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Basic Understanding Of Negative, and Positive energy

Two aspects of energy are negative, and positive forms of energy. Negative, and positive energy is based off the relationship between one energy construct to another energy construct, and is relative to that relationship. All energy constructs will not consider the same things to be negative energy, or positive energy, and will be based off its interaction in connection with that energy. There are common generalized forms of constructs that are considered negative, or positive based on the common interaction between that energy construct, and others. Usually the negative things are connected to pain, hate, sadness, anger, slowing down of energy, and other negative emotions, and actions are considered to be negative energy and/or release negative energy, while constructs of the opposite nature are considered to be positive energy and/or release positive energy. Though these can be switched around depending upon the relative construct experiencing them, which could change what is negati…

Energy work: Energetics striking

Energy can be used to improve your combat effectiveness by allowing you to also hurt people on a spiritual level. This can be done by releasing your energy in a specific way, so that when you go through the process of making contact with your opponent not only will they take the brunt of your physical hit, but you will also shoot energy through their body disrupting their energy system. You would also be able to go through the process of targeting specific places on their body, so that you would be able to affect the energy centers that are found there creating energy blockages, unbalance energy centers, and creating spiritual chaos within your opponent's even after the battle is over.

To go through the process of striking in this way you have to be able to control your energy within yourself, and externally, and in multiple places at the same time. It also takes a very good bit of focus in order to transfer your energy in such a specific way, and will take even more focus during …

Energy work: Moving energy through your body

Once you are able to project energy externally, it is a good idea to begin working on moving energy through your body so that you can have better control over where the energy is within. this will allow you to project it more effectively, and to have a stronger connection, and sense of what is going on inside of you.

In order to do this all you would have to do is find a comfortable space where you will be able to focus on this exercise, and then go through the process of focusing your mind, and enter a meditative state. From here make an energy ball within your hands, and it would be a good idea to work at this energy ball until it is a nice strong dense construct of your energy. This will allow you to keep your mental focus upon it, and allow you to be able to feel it as it flows through you.

Once your energy ball has been realized visualize it flowing into one of your hands, then moving up your arms, and then into your heart space. While you are visualizing this take note of the fe…

Wolf Magick: Elements of species, and the subspecies of the Wolf

This list does includes species, and subspecies that are debated in taxonomy. Gray Wolf: Canis lupus | Element: Air Arctic Wolf: Canis lupus arctos | Element: Water Alaskan tundra wolf: Canis lupus tundrarum | Element: Water Vancouver Island wolf: Canis lupus crassodon | Element: Water Greenland wolf: Canis lupus orion | Element: Water Eurasian wolf: Canis lupus lupus | Element: Air Yukon wolf: Canis lupus pambasileus | Element: Water Arabian wolf: Canis lupus arabs | Element: Fire Mongolian wolf: Canis lupus chanco | Element: Earth Tibetan wolf: Canis lupus filchneri | Element: Earth Indian wolf/Iranian wolf: Canis lupus pallipes | Element: Fire British Columbian Wolf: Canis lupus columbianus | Element: Earth Northern rocky mountain wolf: Canis lupus irremotus | Element: Earth
Mexican wolf: Canis lupus baileyi | Element: Fire
Mackenzie river wolf: Canis lupus mackenzii | Element: Water
Northwestern wolf: Canis lupus occidentalis | Element: Water
Baffin Island wolf: Canis lupus mannin…

The five states of the Ravens of antimony language

There are five states in which you can use to add emphasis to understandings in the Ravens of antimony language. These five states are known as:

UknaoxavaShaknaoxavaNaknaoxavaDaknaoxavaSkaknaoxavaAll you need to do in order to use these states is to add them to the beginning of your statement before communicating what you would like to say, so that you are able to add the energies of these specific states into the rest of the sentence. Uknaoxava is used to transmit the energies of hostility, aggression, and power.Shaknaoxava is used to transmit the energies of love, calm, and emotions.Naknaoxava is used to transmit the energies of logic, good communication, and inspirational fervor.Daknaoxava is used to transmit the energies of groundedness, sternness, and nurturing.Skaknaoxava is used to transmit the energies of great spiritual understanding, religious zeal, and divine unity. You do not have to use any of these states at the beginning of your sentence, but you can in order to add emphas…

Ravens of Antimony: Okna of the months

This shows the connections of the ravens of antimony okna ona to the months, and also shows the light side, and dark side of the year which is the rise, and fall of the year.

