the position of a construct within a particular area of existence. Specific dimensions such as the 3rd, or 4th dimension uses the number to represent  minimal number of parameters needed to describe the space. These type of dimensional parameters would be things such as X, Y, Z, and time. Examples of dimensions: 1st Dimension2nd Dimension3rd Dimension4th Dimension5th Dimension Planes Of Existences: A plane of existence is a specific vibration of existence. Examples of planes of existences: Physical planeEtheric planeAstral planeMental planeCausal plane Realms or Worlds: A realm also sometimes known as a world is an specific area of existence in which is usually the domain of a specific construct, or entity. Examples of realms:

Energy Work: Guiding Touch - Cleaning the Energy System

This is an energy working technique where you run your fingers up, and down pathways along your body in order to help your energy flow to those places more smoothly. This will go through the process of helping you clear up blockages in your energy system and it can also be used in order to relax you through its gentle, and calming movements. You are going to want to guide the energy through your body in a very slow, and gentle manner, so that you will be able to work through the blockages in your energy pathways allowing your energy system to work more smoothly. I have found that this practice usually works better when your hand makes contact with your skin rather than hovering over your body, or going through clothing.

In order to begin doing this technique you are going to want to start from an energy center in which is used to bring energy into your body, whether that be your palm, sole, crown, or root energy center. Place one of your hands on this energy center and envision your h…

Main energy centers of the body within my understanding

1) Soul Star Energy Center: Its purpose is to receive cosmic forces, and divine energy, and it is connected to your higher self, spiritual essence, and higher planes of existences. Located outside the physical body above your crown energy center. Located 6-8 inches above the head, and it is a transpersonal energy center.

2) Causal Energy Center: Receive energy from the soul star, receive messages, information, and inspiration from the higher planes of existences. Alters our perception, and broadens our horizons of consciousness. Energy center is also connected to your past lives, and is sometimes referred to as the past life energy center because of it. 4 inches above the head, and it is a transpersonal energy center.

3) Crown Energy Center:  It is connected to divine wisdom, intelligence, and your personal incarnated consciousness, and knowledge. Located on the top of the head.

4) Third Eye Energy Center: It is connected to inner vision, intuition, perception, wisdom, and spiritual se…

Sun Sign Cusps Dates

The cusps are dates that are very close to the changing of the zodiac sun sign which does result in the person receiving some of the energy of the sign they are also close to, though the sign that you are technically in will be the main sign for the cusp. Some astrologers choose to use this understanding, and others do not. For astrologers that use the Cusps, the cusps are present for every single separation between houses. Below you will find the cusp dates for the sun signs, but there are ways to calculate it for every single planet.

Aries/Taurus = April 19 - April 20
Taurus/Gemini = May 20 - May 21
Gemini/Cancer =  June 20 - June 21
Cancer/Leo =  July 22 - July 23
Leo/Virgo =  August 22 - August 23
Virgo/Libra = September 22 - September 23
Libra/Scorpio = October 22 - October 23
Scorpio/Sagittarius = November 21 - November 22
Sagittarius/Capricorn = December 21 - December 22
Capricorn/Aquarius = January 19 - January 20
Aquarius/Pisces = February 18 - February 19
Pisces/Aries = March 21 - M…

Metaphysical properties of the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Fire, Cardinal, Adventurous, Confident, Authority, Self-Centered, Impulsive

Taurus: Earth, Fixed, Dependable, Strong, Oversensitive, Obstinate

Gemini: Air, Mutable Communicative, Changeable, Inconsistent, Superficial

Cancer: Water, Cardinal, Devoted, Compassionate, home life, Personal goals, Moody, Hesitant

Leo: Fire, Fixed, Vibrant, Assertive, Egotistical, Possessive

Virgo: Earth, Mutable, Dependable, Patient, Critical, Judgemental

Libra: Air, Cardinal, Charming, Loving, Indecisive, Lazy.

Scorpio: Water, Fixed, Passionate, Charismatic, Secretive, Manipulative

Sagittarius: Fire, Mutable, Gregarious, Sociable,Blunt, Restless

Capricorn: Earth, Cardinal, Willful, Serious, Rigid, Demanding.

Aquarius: Air, Fixed, Intelligent, Humanitarian, Unconventional, Noncommittal.

Pisces: Water, Mutable, Romantic, Imaginative, Illusional, Wistful.

thought-form of healing: Ibura

Ibura is a thought-form that you are able to call upon in order to help you with healing yourself or others in a spiritual, mental, or physical way. They are a genderless barn owl looking spiritual entity that wears a lavender crystal bead necklace. They are a soft brown color with pink underbelly, and face. Their beak is dark brown, and they are about 4ft tall. They possess a smooth clear voice, and have a very fluffy feel to them.

