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Some Sigils #9


Symptoms Of Being Cursed, and Diagnostics methods

I decided to compile a list of ways that you could tell if you have been cursed. This information would be good to know, so that people can figure out if they have been cursed.

Symptoms of being cursed:

All of these symptoms will usually happen suddenly, and consistently from the time that the curse is placed on you. It will usually be a plethora of these symptoms, and these symptoms will not have mundane causes. Just because you have one, or more of these symptoms does not mean that you have been cursed, but it will help tell you, if you may be under the influence of a curse. Remember that a doctor, or medical professional should always be sought out for things pertaining to medical health.
Healthy houseplants dying for no reason.An intense amount of fatigue that comes suddenly, and cannot be relieved.Experiencing Random pain and aches.Having continuous nightmares, night terrors, or fever dreams.Feeling high amounts of negative energy.Getting unexpectedly sick very quickly, and seemin…

Ways to know if your sigil is charged

There are a couple ways in which a practitioner could check if a Sigil was charged. This would allow the practitioner to know if the sigil can be triggered, activated, or that they have efficiently charged it. The following lists are things you can do in order to check for charges in sigils.

Deduction Method:

This would be like doing a charging method and then just knowing, because you did the charging method it is now charged. This method of checking primarily relies on philosophical deduction to base whether, or not the sigil has been charged. Either the sigil is charged, or not. A charging method was done on the sigil. Therefore the sigil is charged.

Pragmatism, and Induction Method:

In this method you check to see if the sigil is charged by activating it, and seeing if it works. If it works then it was charged. Then you can use simple philosophical induction in order to repeat the results in other forms of sigils. Due to the fact that if it worked in the past it will probably work…

Types of Personal Spirit Guides

The 3 Main Types of Personal Spirit Guides: These are the four main types of personal spirit guides which split spirit guides up into 3 categories based on the relationship of when, and how you came in contact with them.
Soul Guide:

A soul guide is a guide that has been your guide in another or multiple incarnations. They probably met up with you in a different life, or in between lives, and are now a more constant part of your soul group, spirit council, or spirit family. These entities are usually very connected to you, because of the past that you share, even if you do not remember it. Soul guides are also a lot more connected to your higher self.

Lifetime Guides:

Lifetime guides are guides that are going to be an entity that sticks with you throughout your entire life. These guides are assigned at birth, and will connect with you during this lifetime. They may choose to leave once the life is done, or may continue on with you depending upon many different factors.

Short-term Guid…

Body Sigils

There are many different ways in order to use sigils, but one of those ways is drawing the Sigil upon your body. By doing this you allow the sigil to always be with you, and to allow it's magick to work and help you get to your desire on a very personal level. Any type of written sigil can be put on your body, and become a body sigil, but it depends upon which one you pick, and how you choose to use that sigil, that can better its magickal use.

Body sigils, and Sigil placement:

There are many different places that you can place a sigil upon your body. These placements could help the sigil be associated more with its meaning using the metaphysical properties of different body parts. You might also want to pick a spot that is visible, if you want it to be triggered by people seeing it, or yourself seeing it. Seeing it can also be used to reinforce the concept in your consciousness, so that it eventually will drift into your subconsciousness eventually pushing you towards your goal t…

5 Types Of Sigils

Desire Sigils:

A desire sigil is a sigil that's intention is based around a desire. These are one of the most common forms of sigils, and are used by practitioners to manifest their desires upon the universe. To make a desire sigil you will use a statement of intent that explains what you want to happen, so that it can push you towards that goal. Desire sigils would be something like sigils for protection, sigil for prosperity, or sigil to have a good job interview. These sigils will be cast out into the universe, and ingrained in your subconscience in order to carry out what you want to happen. The sigil will be charged, and activated, and will use its energy, and intention to carry out its task. These sigils are very useful, and will help you get what you want.

