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Ancestor Work

Ancestor work is a practice that is found all over the world in many different cultures, and traditions. There are a couple types of ancestors that have the potential to be worked with, and honored. These different types of ancestors have different connections to you, and can help you out in various ways. From these practices you understand that your ancestors are still with you in a spiritual form and can still help an impact your life. You will be able to honor, and communicate with your ancestors in order to gain insight, and understanding that you might not have gotten any other way. You can build relationships with all of those you have a connection with already that you may not even know that you are connected to. The types of ancestors as I categorize them here are blood ancestors, associated ancestors, land ancestors, and tradition ancestors.
Blood Ancestors:

Your blood ancestors are any entity from whom one is descended going all the way back to even prehistoric times. You wil…

Basic Understanding Of Conjuring Spiritual Entities


This is simply a basic view on the understanding of summoning forth spiritual entities, and is by no means an extensive overview of the practice, and I am also not responsible for how you choose to use this information, or what comes forth from it's execution.

In order to do this practice effectively you are going to need to understand, or have a method of

CleansingCenteringGroundingBanishingProtection through shieldingBindingDivination, or spiritual communicationSIgil

Conjuring spiritual entities is a process in which you summon forth an entity to your location in order to communicate, and interact with them. In order to conjure an entity to you all one must do is call for them. this can be done in many different ways but will usually include some form of connecting with them, so that you can ask them to appear to you. There are many different ins-and-outs to this practice, and practitioners do it differently based upon their tradition, and understandings…


Familiars are entities that go through the process of helping the magickal practitioner in their workings. These entities can be either spiritual, or physical, and these two distinctions make up the two different types of familiars a practitioner can have. Familiars are primarily worked with in order to help you with your magickal agenda, but can also be a messenger, and a protector when needed, and they are also able to interact with the spiritual world, and can divine information. They can also give their own energies to your castings in order to empower your working allowing for whatever you are doing magickally to go more smoothly. Not all practitioners go through the process of working with familiars, but anyone is able to have one if they would like, and you can even have more than one.

There are many ways in which you can come in contact with your familiar, but usually they either just spontaneously show up, are given to you, or are summoned by you. Familiars that spontaneously…

Dryads: The spirits of trees

Dryads are the spirits of trees, and are elemental nature spirits that are present within forests, woodlands, and groves, because of this you are going to find a lot more dryads located in forested areas though they are also able to be found in trees in parks of suburbs, and cities. Tree spirits have been recognized throughout the world through many different cultures, though in my understanding I will be referring to them as dryads from the Greek understanding of things. Because, of how many trees there are there could be quite a lot of dryads located on the Earth communicating and connecting with the people of the areas in which they live.

Dryads are associated with various trees, and have varying degrees of temperament. Though these entities do seem to be usually very shy, though if you can approach them in a specific manner you will be able to communicate with them, and win their trust.  even though they are shy they're also incredibly fierce when it comes to defending the fore…

Viadescioism: Centralism, The Middle Way, Balance, and Polarity

Viadescioism is focused upon the middle ground between polarities. Viadescioism embodies this virtue of balance, and equilibrium within the fifth virtue of Isoropia, and connects it with the understanding of mercury on the tetractys, and it brings forth understandings of justice, moderation and egalitarianism.

It follows the middle way, and sees that existence is not black, or white, it is a balance, and is neutral. Balancing at the center of the nature of everything, and balancing between the understandings of balance, and instability. Once you are sitting with in the middle way you are able to be more at peace, and from this spot you can see all.

When you lean to a specific side your eyes become cloudy to what is over the middle, and you begin to build up false egotistical identity with the side in which you lean. You identify yourself with that idea, and take it on as something that you are, and then something that "I am". Walking between the two extremes allows us with i…

Ophiuchus, and 13 signs astrology


Ophiuchus is sometimes considered to be the 13th sign of astrology in addition to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Earth is now in a new position, and because of that 13 constellations are passing through the ecliptic, and one of these is Ophiuchus. This zodiac system of understanding is based upon sidereal astrology, which is different than the tropical astrology we use in the west.

Tropical, and sidereal astrology:

The tropical system of the zodiac which is the western system we use most frequently today is based on even segments of 30 degrees split between 12 zodiacs, where in 13 signs astrology is connected to the actual placement of the fixed Stars, and because of that it is a sidereal form of astrology.  Tropical astrology is based on the orientation of the Earth relative to the Sun, and planets of the solar system, and in sidereal astrologyall of this information is also taken in in combination with the location of the stars. Because of this the 12 Zodiac Western system o…

About the wolf of antimony

Hello, I’m the Wolf Of Antimony, and I am an eclectic, and syncretic occult practitioner. I am 23 years of age, and I'm a Black American straight cis male. I have been practicing, and studying occultism, mysticism, esotericism ,religion, spirituality, theology, mythology, philosophy, and natural philosophy for 10 years. I have created my alphabet of desire the Ravens of antimony, and my alphabet of binding the 13 abominations. I have also created over 306 posts on magick, and occultism, and over 1356 sigils. I have also created 58 servitors that helped me throughout my practice. All of these servitors being the 36 Ravens of antimony, the 13 Abominations, Carita, the forgotten one, Anuva, the 6 Sigurds, and one personal entity for flae. I am also a Reiki practitioner, and have been attuned to the third level of Reiki.

