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some sigils #9



Liminality is the boundary in between two other constructs. The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen meaning threshold. These boundaries are also sometimes known as in-betweens. Liminality will be created whenever two contradictory, opposing, or opposite constructs combine, or interact. Liminality will always be in a space between masculine, and feminine energies, and it can also be seen to be the space where yin, and yang meet. This connection to the physical, and the spiritual worlds can be achieved whenever you exist within an in-between place, time, or state. By combining together a liminal space, liminal time, and liminal state you'll be able to greatly exist within the in-between allowing you to walk between both worlds easily. Some forms of liminality are more powerful than others depending upon what they are in between, and will allow the veil to exist thinner in those points of existence. Handling or controlling energy from a liminal point in existence will be mu…

Candle Magick

Candles are very powerful tools that can be used in magick in order to empower your intention with energy, so that it can then be cast out into the universe. Candles work off the power of the element of Fire by using its high amount of energy with the intention brought forth by the candle to bring power and energy to your working. The flame will release a high amount of energy that will then be program by what type of candle it is, in order to emanate a powerful energy of a certain type. What energy is produced will depend on what color the candle is, what scent the candle is, and if the candle has any markings, or symbols upon it. By understanding candle magic any person with a candle will be able to work magick as long as they understand the processes of how to do it. It is a very simple, and powerful art that will manifest your desires, or empower your other works through the power of the burning flame, and the wax that it lays upon.

Colors all have their own intentions which will …

Raising the cone of power

Raising the cone of power also sometimes known as raising the power is a way in which an individual, or group will gather up energy, so that they can focus it out in order to manifest their desire. This magical phenomena is what empowers your magickal working when you cast a circle for a spell, or ritual, and will go through the process of keeping the energy in one place, so that you can gather it up more effectively, and empower it with your intent allowing you to be able to send it out in mass. The energy that you gather up during the ritual, or spell is said to stay there in the shape of a cone building up stronger, and stronger until it is ready to be cast off. This buildup of energy will power your  ritual, or spell by allowing you to have better control over it.

Traditionally the cone of power was constructed by a group of practitioners holding hands in a circle while using many different types of ritualistic means to gather up energy such as chanting, singing, drumming, dancing…


Shielding is the act of casting a wall of energy around an area in order to keep out unwanted entities and energies. This is a very important skill to understand, and learn about, so that you will be able to protect yourself from things you wish to not interact with. Two of the most popular shielding methods are casting a circle, and the psychic barrier of light both of these methods are very effective, and fundamental in a practitioner's magickal arsenal. These shields will protect you from spiritual entities and energies that you wish to keep out, and can be programmed with your intention so that you can decide what can pass through it. Shields can be constructed with energy alone, or can have a physical representation in order to anchor them to the physical world. This physical representation can be anything that can mark the path of the shield. Items that are usually used in order to form the physical representation of a Shield are stones, salt, chalk, or a cord. You can make …

Ways to cleanse a room

Cleansing is the act of resetting energies back to how they were naturally. This process will remove all the energies that have stuck themselves onto an person, place, or object. In this post we will be looking over how one can go about cleansing a room, so that a practitioner could clear it of all negative energies in order to make the room a more hospitable environment. There are many ways to go about cleansing a room, and we will go over a few of them, so that we can get a range of different approaches one can use to cleanse a room.

Physically cleaning the room:

This is a very straightforward way of cleansing a room in which all you have to do is physically clean it up. This does not have to be an extensive cleaning job but should be good enough that there is a clear visible difference. By straightening up the room you will rearrange the energies to a more harmonic natural state, so that energy will flow more smoothly through it, and allow it to be balanced, and cleansed.

Opening y…

Connecting To The Elements

Connecting to the classical western elements of fire, water, air, earth, and spirit can allow you to understand their energies, and the places that they appear all throughout the world. You will be able to work with them better, while moving in harmony with them allowing them to empower your magick, and your daily life. All of the elements are very unique and Powerful energies that can be called upon, and worked with. There are many different ways to go about connecting to these elements, but in this post I will be sharing a few of them, so that you can begin to align with the energies of these elements.

Elemental places:

Find a place that is powerful with these elements. Each specific element will have its own place where dwells in the world, by finding these places in going to them you'll be able to enter their domain and work with them. Since the element of spirit is all around you in pretty much any place, you can connect with it freely especially in places that you feel spiri…

Energetic Overflow

It is possible for you to take too much spiritual energy into your body at one time, just like it is possible to suffer from energetic burnout. I refer to this high energy state as energetic overflow for a lack of a better name. Both of these states are not very balanced for your body, and energetic system due to the fact that one is the lack of having enough energy, and the other is the over excess of energy. By taking too much energy into your body you will overly charge your energy centers, and energy channels allowing them to over activate, and become suffocating, and overwhelming with the amount of energy that they are working with.

This will result in forcing you into a state of being super open, and sensitive to energies around you, allowing them to more powerfully impact you, and your spiritual being. This will leave you open to energies, and vibrations that you may not want to be open to. These energies will be things such as pain, and sadness that other people may be feeli…

Creating your own tarot spreads, and oracle cards spreads.