Name Sigils:

A name sigil is a sigil that's intention is based around a construct, or an entity's name. Any type of name can be used to make name sigils. The name just has to be associated with the construct, or e…

Sigil Matrices

A sigil matrix is a network of linking sigils that are connected together to create a form of spiritual perimeter in which will be able to be influenced, and controlled by the practitioner. The practitioner will be able to control the sigil matrix by interacting with the collection of linking sigils usually laid out in a chaos sphere, or other sigil design that is usually part of a sigil altar. A chaosphere is made by having a 3D shape usually a dodecahedron with personal linking sigils you have made on each side of the shape that will correlate to the other sigils that are on the perimeter of your sigil matrix allowing you to send out an interact with energies from the altar. This will allow the practitioner to influence what goes on inside of the spiritual perimeter, so that they can act out their desire, and will upon their area of influence. These can be used when you’re trying to make sigils affect a larger area like a town, or a county. These sigil matrices are usually watched o…

Sigil Altar

Is an altar that is used in the casting of sigils. This will be the place in witch you will charge, and activate alot of your sigils. This will be a place to keep sigil journals, notes on your alphabet of desire, linking sigils, sigil matrices, and many other things relating to your sigil practice. On your sigil altar you also keep linking sigils, and sigil matrices allowing you to send specific energies to specific places from this location.  You will also be able to keep the sigils of your servitors, and any other thought forms here also to be connected to your network into work for you. This place will live, and breathe your sigil practice, and will contain the energies, tools, and knowledge in order to create, and use sigils. These places will definitely be very personal for the practitioner that owns them, and will most likely be set up in a way that they find fit, so no to alters will probably look the same. Not all sigil practitioners will have sigil Alters, but it may be a goo…

Inverted Sigil

By taking a sigil, and inverting in it you will also be able to change the sigil's energies, and intention into the opposite, exalted, and/or recessive version of itself. When a construct, becomes inverted their meaning also changes in our mental subconsciousness, and in the metaphysical properties of the symbol. This will result usually in an energy, and intention that is close to the original sigil, but is slightly off, and will also take on some other meanings. This process is much like when you invert a cross, a pentagram, a rune, or a tarot card, and will lead to a shift in energy, and intention. This can be incredibly useful when wanting to change, and energy into a different form of itself, or when you want to counter the energy of one thing by using the opposite version of it. By using this on a name sigil you will bring out the negative qualities of the person who owns the name, so that you can use those negative qualities in your working, and magickal practice. If a sigi…

Ways to activate a sigil

After you are done charging, and filling your sigil with your intent you must go through the process of activating it. Activation is the process of firing your sigil into the universe along with the act of allowing the sigil to work in your subconscious. There are two types of ways to activate your sigil. These two types of ways are passive, and active sigil activation. Both of these types of ways have their own benefits, and it is important to understand how to use both of them, so that you can pick the right one for the job.

Active Sigil Activation:

In active sigil activation the energy is usually released all at once, or in a very immediate fashion. This type of activation is usually going to be done through the act of destruction of the sigil, so that all the energy that has been charged into it can be released and fired into the universe, and your mind can greatly actively focus on the sigil that has been marked upon your subconscious. This is usually going to be used for such si…

Ways to charge a sigil

Ways to charge a sigil

After you have used one of the sigil methods to create a sigil that encompasses your desire or purpose you need to charge it in order to fill it with energy, while simultaneously thrusting it into the back of your subconscious. In order to charge a sigil one must do an act in order to give energy, and focus to the sigil in order to empower it with your mind, and spirit. There are many acts that you can do in order to charge your sigils, and in order to help you figure out what you could do, I am going to provide a extensive list of charging methods.