I first started practicing because of a calling I had when I was 13 years old one night while sitting alone, so I started researching, and I haven't stopped. Thro…

The directions, and their elemental correspondences

The directions have different correspondences depending upon your tradition, and location upon the earth.  There are usually two primary systems in which people draw their understandings and these two systems are Agrippa's system, and the Golden Dawn's system. Both of these are good to know especially if you are going through the process of using any of the rituals in their understandings. At the end I will also provide my own system of understanding, which I do use a lot but when I do not use it I usually use the Golden Dawn's system.

Agrippa's system of understanding:
East = FireWest = Air North = Water South = Earth  This system was first created by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa a German occult writer who lived during the Renaissance. Agrippa wrote his understanding of the corresponding elements in the second book of occult philosophy. Agrippa based his understandings on astrology in order to come up with correspondences for each cardinal direction. The Golden Dawn'…

Moon Magick: Moon Phases

The different lunar phases bring us different energies in which we can work within our magick. by working under these different phases you will incorporate that energy into your practice. This can add the importance of timing to your rituals giving them more power supplied from the aspects of the moon.

New moon:

New moon also known as the dark moon is the moon that begins a new cycle. During this time the moon is not visible in the sky. This time is the best time for starting new working especially those who are going to increase a certain aspect in your life. Magick that is cast during this time will increase with the growing of the moon giving it more, and more power each day until the climax at the full moon.

The metaphysical properties of the new moon are:

New beginningsEndingsEmpoweringSecretsRestCursesDeathRebirthRegenerationMeditationShadow WorkIntrospectionDream WorkThe GodThe element of earthMasculinityYang Waxing moon:

The waxing moon is when the moon is growing in the sky. Th…

Reiki symbols:

These reiki symbols are meant to channel reiki in different ways, and to be used as focal points for the practitioner to use in order to focus their consciousness towards a specific goal when working with reiki. There are many different variations of these symbols many of them claiming to be the authentic original, but all of the many variations all seem to be effective when being used to work with reiki. These symbols will usually be drawn three times in the air, or on another surface, while the name is repeated out loud, or in the head of the practitioner. These symbols are also said to be able to be carved, or painted on objects, and then charged in order to be used as healing tailsmans, and other objects, though this is a non-traditional practice. It is important to visualize the symbols powerfully while using them, so that they can be active and take on their power in your life. You are also able to visualize any of these symbols on the backs of your hands in order for them in o…

Reiki basics:

Reiki is an energetic healing practice developed in 1922 by Dr.Mikao Usui. The etymology of the word reiki comes from the Japanese word rei (霊) which means spirit, or universal life, and ki (気) meaning energy. The history of reiki can be all over the place at times, and can have many different points of view depending upon who you are talking to, though it is important to know that the three big forefathers of this healing art were Dr.Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Madam Takata. They all played a major part in the formation of reiki, along with popularizing it in the western world.

Reiki energy:
Reiki energy is considered to be an intelligent energy, and because of that it can only really be used in the purposes of healing, along with a couple other things, and it also does seem to greatly differ from the understandings of ki. This energy has the ability to heal on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of being. Reiki energy knows where it needs to go once it enters the individ…

Performing reiki sessions

Find a place where you will be able to perform this session upon your target whether, or not that is yourself, or another person. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and make this place as comfortable as possible. You may do this through putting on music, or by even turning off or dimming the lights. Whatever allows you to make the area more comfortable for yourself, and your target. This will allow you, and your target to relax allowing you to get into the mindset for reiki. It is also advisable to wear comfortable clothing for you and the target, and to remove all forms of jewelry because certain metals impede the work of energy.

If you are performing reiki at a distance it will be a good idea to use some form of representation usually referred to as a surrogate to stand in for your target, so by working with that surrogate you are able to heal your target. A surrogate can be anything that can be a stand-in for their body such as a doll or teddy bear, and it will be…

3 Types of cursing

A curse is a magick spell, or ritual with the intention to harm by sending some form of negative energy to a construct, or entity. Curses have been known to cause so many different forms of harm, all depending upon the intentions of the person who places it, or the event that the curse comes from. There are three different types of cursing that are more or less based on what the curses effect these are target curses, bound curses, and family curses.

Target Curses:
These types of curses target a specific entity, and are used to cause harm in some way to that specific entity. these curses will be sent out from the practitioner in order to inflict the Target with some form of negative aspects. This process will usually use a magickal link referred to as a taglock in order to connect with the individual entity. These taglocks will be connected to the target through association, similarity, or contagions, and will be the bridge in order for the negative energy to travel along.

