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Fundamental parts of magick

All forms of magick need 3 fundamental things in order to work. These three things are intent, will, and action. These basic understandings will allow you to manifest your desire into existence in a basic fundamental way.


Intent is what you want to bring forth through your manifestation. This is your goal, and what you want to accomplish. This understanding is brought into magickal workings in order to be used as a focal point in order to target your desire, and to set forth your will upon it through your actions. This intention can be pretty much anything that can be achieved through magickal manifestation, and it will usually be meticulously crafted in order to focus on a specific outcome over others. This intention will be expressed mentally, or out loud during the magickal working, so that you will be able to focus upon it, and move towards it. Your intention must be very clear, so that you are able to allow your will to fly true. Remember that your intention is only the fou…

Ravens of antimony: How to make Arskasao Tailsmans

Arskasao tailsmans are a combination of ravens from the alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony strung together in order to form a combination sigil, that will be able to be used in order to manifest desires. These tailsmans allow you to easily bring together the different ravens from the ravens of antimony paradigm to manifest your intentions, and desires into the world.

In order to do this first you will need to figure out what you want to manifest. this is pretty much setting forth your intention, and will allow you to pick the right Ravens in order to manifest your goal. Just like any other form of intention for Magick this can be pretty much anything as long as it can be manifested with magick. Once you have thought of your intention you can begin picking ravens for the job. Every Raven has its own meaning, and energy and which it represents. By picking the ravens that match up with your intention, and are in a specific order in which reminds you of your intention, will allow t…

Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality, and religion seem to be two things that are greatly connected though it is important to know that these are two separate Concepts that can work independently of each other or can work in Tangent. Both of these concepts highlight the understanding of finding, and experiencing your way in life, though they go about it in two separate ways.


Spirituality is the practices, and understandings that relate to personal individuals and/or their spiritual essence. Anything can be spiritual as long as it is harmonious with the spiritual part of your being. Spirituality allows you to look into yourself, and your environment to find wisdom, and knowledge that pertains to your personal spiritual being, and because of this spirituality is shaped by your experiences, and your connection to understanding yourself. In spirituality you are able to experiment and figure out what works for you, and can take those new understandings, and apply them into your life. Spirituality ca…

Viadescioism: Animism, Pantheism, and Philosophical posthumanism, and animism, pantheism

Viadescioic animism:

Viadescioism holds the understanding of animism which is the belief that everything is alive, and has a anima meaning “soul, living being, animating principle, and breath” as their essence which vitalizes them, and gives them agency. This understanding extends to people, animals, constructs, and ideas. Viadescioic animism is an idea of pervading life, and will within the nature of all constructs that exist within existence. This animism acknowledges the essence of all constructs, and entities that exist, and their own unique expression of their own personal monadic being. All constructs, and entities may have anima though this does not mean that they will be anthropomorphic, or personified in there being, and may just be a force that acts upon being, but is also able to show their agency in the world. Animism allows the relationship between the many different parts of the universe to have respect for one another and the different forms, and natures that they posse…

Journey meditation

Journey meditation, or shamanic journeying is a form of meditation that is originally brought to us through the understandings of new age neoshamanic practices. In this post I will also be expanding upon it using my own understandings, and experiences. In this form of meditation you journey in your mind, and explore the inner places of your subconscious, and your connection with the spiritual world. In these journeys you are able to explore your own personal intentions, and you are able to interact with spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, ascended masters, and deities, along with other entities. This practice uses your skills of entering a trance, visualization, and psychic senses in order for you to move throughout your mindscape. Journey meditation is a form of meditation that greatly allows you to walk in between the worlds, and exist within the liminal space, so that you will be able to interact with the spirit world for guidance, and help.

Journeying is a very diverse tool…

Obi Divination

Obi divination, or obi abata divination is a West African form of divination that originally originated within the traditional yoruba religion of Ifá. This practice is used by initiates, and non-initiates of traditional Yoruba religion, and in Yoruba-derived Afro-American religions. Obi divination was originally, and traditionally done with kola nuts, though it has also been done with cowrie shells, coins, halves of palm fruits, and pieces of coconuts. Obi abata, or obi means kola nut, which is why it is known as obi divination, even though other things may be used. These other objects that are used may also be known as obi when they are being used in obi divination. In this form of divination you gently throw these objects in order to see which way they are facing when they land. It is a form of divination that gives yes, or no answers, and is primarily used to communicate with the orisha, and egungun (ancestors), though it can also be used to communicate with all types of spirits, a…