Charging methods for sigils:
Pushing energy into the sigil by using energy work.Meditating intently on the sigil.Focus on the sigil intensely.Dancing around the sigil.Working out with the sigil.Chanting over the sigil.Masturbating on to the sigil.Masturbating while looking into the sigil.Burning candles around, or on the sigil.Rubbing blood upon the sigil.Anointing the sigil with essential oils.Anointing the sigil wit…

Sigil triggers

Sigil triggers are specific instructions that cause the sigil to activate. These instructions can be programmed into passive sigils, and will be used to trigger the activation of a sigil, when you are ready to use it. These can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to make more dynamic sigils. In order to set a trigger upon a sigil you can work the trigger into the statement of intent, you can create another sigil with the trigger intent, and create some form of mixed sigil by using both sigils, or when you are charging the sigil you can tell the sigil, when it should activate, and releases energies. You can set a sigil trigger on any form of action, so that when this act is executed your desire will be sent out into the universe to manifest, and will take shape in your subconscious allowing you to work towards your desire. Using sigil triggers will allow your sigil to build up some energy before it is activated, and starts its manifestation process. It will also allow the energy …

Sigil Placement

Sigil placement is important for passive sigils to work effectively, and practically. Depending upon where these sigils are place can determine the sigil surroundings, what the sigil is going to be affecting, Sigil triggers, and charging methods for the sigil. This should be taken into consideration in order for your sigil to work at its maximum potential. These passive sigils should usually be kept as close as possible to what their intent is said to affect. This will allow their energy to travel less of a distance, and be more connected to what it is trying to effect. It is also a good idea to put your sigils in a place where they will be able to be charged by either you, or some other force in order to keep up their energy so that they can continue on to work. If your sigil is supposed to be triggered by a certain thing, then placing it in a place where it will end up being triggered would be your best place to place it.  The sigil surroundings can also interact with the energy and…

Verbal sigils

Verbal sigils also known as mantrical sigils are phrases of intent scrambled together in order to make a chant, or mantra that can be said as an affirmation. These verbal sigils work just like other forms of sigils, and will draw your desire to you through the act of sending your will out into the universe, and by implanting it deep within your subconscious to act in the background. This is a pretty simple process, and can be quite creative like other sigils. The way that you can make verbal sigils is by first creating a statement of intent, It can be pretty much anything, and can be written out like so:

"People follow my blog" e.g

Now that you have your statement of intent you are going to want to switch the letters around, so that you make a bunch of nonsense words. I also like to keep the exact same number of words that was in the original statement of intent, but this is not necessary, and you can have some fun with it. Once completed it would look something like this:


Energy System Of The Arms, and Hands

The energy centers in your arms are one of the most important secondary parts of our energy system. These centers are said to be extensions of your energetic heart center, allowing you to interact with the world through your spiritual connection, because of this all of them are very well connected to love, communication, connection, and healing. They're wonderful centers that can be understood, and help with your magickal practice because of their abilities to direct, and to allow you to project, and receive energy.
Shoulder Energy Centers:Element: Air
Location: Shoulder Blades

Color: Green, or White
Metaphysical Attributes: Strength, Will-power, Motivation, Freedom, Hopefulness, Desire, and Open to elevated learning.
If the shoulder energy centers are over activated a person will become very egotistical, full of themselves, and irresponsible.
If the shoulder energy centers are under activated, or blocked a person will be hopeless, unmotivated, feeling trapped, will have a fear of res…

Running With The Wolves 30-day witchcraft challenge

I wanted to create my own 30-day witchcraft challenge. I don't know if anyone is going to do it, but I thought it would at least be interesting to create. This 30-day witchcraft challenge is going to be extensive. It will ask multiple questions per day that pertain to a certain theme that has to do with your practice along your path. Feel free to do one, multiple, or all of the questions for a single day. I have built the challenge, so that overachievers can have more to do, and those who don't have as much time can still participate. This will also allow you to skip over certain questions if you don't have an answer for them, or that they are not applicable to you. Multiple questions  allow there to be longer responses, so the challenge can be a little bit more challenging. This 30-day witchcraft challenge will be built for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This is so the witchlings can learn from the experienced practitioners, and the witchlings will be able to shar…