Bound Curses:

Masturbation Magick

Obviously this is going to be very not safe for work type of subject, so viewer discretion is advised.

Masturbation can be a powerful tool in the ways of magick. This act allows you to harness your sexual energy in order to send out your will into the universe. This is sometimes referred to as solo sex magick, masturbation magick, or orgasm magick.

Before you begin the process of masturbation magick you may also want to go through the process of cleansing, and protecting the area in which you are going to practice, while also opening yourself up, and grounding yourself, like you would for any other ritual, or magickal practice.

Through the act of masturbating you will enter an altered state of consciousness in which you can focus upon a specific intention in order to target them with your sexual energy. This process will also connect you closer to the spiritual world making it easier to work with the higher planes of existences.
This sexual energy is what is used in order to manifest des…

Crystals and Stones for cursing:

A lot of the times you see crystal references that refer to positive metaphysical properties of the stones, but in this list we are going to be looking at more negatively associated properties that could be used in your magickal working. These properties are brought out from the stones primarily when they are used in situations that use their energies in excess, or uses metaphysical properties that we would associate with more negative aspects of being.

Amethyst: To cause oversensitivity to spiritual Energies, and to cause illusion.
Lapis Lazuli: To cause illusion, oversensitivity, detachment, and ungroundedness.
Opal: To cause bad luck, and greed.
Quartz Crystal: To cause energetic overflow.
Selenite: To cause energetic overflow.
Flint: To cause conflicts.
Pyrite: To cause illusion, bad luck, and greed.
Obsidian: To cause overwhelming emotions, and conflicts.
Diamond: To cause binding on a physical, or spiritual level, betrayal, bad luck, and greed.
Blue Lace Agate: To cause people to confe…

Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious mind

The conscious, subconscious, and unconscious are different levels of awareness of the mind. Each one of these levels has their own specific job as it relates to the rest of the mind, and they all work together in order to facilitate the connection of awareness between specific information that is taken in through events.

Conscious mind:

The conscious mind is the mind that we are aware of. It is our focal point of awareness that are mind uses to perceive our surroundings, and our present thoughts. The conscious mind does not run the show, and is just a perceiver of the events that are happening, and because of this the conscious mind will you receive most of its information when needed from the subconscious mind. This is also the home of the ego, which chooses the content in which the consciousness will interact with, and will act as a gatekeeper for information, and experience. The ego also chooses what gets repressed and sent to the unconscious mind.

Subconscious mind:

The subconscio…

Anima mundi

Anima mundi is the concept of a world soul which is the living being of the universe. Everything in the universe is intrinsically connected, and because of that connection they make up the larger being of the world. The anima mundi can be tapped into in order to connect with the universe, and all the constructs, and entities that are apart of it. Anything that is born of the universe is apart of it, and is connected to the energies, and existence of all aspects of the universe.

Viadescioism: Free Will, Determinism, Fate, and Destiny

Viadescioism has the understanding of hard determinism, especially causal determinism, and Logical determinism. It has the understanding that free will does not exist as a metaphysical construct, and that everything is determined based on earlier causes which will determine particular outcomes based on factors that have preceded it. Choice, and action is determined by multiple factors, and no choice can be separate from these determined factors. Even your thoughts, and feelings, are all determined by different factors that have taken place in your environment, and being, and it is the same thoughts, and feelings that allow you to make the choices that you do. Agent action is determined by belief, desire, and temperament towards a specific situation. The factors may be quite incredibly complex to understand, but when all of them come together they will determine an event based on their combined efforts. From the understandings of logical determinism Viadescioism gains the understandin…

Existence Laws 3

Just some more laws of understanding for existence, magick, and the universe. That I have found, and brought into my understanding.
The Law of Existence:

This law states that's something exists, as opposed to nothing. It is an axiom of existence, which is an intrinsic property of existence, due to the fact that something needs to exist in order for you to even ask the question.

The Law of Consciousness:

This law states that consciousness does exist, as opposed to not. It is an axiom of existence, due to the fact that existence must be perceived by something in order to have a concept of existence, and because we all personally have consciousness.

The Law of Identity:

This law states that everything has its own unique characteristics, which makes it the same and different as other constructs. There are always elements of a construct, or entity that allows them to identify as a specific being, while also allowing them to identify as the same as other things.

The Law of Records:


Metaphysical properties: Natural, Associated, and Spiritual properties

There are three things that primarily make up the metaphysical properties of any construct, or entity. These are the natural, associative, and spiritual properties of any given particular being, which makes up the metaphysical properties of that being. From these three understandings of subsets of properties we understand more about the construct, or entity in question, and are also able to bring forth the understandings of metaphysical properties that call upon all of these elements to form their state of being such as the elements, the four qualities, gender(yin-yang), wu xing, and other metaphysical understandings. By understanding these three parts individually you will see how they work together, and how the principle of correspondence can be used to relate to the other parts of the properties of a being. Only when all of these properties come together do the true metaphysical property of any given entity, or construct, become realized.

Natural properties:

Natural properties are…