Creating your own tarot spreads, and oracle cards spreads can be a very easy, and rewarding process. By understanding the process of making the spreads you will be able to make your own personal spreads that will hopefully resonate to the questions that you want to ask allowing you to be more in tune with the insight that you are receiving, and how you go about receiving it. Making your own spread may also allow you to connect better with the questions that you are asking, and will provide you great control over the environment in which those questions are being asked. These spreads are layouts in which you place cards, so that you can interpret your question from where they are laid, and what they are laid in relationship to. Together the spreads act as a form of network in order to answer your many questions, while providing insight based on their relations.

In order to do this first you are going to need to find questions that relate to each other that you would like to ask. These …

Numerology of 0-9

In this post I will be going over the basic numerology for the numbers between 0, and 9. Understanding these numbers in a metaphysical manner can allow you to bring the energies of these numbers into your practice to strengthen your magickal working. This can be done by understanding the meanings, and associations that these numbers have, so that you can bring them together to form other numbers, or to act out your intention with their metaphysical properties by casting out their meanings, and energies into the universe. This will be a very quick overview that will not go to in depth, but will provide just some basic knowledge about the numbers and the energies that they possess.

0 ) Zero is a number that is greatly associated with the act of being. It also corresponds to cycles, unification, oneness, and source itself. It is a very powerful number that is associated with spiritual energy, and empowerment. Zero is also connected to the unlimited potential, and power inside all things.…

Warding In Witchcraft


Wards are constructs, or entities that go through the process of wording a specific area that you set them up to watch over. This form of warding magick is also referred to some times as apotropaic magick, and our ways in which practitioners can turn away negative, or unwanted energies from an area, or space. Wards are like energetic guards that watch over an area. These wards will target whatever you intend them to, and will turn them away, force it out, or banish them from that area. Wards act as a form of protection to keep that space, or area safe from what is not wanted. Any space, object, or entity can be worded if you take the time to place one upon it. These Wards can be very complicated, or very simple depending upon what they are needed for. Wards can be set up for a period, but are primarily used when a construct, space, or entity needs to be protected for an extended period of time. Wards can also be cast whenever protection is needed, and will be able to pro…

How to program crystals

Programming crystals allows you to give specific crystals a certain job to carry out. This could allow you to use your crystals in a more dynamic way allowing you to call upon them for certain tasks, and jobs that you may need done. You will also be able to dedicate certain crystals to a specific focus allowing those crystals to push towards one goal, and not to be distracted by any others. This is done by giving the stone a certain intention to focus on, so that its energies will be drawn to that situation to accomplish whatever goal you set it up for. By learning how to program your crystals you will be able to tell them to protect certain areas, to empower certain constructs, and entities, and to only release their energy in certain situations, along with many other things. All you are going to need in order to do this is focus, your intention, and a stone of your choice. This can be done with any type of crystal, or gemstone of your choice, and will allow you very interesting ways…

Exercise ideas for strengthening your visualization skills

Visualization is a very important skill to have when practicing. It allows you to focus your intention, and be able to move your energy in specific ways to help you be able to manifest your magick. You should take time to better this ability, so that you can use it to empower your craft. There are many different ways you can go about training your visualizations skills, to be able to visualize more advance, and dynamic things.

Exercise ideas for strengthening your visualization skills:

Try to find a quiet space where you will be able to do some of these exercises. This will allow you to focus and be better connected with your visualization.
Start out small by closing your eyes, and visualizing different types of 3D shapes in multiple colors. Close your eyes, listen to music and see what comes to your mind. Close your eyes, and pick an object, and try to visualize it in as much detail as possible. The bigger the object is, the harder it will usually be to visualize, but the more influen…

Absorbing Energy

Absorbing energy can be a very useful energy technique that will be able to help you in your craft by allowing you to take energy from many different sources, so that you can use that energy in your energetic working. This process will allow you to target a construct that you desire, and pull in its spiritual energy, so that you will be able to use it to empower yourself, and to continue to keep yourself energized. Once taken into your being it will be yours to do with, and we'll be able to be used in any way that you see fit. This technique is also helpful at keeping at bay energetic burnout, because it allows you to recharge from other objects around you through the act of taking their energy into you.

 Absorbing energy steps:

Before you do this process you are going to want to center, and ground like every other form of energy technique.The first thing that you are going to need to find is some form of construct, or entity that you wish to take the energy of. This should be a fo…

How to undo a spell

Sometimes after you cast a spell you will wish to undo it, because you do not actually want it to manifest into the world. Knowing how to undo spells can help you in many situations in order to stop yours, and other people's magick from taking shape. In order to use the information in this post you are probably going to need to know the fundamentals of creating your own spells, and rituals, so that you will be able to put together something  to accomplish your desires.