Light side of the year:

January (Wasaodakna) - CREATION (Knaskasha)
February (Usaodakna) - LIFE (Padaxa)
March (Knasaodakna)- POWER (Aio)
April (Shasaodakna) - LOVE (Euæ)
May (Skasaodakna) - SAFETY (Bagaca)
June (Dasaodakna) - SPIRITUALITY (Salama)

Dark side of the year:

July (Vasaodakna) - REASON (Arjana)
August (Isaodakna) - DELUSION (Zaqafa)
September (Arsaodakna) - HATE (Tahara)
October (þasaodakna) - FEAR (KaȜaþa)
November (Ardsaodakna) - DEATH (Yavawa)
December (Abtsaodakna) - DESTRUCTION (Ackabtard)

Ravens of antimony: Basic phrases

These are some basic phrases, and words in the ravens of antimony:

Hello = Labadaska
Ravens of Antimony = Arskasa Ona Labada Xadakna
Ravens of Antimony language = Lajaarskasa
How are you? = Knacayaja Dada Daska Oya?
Very good = Tama Aiokna
Bad = Tasa
Goodbye = Dava
Good morning = Malabadaska
Good afternoon = Lalabadaska
Good evening = Salabadaska
Goodnight = SasalabadaskaPlease = Mau
You're welcome = Vawadama
Thank you = VawadamaExcuse me = Vaskada
Sorry = Wama
Yes = Mava
No = Sava
Maybe = Mavalasava
Do you speak Lajaarskasa? = Tada Daska Vakna Lajaarskasa Oya?
Do you speak English? = Tada Daska Vakna english Oya?
My name is… = Skadaba Skadaja Dada…..
Help = Wadama
Good luck = Yama Tama
I understand = Skada Mara
I don’t understand = Skada Tada Sara Mara
Where is…? = Yadaskada Dada.... Oya?
Do you have…? = Tada Daska Laba… Oya?
Are you ok? = Dada Daska Tama Oya?
I love you = Skada Eua’ Daska
Where is the toilet? = Yadaskada Dada Ackshakna?

Ravens of antimony: Animals name words

Arska meaning animal is the main route for all of these words then it is combined with other ravens in order to get specific animals. This is a list of the names of animals in the Ravens of antimony language.

Alligator = Arskasasa
Ant = Arskakapa
Dear = Arskaiu
Badger = Arskaha
Bee = Arskaa
Camel = Arskahama
Cat = Arskaga
Cheetah = Arskahaa
Chicken = Arskabaskaka
Cow = Arskaba
Crocodile = Arskamama
Deer = Arskaa’
Dog = Arskau
Dolphin = Arskaosha
Duck = Arskavasha
Eagle = Arskavava
Elephant = Arskaua’
Fly = Arskaabt
Fox = Arskaaka
Frog = Arskaza
Giraffe = Arskao
Goat = Arskabada
Goldfish = Arskabasha
Hamster = Arska
Hippopotamus = Arskauu
Horse = Arskababaska
Human = Arskapadaxa
kangaroo = Arskakaka
Lion = Arskauma
Lobster = Arskashaca
Monkey = Arskapadaxaqa
Octopus = Arskana
Owl = Arskaar
Panda = Arskara
Pig = Arskabaska
Rabbit = Arskaa’
Rat = Arskanana
Raven = Arskasa
Scorpion = Arskakapaha
Seal = Arskaskasha
Shark =  Arskashai
Sheep = Arskaska
Snail = Arskaca
Snake = Arskagha

Ravens of antimony: Raven energy

The main reason that the ravens of antimony were chosen in the form of ravens was simply because of the connection of the raven to the wolf, but the form of the raven gives these entities a connection to raven energy, and the metaphysical properties of ravens. The ravens of antimony's spiritual form is based off of the common raven (Corvus corax). The energies of the spirit of the raven brings to the ravens of antimony the energies of:

TricksterAncestorsDivinationPowerWarDeathMagickSelf-ReflectionSelf‐KnowledgeKnowledgeCourageWisdomIntrospectionCourageRebirthShape shifterDarknessPersistent All of these energies are present within the Ravens because of the form in which they take, and because of their association to the raven, and because of this when working with the ravens of antimony you will take in this raven energy, and be able to use it in your practice. this energy acts as a base, and are connected with the presence of the akna, and other aspects. in order to give the Ravens…

Ravens of antimony: Masculine, and Feminine Oknao

Masculine Okna:
Love | EuæPower | AioReason | ArjanaSafety | BagacaCreation | KnaskashaLife | Padaxa Feminine Okna:
Hate | TaharaFear | KaȜaþaSpirituality | SalamaDelusion | ZaqafaDestruction | AckabtardDeath | Yavawa

Wolf Magick: Wolf Sounds

There are four primary vocalizations that wolves make, and these are known as barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. These sounds are able to be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate certain energies, and in order to perform specific tasks. Wolves also combined sounds to make combinations much like howl-barking which could also be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate a combination of two energies. These sounds can be used as vocal emissions by the practitioner in many different parts of their practice.
Whimpering: Whimpering also referred to as squeaking, whining, and yiping is a short high frequency noise that is usually seen to be friendly, submissive, and not aggressive. Wolves use whimpering in friendly interactions, or in cases on when they are feeling frustration, and anxiety. It is a way of calling to the pups, and it is also a way that wolves tell another wolf that they are being submissive. This is connected to the energies of water. Whimpering can be used in …