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Belief in your magick

Belief is a very important construct my friends especially in magick. It is what allows us to keep doing what we are doing, and give that extra energy to our intent allowing are craft to be even stronger than it is when we do not believe in it. We should not believe so strongly that we, become blinded by it, but much rather stay in a more middle, even ground. Belief is a very key part of all of this, sure it's not what makes are magick work, but it is the thing that allows it to work without us doubting ourselves, or our unverified personal experiences. Sure our experiences do not have to be verified, or even validated for them to hold meaning to us, but having that sense of something to hold onto, rather than to fight against you is important in pretty much any practice that you attempt. You should remember to have faith in yourself, and to trust yourself. You are a beautiful entity that can do, and make anything a reality, but if you do not believe that, that is possible, it wil…

Simple methods in order to help you opening your third eye

The third eye also referred to as the  brow chakra, or ajna is a very important energy center that is used to perceive the spiritual world around you, but in order to use it it must first be opened. To do this you can use many different types of methods, techniques, and exercises in order to strengthen your ability to use your third eye.You can experience, and perceive many different things when your third eye is opened wider than it usually is. You can see such things as spiritual entities, auras, energies, and even see into different planes, and dimensions. The third eye is greatly connected to your 6th Sense, and is the main way that you perceive the other spiritual realms. When you have your third eye open you have more of a tendency to be drawn to mindfulness, focus, critical thinking, and intuition. All these skills, and benefits can help you in your life in order to progress growth, and experience along your path. Once you open your third eye you can always close it again by ju…

Feeling External, And Internal Energies


Learning to feel energy inside, and outside your body is a very important skill that will allow you to do many things in your practice. This is a very fundamental skill everyone can learn, and gain something from. This will help you better work with energy, so that you can use it more effectively in your practice, and craft. In order to feel energy one must only focus, and look for it. This is an ability everyone can do, even if you have never done it, or even considered it before.

How to internally feel energy:

In order to feel energy inside your body you should probably do some steps like:

1) First you're going to need to focus on your body, and enter a meditative state while focusing on it. You might want to do this with your eyes closed, but you can do this with your eyes open, if you would like. The objective here is to just become aware of your body.

2)  Next with your newfound awareness of your body you need to see, if you can't feel, and identify any sens…

Soulmate and Twinflames

Soulmates, and twinflames are usually used interchangeably even though they are not the same thing, and have just become greatly connected to each other even though they are two completely different concepts. There are many differences between soulmates, and twin flames that are usually not spoken about in the more romanticized versions of their concepts. These terms are not only used for partners in love, but can be for teachers, friends, acquaintances, and anyone else you have a bond with. It is important to understand the differences between these two concepts so that you can identify which ones may appear in your life.


A lot of different people in your life can be a soul mate to you from family members to friends, coworkers to romantic partners. Everyone has at least one soulmate that will help them out on their journey, and these souls's energies are pretty close to yours, or an exact opposite allowing you to be drawn towards each other. We are meant to cross paths w…

Muscle Testing

Introduction :

Muscle testing is a way of using your body in order to divine through the use of your muscles in order to find answers to questions you have. It is like using your body as a pendulum in order to interpret answers that you may be getting from Source, or other entities. This can be incredibly helpful when you do not have any other tools, around and you still want to divine something. Muscle testing is also pretty easy to, and can be great for beginners that do not have tools yet. In muscle testing since you are the divination tool your biggest enemy that can stop you from divining answers correctly is Self doubt. It is very important to remember not to doubt yourself. I'm now going to explain to you how to do a simple muscle testing for divination purposes. There are many other methods that you could use for muscle testing that could be found around the internet, but this is one of the more common in simple ones. Step by step time! (I haven't posted anything with …

Soul Age

You're soul age does not correlate to the time that you have spent existing, but much rather the growth of your inner being through experiences, lessons, and achievements. It is the growth, evolution, and transmutation of your soul, and where it is on its journey that makes up your soul age. These traits, experiences, and lessons will still be marked upon, and will be reflected in your soul, and how you interact with the world around you. It does not make anyone better to be older, or younger in soul age, it just tells where you are specifically on your path right now. This might help you out by telling you what lessons you need to learn, and what you might need to focus on. Each soul age has its own lessons, and experiences that goes along with its own perspectives. These perspectives will allow them to see the world in their own way, but always does strive to allow them to evolve even farther from where they are at. With every incarnation we learn more as entities, and further t…

The 10 Dimensions

Introduction :

There are 10 known dimensions that make up our universe. These dimensions are not planes of existences, or realms, but much rather a minimal number of parameters needed to describe the space. Though the planes of existence are very interwoven with the dimensions, they are not one in the same. To learn more about planes of existence see my post on the planes of existence. As you go up through the spiritual planes, and raise your vibration even more you will pass through many different dimensions that will have many different dimensions of space with new dimensional parameters. These dimensions of space will allow your consciousness, and reality to perceive many different things depending upon how many are apart of your dimension. Being able to understand dimensions can help people understand the whole of creation not just in this universe, but all of the universes in the scope of our place in this creation.