Character traits, and personality:

Good with following directions
Positively oriented
Insistent, but understanding
Very supportive and affirming.

metaphysical properties of the celestial bodies

Sun: Masculine, Ever-present, All-encompassing control, Confidence, Courage, Power, Vitality, Energy, Life, Ambition, Authority, Ego, Identity, Individuality, and Creation. Mercury: Masculine, Intelligent, Understanding, Travel, Prudent, Crafty, Logic, Commerce, and Communicative. Venus: Feminine, Love, Balance, Beauty, Fertility, Sexuality, Romance, Partnerships, Harmony, Attraction, Amorousness, Passion, Marriage, and Aesthetic. Earth: Feminine, Nurturing, Growth, Grounded, Manifesting, and Community. Moon: Feminine, Emotional, Unconscious mind, Mystery, Intuition, Reflection, Instinct, Psychic abilities, and Sensitivity. Water Mars: Masculine, Aggressive, Powerful, Energy, Vigor, Initiative, Protection, Passion, War, Determination, and Action. Fire Jupiter: Masculine, Abundance, Success, Belief, Growth, Travel, Expansion, Wealth, Luck, Philosophy, Religion, Science. Saturn: Masculine, Stability, Structure, Limitation, Discipline, Control, Determined, Fixation, Justice, and Traditi…

Spirit of the Land of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Well I'm going to out the place in which I live primarily so that I can record my understandings related to the spirit of the land in which I live, which is North Carolina, Forsyth County, Winston-Salem. I also thought this would be a good example of how to do this for yourself, or this could simply be used if you also live in the area.

Before Settlement:

The indigenous people of the land were named the cheraw people, which was the name given to them based upon one of their villages, and their real name was lost the time. The Cheraw people lived in the land of Winston-Salem. They eventually became extinct as a tribe, although some descendants survived as remnant peoples.


August Gottlieb Spangenberg founded the town of Salem in 1766 for the Moravian Church. The town was named Salem from "Shalom" meaning "Peace", after the Canaanite city mentioned in the Book of Genesis.


In 1849 Land north of Salem was sold. The new town that resided there was kno…

Thought-form ethics: Moral, and Ethical dilemmas

A lot of moral, and ethical dilemmas come up when creating, and working with thoughtforms. These are moral, and ethical dilemmas such as:
When you are done working with them should you destroy them, or let them be free?Is it right to keep an entity that has some form of sentience, and free will bound to your control?Do we even have to treat thoughtforms as we do other people, and entities?Is it right for us to let our thoughtforms run around, and do whatever they want?Is it right to go through the process of creating life if you're going to take it away? Do thoughtforms have any rights?Is it right to sell thoughtforms?Would it be right for you to date, or have sexual relations with your thoughtform?Does the thought-forms well-being matter?Is it wrong to force thoughtforms to perform a task?Is thought form creation slavery?Is it ethical to create thought forms?Is it right to reprogram thought-forms?Are thoughtforms sentient, and do they deserve rights? All of these questions were co…

YouTubers I learned from 2018

The howls of the Wolf

These are a bunch of my quotes put together with each other to form paragraphs on certain subjects. I wanted to see if I could create some more insight on certain subjects by putting some of my quotes together. the result is what follows:


The sun begins to set, and a new beginning takes hold, one that is born from the darkness. If you are comfortable in the shadows, and the light, you will truly have nothing to fear. One can never understand the light, if they do not understand the dark. The dark would be the light, if you knew the dark first. Balance is a polarity spectrum, that is always in harmony. Focus, and you will be able to see the universe dance with itself. The dark, and the light were born to dance together. I’d describe it as an unstable chaos, like two poems that weren’t meant to touch. Even in chaos there is order. The universe is alive, and flows like a river. The universe is like a scale, that can adjust itself. Slow, calm, and soft is the sound of the purene…

Thought-form ethics: Personhood

By achieving personhood the thoughtform will be given moral consideration, and perhaps even rights.

Does a thoughtform deserve personhood, and if so why? A good amount of practitioners that work with thoughtforms will give their thoughtforms personhood, while other practitioners will not give their thoughtforms personhood, and will do with them as they please. Many people assign thoughtforms personhood when they reach the state in which they can be considered a tulpa. This is usually done, because tulpas are seen as sentient entities, at least more sentient then the other thoughtforms that preceded it, and because of this they will usually be granted personhood. Some people even extend this personhood down to servitors. Other higher Spectrum thought-forms such as egregore, and God forms usually will always have personhood from the point of view of the people who interact with them from the very beginning of their creation.

Three main criteria a practitioner might use that would show w…

Thought-form ethics: Creation

Thoughtform creation is the act of bringing a thought-form into the world through focused energy, intention, and will.
Some practitioners have even seen it as unethical to create thoughtforms at all. This thought process being brought on by the fact that they believe there is no ethical justification for bringing an entity into the world, and that things such as loneliness, seeing if you can, to enact a purpose, or some other purpose is not a good enough reason for creating spiritual life. Some believe that the thoughtforms do not consent to existing, so it would be wrong to bring them into the world.
While other practitioners state that all thoughtforms are created for a purpose usually in some form of way that is self-conceited, and self-serving, but because there is no objective good, or bad your act of bringing it into the world for such a purpose would not need ethical justification. Some practitioners will also say that you do not need consent from the thought-form in order to …