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Yin and yang

Yin, and yang are a concept found in Taoism, Chinese philosophy, Chinese medicine, and metaphysics. This concept has to do with two ever-present polar opposite forces that are prevalent in everything in the universe, these energies are called yin, and yang. By understanding this concept you will open yourself up to working with these energies, and being able to work with the duality throughout the entire universe. You will be able to see these two energies interact in all aspects of your life allowing you to have the ability to interact with them, and to work with them on a personal level. This can be adapted, and work within your magick to better your understanding of certain connections in the metaphysical, as well as the physical.

Yin and yang are usually represented in the a symbol call the taijitu, sometimes this is also referred to as the yin-yang symbol. The taijitu is a complete circle separated down the middle with a wavy line that looks a lot like an 'S'. The reason t…

Basic Magickal Computer Programming

Programming magick is the act of manifesting your desires through the use of embedded intent in computer programming code. This is a very useful, and practical way to use magick when writing programs, applications, websites, and anything else that you might use code in. In order to get the most out of these techniques you will need to know how to program in any programming language. It does not matter if it is C++, Java Script, or any other type of programming language. all you need to know is how to program in some programming language, so that you can transfer these techniques into your practice.

Magickal Programming Variables :

Variables are a very important part of programming, and they are going to be one of the main ways that we are going to use magick through the programs that we create. These variables are going to act as are intent much like a sigil would, and it will be the mark in which we fill our energy with. You will be able to charge these variables with energy through …

Liber Spirituum

A liber spirituum sometimes referred to as a book of spirits is a book much like a book of shadows, but instead of containing spells, rituals, and other occult knowledge these books contain information on certain entity, so you can summon them. The liber spirituum is a book in which a practitioner, or a group record a collection of entities they work with, or summon. This information is written down in this book, so that a practitioner could call on it again if he needed its assistance, it was a lot like a hand-written phone book for certain entities. These books are traditionally made by the practitioner, and are also traditionally handwritten.

This will act as a practitioner's own personal list of spirit names. As the practitioner encounters, and gets the names of more entities they will be able to add them to their liber spirituum, so that they can call on them later. These list do not have to be complicated, and all they really need to include is the spirit's name, so from …

Invocation, and Evocation


Invocation, and evocation are two very important parts of magick, and the occult. These concepts are very similar, but are also very different in many ways, and should be understood, so that you can work better with them in your practice. These words both have to do with calling forth constructs, but they both do it in their own objective ways, even though a lot of the time these words are used interchangeably by accident. These words come from the Latin word "vocare" which is a word that means to call forth. Most of the time, depending upon what the practitioner is conjuring will usually end up dictating, if they will be using an invocation, or evocation, but technically you could do both for any construct. In order to learn more about these terms, we should take a closer look at both of them separately.


Invocation is the act of  calling a construct to the inside of you. When invocation is used the constructs sits in the seat of power while you, beco…

The Seven Hermetic Principles of the Kybalion

Hermetic principles are laws that govern the entire universe much like the magickal laws, but these are present in all things, and are less exclusive to simply just magick itself. These Hermetic principles were given to us in the hermetic text of the Kybalion in which were said to be written down by the Three Initiates. The hermetic principles are a good idea for a practitioner to learn in order to understand how the universe, and magick works as a whole, so that they can use it better in order to further their practice. These are principles that cannot be broken, because they are not morals, but are much rather understandings of how the universe will work in certain ways without flaw. this will just be a very quick rundown of the seven hermetic principles of the Kybalion. These laws should always be looked into more thoroughly, because there is always more that these laws can teach you about the universe, and our existence.

The Principle of Mentalism

"THE ALL IS MIND; The Univer…