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Alphabet Of Binding

An alphabet of binding is the exact opposite of an alphabet of desire. This alphabet is also made out of a bunch of reusable sigils, but in an alphabet a binding these sigils are associated with negative aspects, negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative feelings. Instead of using it to manifest things it is used to control negative aspects of the practitioner, so that the negative aspects can be controlled, and utilize for the practitioners purposes. By working with these negative aspects the practitioner can learn more about themselves, and empower there working and provide an outlet for these energies. The alphabet of binding is the inner negativities of the practitioner made in to a physical representation. these then can be used later as weapons in cursing, and ways to understand, cooperate, and work with these emotions in a much more structured way.

To make an alphabet of binding you must first go into yourself, and look for all the negative aspects, emotions, thoughts,…


Egregores are a type of thought form. The word egregore comes from French literally meaning spirit of the group, and also meant watcher angel in the Book of Enoch. These egregores are constructed, and programmed from the energy, and intent of a group, or collective that share something in common. These entities can be made voluntarily, or involuntarily, and will exist much like other thought-forms, while feeding off of the energy, and intent that the group gives them by interacting with the purpose of the group.

Egregores start out weak, but with enough energy, and intention they can exist even after the group has disbanded, allowing them to continue on existing, and push for the agenda of the group, even if there is no one else to push with it. These entities act like hive minds, overseers, and guardians for the group, and the egregore will act upon the intentions, the thoughts, and the feelings of the group to push their agenda. The egregore's appearance, and personality will be…