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Arskasao Tailsmans

Arskasao Tailsman for warding and shielding
Arskasao Tailsman for love and abundance
Arskasao Tailsman for money
Arskasao Tailsman for psychic awareness and spiritual growth

Arskasao Tailsman are strings of sigils from my alphabet of Desire the ravens of antimony that can be charged, and activated in the same way as normal sigils.

Theories on how magick works

These are a couple theories on how magick works from different practitioners understandings. By understanding these theories you will be able to get a better grasp on magick as a whole through the understandings that people have found magick to react, and/or be initiated by. None of these theories are wrong, or right, and may just be parts of the same understanding, so getting to know them in their ins, and outs will not only allow you to help understand the paradigms that use them, it may also help you better your own practice by allowing you to look at things you might have missed. These are in no shape, or form all of the theories, but they are at least the more popular ones.

Theories on how magick works:
Energetic Theory:
Energetic theory has the understanding that magick works by raising specific universal spiritual energy through the act of using tools, the practitioner's inner power, or even the energies from other entities, and that the practitioner will be able to gather i…

Destroying Your Thoughtforms:

The process of destroying your thought form can be brought on for many different reasons from simply being finished with the reason that you created them to them going rogue, and getting out of your control. Knowing how to destroy thought forms can be very helpful in these situations and should be something every practitioner that works with thoughtforms should know in case they ever have to go through the process of destroying one of their thoughtforms.

Built-in destruction:

When going through the process of creating your thoughtform you are able to program in kill switches that when triggered will self-destruct your thoughtform. These can be incredibly useful in providing a quick, and easy way for your thought form to be destroyed, if certain parameters are reached that you do not intend, or as a way to clean them up after a certain point after you know you will be done with them. In order to instill these in to your thoughtform during the creation process all you have to do is inte…