1st Dimension :

The 1st dimension is made up of 2 points connecte…


Blessings is the act of empowering some form of construct through the power of an entity, or particular energy. There are many ways that you can bless a construct using your craft and/or practice. Doing so will allow that construct to be in the favor, or power of the specific entity, or energy of your choosing, so that it can intern take on some of the power of that entity, or energy. This will make the construct stronger, and more connected to the entity, or energy.  Blessing a construct is a great way of dedicating it to a specific energy, or entity, so that it can watch over, and be a part of that constructs existence. Constructs can become blessed by entities by asking them to bless that construct. You may also have to do some form of a ritual in order to dedicate that construct to that entity. In this ritual you might try bringing in things that the entity is connected to in order to bring more of their energies into your blessing ritual. The things that you would need to bring i…

Constructs made by intent, and energy


In our practice energy is one of, if not the main fundamental construct that allows us to manifest our desires through our intent. Our consciousness, and state of being allows us to mold, and impact the energy around us allowing us to create, and give birth to new entities, consciousnesses, and constructs. This post serves as a list of different forms of creation based on intent, energy, and thought. It will start at the purest form, and work its way down to the more complicated constructs that can exist through the simple use of intent, and energy.

Pure Source Energy
Pure source energy is energy that has not been assigned a purpose besides existing. This energy comes directly from source, and usually becomes a form of programmed energy in some form, or another. This is the only one on this list that is not made by intent, and energy, but much rather is the basis for it.
Programmed Energy

Programmed energy is energy that has had intent, or emotion placed into it, so that…

War Water, And Peace Water

War Water

War water also referred to as mars water is water with iron rust inside it. The water is usually a more reddish color, and usually in bodies the powers of the planetary body of mars. It is made simply by adding rust to water, but can be made more complicatedly by adding iron nails that will also rust in the water, graveyard dirt, or magnetic sand among many other things that have protective, and banishing properties, or the energies of mars within them. War water was traditionally usually kept in a glass jar, or bottle. This type of water is a more aggressive protection, banishing, and warding solution. This can help you out by pushing out negative energies from places where you do not want them to be present, it is a way of declaring war on your more energetic enemies. War Water is a pretty useful tool to have especially when you are having a problem with entities, or practitioners, and you need some extra protection, and power to give you the upper hand.

Peace Water

Peace …


Hypersigils also called super sigils are sigils that are usually expressed through art based medias such as stories, poetry, lyrics, video, and much more. This technique was first brought to life by Grant Morrison Dossier a comic book writer, and an occultist. These sigils can be very powerful, but can also be quite complicated depending on how you go about creating them, and using them in your practice to get what you want. To create a hypersigil one must only create one of these mediums, but inside the medium you place your intent disguised as the art. This is going to be in some way shape, or form modeled after your reality, and by interacting with it, and changing it you can change your reality. This would be like if you were going to write a story you would make an alter ego for yourself, and give them what you when your self to have in their reality, so that you in turn could get it in your reality. Hypersigils work primarily through the law of Association, and the law of simil…

spiritual verification Personal Gnosis to lore


The purpose of this article is to create a fundamental spiritual system for verifying spiritual knowledge, so one can know if a UPG is authentic, and reliable enough to become a VPG, and maybe even a part of the lore. This system will allow you to test out your spiritual knowledge, and practices to see if they are authentic, and reliable through a form of spiritual verification. This system of spiritual verification has been constructed from what I (The Wolf Of Antimony) have analyzed to be the closest understanding for making a UPG evolve, and eventually become a VPG. This article will go over, and try to examine different parts of spiritual verification from terminology, to actually setting up a usable flow chart diagram of understanding. As well as to be able to visually see where a spiritual insight is on its evolution through this spiritual verification system. This article, and spiritual verification system is in no way meant to try to devalue anyone's beliefs…