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Love, and Strife: The attracting, and repelling forces

Love is what has been said to bring the elements together, and strife is what has been said to separate them apart. This philosophy was first set forth by empedocles, who also constructed the original understanding of the four elements in the western world. The elements are eternal, immutable, and the building blocks of reality, and because of this they cannot be created nor destroyed. They are able to change state, and are dynamic, when the forces of love, and strife act upon them.
These forces known as love, and strife are two important metaphysical forces that helped give birth to existence, and cause change, and movement in reality. Love, and strife are these two forces that are always interacting, and changing the state of the elements that make up the world, and because of this are seen as the forces of change, and motion in existence. Love is seen as this force pulling the elements together, which in turn would create substance, and because of this it is a force of attraction. …

Using your sigils, vs other people's sigils

Sigils created by yourself, and sigils that were created by others have the same magickal manifestation potential, no matter who decides to use them. Using a sigil that you did not create does not take away any power away from your manifestation, but the power for your manifestation, and the sigil representation you focus on to represent this desire may come from different places. The sigil does hold in amount of power, but it is also mixed with the power that you send out with it, and the intention it helps instill in your subconscious mind. Using your own sigil, or somebody else's sigil affects the power that sigil holds, and the way in which your subconscious mind imprints it.

Sigils that you create yourself have a very personal connection to you, and because you have this personal connection you will be able to better connect with it, it will have your own personal energy, and it will be able to be brought into your subconscious mind easier. This is because it already has been…

Viadescioism: Meaning, and Purpose

Viadescioism has the understanding, and practices of existentialism which allows the individual to go searching for their own subjective meaning to there life, and being. Life, and being is most likely inherently meaningless, though it can be given meaning by yourself, and other people that perceive you. The inherent meaninglessness of the universe can be accepted, and understood, so that an individual can work with it, and move past it to create their own subjective meaning. This subjective meaning will have a relativistic truth value depending upon the belief of the individual, and will be able to be known as true, or false in relation to that belief. 

An individual can also form subjective meaning based around another entity, or construct. Which will also have a relativistic truth value, and will be true, or false depending upon the belief the individual perceiving that entity, or construct has. These will be extrinsic purposes, and meanings in which one entity can oppose upon anoth…

Wu xing correspondences for the ravens of antimony

These are correspondences for my alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony. These correspondences correlate to the concept of wu xing, which is the understanding 5 phases of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Raven Of Lust E | FireRaven Of Passion U | FireRaven Of Devotion Æ | MetalRaven Of Prejudice TA | WaterRaven Of Anger HA | FireRaven Of Misunderstanding RA | WaterRaven Of Skill A | EarthRaven Of Might I | FireRaven Of Ascendancy O | WoodRaven Of Chaos KA | FireRaven Of Panic ȜA | WaterRaven Of Horror þA | WaterRaven Of Darkness SA | EarthRaven Of Connection LA | WaterRaven Of Light MA | FireRaven Of Wisdom AR | MetalRaven Of Knowledge JA | MetalRaven Of Logic NA | MetalRaven Of Binding BA | EarthRaven Of Warding GA | EarthRaven Of Protection CA | EarthRaven Of Insanity ZA | MetalRaven Of Illusion QA | WaterRaven Of Fantasy FA | WaterRaven Of Energy KNA | FireRaven Of Life SKA | WoodRaven Of Health SHA | WoodRaven Of Corruption ACK | MetalRaven Of Death ABT | EarthRaven Of Bani…

Esotericism, Exotericism, Occultism, Mysticism, Magick, and Witchcraft

These are my definitions for these words based on my experiences and understandings. I believe that it is important to know what I mean when I refer to these terms, so I decided to write down my linguistic interpretations of them, so that we could all be on the same page while going over my post.

Esotericism - Is knowledge that is only understood by a few, or that is not part of the surface understanding, especially when it is connected to the inner workings of a tradition, practice, philosophy, or culture.

Exotericism - Knowledge that is public, common, and is understood by a lot of people especially when it is connected to the straightforward, surface level, and outside workings of a tradition, practice, philosophy, or culture.

Occultism - Is knowledge of the hidden. Occultism is hidden wisdom, and knowledge that is obscure, and esoteric in nature, especially when it is connected to understandings that are paranormal, or spiritual.

Mysticism - Is the pursuit of communion with, or aw…

Wu Xing (The Five Phases)

Wu xing also referred to as the five elements, five phases, the five agents, the five movements, five processes, and the five stages is a concept from chinese philosophy. The five phases are used not only in philosophy but also in occultism, mysticism, traditional medicine, and martial arts, along with many other things. It is an interesting understanding to be aware of, because it shows the relationship between certain elements of existence, which can be worked with to affect the world in very interesting metaphysical ways. Wu xing teaches a universal pattern that is in everything, which you will be able to recognize, and adapt to anything that you are partaking in. The five elements, or phases are known as wood, fire, earth, metal,and water. These five phases are not the same as the greek western classic elements, and are completely two different metaphysical understandings. Though the greek western classic elements of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit do share some understanding…

Body, Mind, and Spirit

The body, mind, and spirit trinity is a useful trinity for understanding existence, magick, and health, along with many other aspects of existence. These share a very interesting relationship, and effect each other in many various ways. They are not just used to explain the relationship between the states of an individuals being, but can also be used to explain the being of existence in relation to the dimensions, planes of existences, density, and the rest of emanationism, and are a paradigm of understanding that is worth exploring. When there is something right, or wrong with one of these parts the entire system feels it, because of how closely connected all of these parts are to each other, and if one part of the individual is not working to the best of its ability, then the rest of the individual is also not. Through the act of focusing to better all of these different places of being the more balanced, and harmonious you will feel, live, and experience.


Body refers to the p…