Undoing Spells:

There's a couple ways you can go about undoing a spell, but most of the time you are going to go through the act of nullifying it by sending another spell after it. You can always use the method of allowing the spell to run its course, so that it will eventually run out of energy by using it all to manifest what it needs to, but in a lot of cases this will not be preferred. In order to undo a spell you will need to stop the energy of that spell by sending out your own spell in order to nullify it…

metaphysical correspondences for the days of the week

Sunday: Prosperity, Success, Wealth, Fortune, Power, Individuality, Beginning, Confidence, Ego, and many more.

Monday: Travel, Peace, Illusion, Fertility, Dreams, Mystery, Fantasy, Introspection, Intuition, Insightful, Imagination, and many more.

Tuesday: Victory, Strength, Courage, Endurance, Passion, Aggression, Revenge, Bad luck, Lust, Rebellious, and many more.

Wednesday: Creativity, Luck, Cunning, Change, Mind, Study, Wisdom, Knowledge, Writing

Thursday: Good health, Abundance, Leadership, Energetic growth, Good fortune, Prosperity, Career, Optimism, Loyalty, Healing, Optimism, and many more.

Friday: Love, Fertility, Friendship, Communication, Romance, Beauty, Partnerships, Self-love, Bad luck, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Sexuality, Social Activities, Creativity, Relaxation, Fun, The material world, High ideals, and many more.

Saturday: Protection, Banishing, Exorcism, Spirituality, Endings, Self-discipline, Life, Death, Freedom, and many more

Reasons that a magick spell, or ritual would fail

Magick spells and rituals have a chance to always fail, but it really depends on many different factors whether it manifests, and take shape in the world, or the energy gets lost in transition. In this post I'm going to be going over reasons why spells, and rituals might not manifest, so that you can avoid them, and better understand how magick works in order to better your practice, and to empower your working. This most likely won't be all of the reasons why spells fail but will be a good overview.

Not enough energy:

When trying to manifest something into existence we call upon specific energies that would help us in our intention. When we do not call upon enough energy in order for a manifestation to take shape it will end up not working, because there was not enough energy to do the job. The small amount of energy that you do send out will try to accomplish the job, but will be unable to with what it is currently working with allowing it to fail, because it will not have e…

Ravens Of Antimony Dictionary Of Numbers

Numbers are important in the ravens of antimony. These numbers have been assigned to each raven, and will allow you to show numerical value through their use.The ravens, and the okna ona also have a proper numbered order in which they come in the alphabet. This numbered order gives the numerological energies to the raven, and the okna ona  that they are assigned to. The numbered order of the Ravens, and the okna ona look like this:

Numerical order of the oknao of the ravens of antimony:

Numerical order of the ravens of antimony:

LUST (E) | 1
DEVOTION (Æ)(A’) | 3
ANGER (HA) |  5
SKILL (A) | 7
MIGHT (I) | 8
CHAOS (KA) | 10
PANIC (ȜA) (Gha) | 11
HORROR (þA) (Tha) | 12
DARK (SA) | 13

Understanding substituting, and reworking in spells, and rituals.

Spells, and rituals are like wonderful recipes that allow you to cast your intent into the universe in order to manifest your desire. When using spells and rituals that you did not create you may find that you do not have all the ingredients that are needed, and will have to go about substituting, and reworking the spell, or ritual in order for you to be able to cast it. In order to do this you are going to need to understand the fundamentals of how magick works along with the metaphysical properties that you are trying to use in order to act out your desire. There are many things that may need to be substituted, if you are unable to acquire them for spells, and rituals these would be such things as certain candles, herbs, or crystals, along with many other things. When substituting you are primarily trying to match the metaphysical properties of the construct that you are trying to substitute. This is so that you can still continue to get the specific energy that you need for your in…

Basic ways to charge crystals

There are many different ways that you can go about charging your crystals in order to get them working at their most efficient levels. In this post I will be going over a couple of the more basic methods for charging crystals, so that you will be able to charge your crystals and work with them more effectively.


By putting your crystals in the sunlight you will be able to charge them using the sun's rays. All you need in order to charge crystals in this way is to place your crystals in the sunlight outside, or in a windowsill, so that the sun's rays will be able to lay upon them, and charge them with its energy. Certain crystals should not be charged in this way due to the fact that they will cause fading of the crystals color, so make sure to check what types of crystals can be charged this way before doing it.


You can also use Moonlight in order to charge crystals from the light that is bouncing off of the Moon. All you have to do is place them outside, …

Ways to work with crystals

There are many different ways in order to use crystals in your practice, and by understanding these ways you will be able to empower your craft with the energies of the crystals that you have. This list is by no way a complete one but is a very basic overview of some ways that you can use crystals.

Allowing their energies to impact you:

Crystals will inherently project, and emit their personal energies out into the world. Depending upon what type of crystal it is will determine what energy that it is emitting. These energies will be able to impact you, and other constructs around the crystal, giving them the energies of that crystal. By learning, and using these energies to your advantage, you will allow yourself to work better with the crystals that you have, so that they can impact your life, and improve it with their energies. In order to do this all you need is a crystal that you want to connect with the energy of, then you just have to have it in your vicinity, so its energies wi…