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Energetic Burnout

Energetic burnout occurs when you have been using way too much of your own personal spiritual energy to such a high amount that you start to feel physically, spiritually, and mentally exhausted, and may even lose the ability for a short time to do types of energy work that draw specifically from your energy. This may give you headaches, fatigue, body aches, and much more symptoms depending on the person, and how much energy they have expended. When you are in an energetic burnout your energy will come back to you in normal means just through the continuation of life, but you can work yourself out of this state if you desire. To work your way out of an energetic burn out quickly you would need to take in more spiritual energy. This can be done through various different energy gathering methods such as keeping high vibrational stones next to you, burning certain herbs, grounding, centering, absorbing energy from other constructs, consumption of food, sleeping, and a plethora of  other d…

Name Sigils

Name sigils are just like normal sigils, except instead of the intent being focused on a situation, or act it is focused on the energies of the person whose name is used to create the sigil. Any type of name can be used for this type of sigil such as a first name, a middle name, a last name, a username, a nickname, a magick name, etcetera. These types of sigils resonate with the energy of the person bringing their natural energies into a physical form. These sigils can be used to enhance their already existing energy, or to bestow their energy upon another.

It can be used as a symbol to represent you, and to target yourself with certain magical energies that you wish to bring into your life. Since these sigils energies mimic the energy of the person that's name was used to create them, they are technically linked to it on a spiritual level. This can also be used as a magickal signature, or claiming tool to show that you own something. Some people place them on things to mark them …


Visualization is a very important skill that we all have, and have used before in many different ways. This helps us experience, connect, and feel into experiences that we may not have the pleasure of experiencing in our waking lives. The skill of visualization can also be used to focus intent, and get your energy into the places where you want it to be in order to effect, and change the world. Though  visualization is a natural skill we all possess everyone should take special care to exercise their visualization skills so that they can have a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience. It is a lot like a muscle in this regard, and must be trained, and used in order to have in order to keep it at its best potential. All you really need to do in order to exercise your visualization skills is to visualize things. More intricate, varying or moving will become harder to visualize and will improve your skills then things of the opposite nature. Things that are visualized that are not…

Bubble of white light Protection

The bubble of white light protection is a technique that is used to protect from outside influences, and energies. This technique can be used anytime that you feel that you need spiritual protection, and is a very easy and basic technique to learn, and execute. Times when you would want to use this technique are right before you meditate, before doing psychic readings, if you are feeling overwhelmed as an empath, and many, many other situations. It may be a very basic technique, but it's a very good technique to have in your arsenal. Step by step time!
First thing you're going to want to do is relax. You're going to want to get into a nice, and calm state of mind in which you can focus completely on yourself. Next you're going to want to ground, and center yourself using any grounding, or centering method.Once you're done with that visualize in your mind's eye energy coming down from the higher planes filling your body with radiant white light all the way up to …

Derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community

Not trying to offend anybody through this list of words, and definitions. I just thought this would be educational, and I found it quite interesting after running into these terms a couple times. It's always very interesting to take a look at thought processes, and the way they form opinions of others. If you have anything to add I encourage you to reblog, and add them to help us gain a better understanding of the magickal community's derogatory terms.

List of derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community:
Once-Born - This was originally used to refer to Christians that became born again. It's a way of saying that this is your first incarnation, but it implies that you do not have knowledge, wisdom, or skill. The opposite of this would be Twice-Born.

Cowan - A non-witch, or a non-initiate. A word that was used for people non initiated into the craft, or for people that were not quote on quote "real witches". This also pertain  to people that we&…

Stitchomancy, and Bibliomancy

Stitchomancy, and bibliomancy are two forms of divination that are done through literature. Stitchomancy being divination through the use of all books, and bibliomancy being a subset of Stitchomancy that works through the use of a holy, religious, or sacred book. The books that are usually used for bibliomancy are the Bible, the Qur'an, the Torah, the Iliad, the Odyssey, and plenty of others. It is said that both of these techniques are very old, and have been practiced by many different cultures. Stitchomancy is a quick, and fun way to divine, and can be done anytime that you have a book with you.  All you need to do once you have a book of any type is to ask your question aloud, or in your head, then open the book, or let it fall open to a random page, and then take the first phrase you see as your answer for your question. Very simple, yet helpful at the same time. It is also discreet so you can do it at any place you would like without drawing attention to yourself. To do b…

The Should I Wolf Spread

The Should I Wolf Spread

This spread is to help you find your path. It will guide you by making you consider, and review the consequences from a certain situation to see if you should make that decision in the first place. This spread works best on questions that are in the form of  "should I" questions.

1 -  What has brought you to this question?
2 - How will the outcome effect you?
3 - How will the outcome effect the people around you, and in your life?
4 - What is the best outcome you can achieve?
5 - What is the worst outcome you can achieve?
6 - What do you hope to gain?
7 - What do you fear to lose?
8 - Overall recommendation on what you should do.

Ways to energize your chakras

Here is a list of ways to energize your chakras to keep them open and in balance with the rest of your divine being. Any of these techniques, or methods can be used at any time to charge your chakras, and are also just good to know. This list definitely does not get all of the ways, but it is a good start.

1) Meditation. Is there anything meditation can't do? So why not use it as some sort of energy working tool. It will allow you to focus your mind, and go deep into yourself to accomplish many tasks. Through a constant deep meditation cosmic energy will be brought down into you charging, and empowering your energy system.

2) Breathing exercises, or pranayama. This will bring energy into your body through better breathing methods allowing much needed energy to flow into your system.
3) Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, kuji-in, and other energy working arts. From doing these practices one will gain better energy flow through there nadis, and will facilitate a better state in which the…

Magic Vs. Magick

Magic, and magick is a homophone that is used quite frequently in the esoteric, and occult communities. These two terms come from the words magicus in Latin, and magikos in Greek, but those two words came from the persian word magi.

The word magic is generally used to refer to forms of stage illusions, marvels, mysterious tricks, and sleight of hand usually in the name of entertainment. It's also usually used to refer to a feeling of childlike wonder, and fantasy.

On the other hand the word magick with a "k" refers to the ability to control supernatural energies, or is considered to be the act of placing your intent up on the world through spiritual, esoteric, and occult means. This form of the word magick was used in old writings, but this spelling primarily exist because manuscript copyists were paid by the letter resulting in repetitious random letter placement, mixed with a little bit of an old English correction. This form of the word was brought back into the publi…

Tribal Sigils

Tribal sigils are sigils that have been made by my tribal sigil method. I have engineered this sigil method from my love for making sigils, and have combined it with my love for making tribal art to create a mutualistic mixture of the two of them. This sigil method is a lot less based on alphabets, and the letters of the statement of intent like the traditional sigil making method, but it's more based on design, and the energy of your intent. One thing these sigils lack is simplicity. Not saying the other sigils cannot be complex, but much rather these sigils do not get the choice to be. They are less like letters, and more like small simple pictures that reflect the energy of the intent it was created with. Since we're working not with letters, but with shapes. it gives you a whole new way to rethink sigil creation. This is not too hard to do, and is quite fun once you get the hang of it. I will now provide a step-by-step on how to make tribal sigils.

In this example I will …

Energetic Blockages

Energetic blockages are energetic barricades that get in the way of your energy, and do not allow it to flow properly. Energetic blockages are created through various different means such as, but not limited to negative energy, negative thoughts, and feelings, self doubt, curses, being too open, or too closed, and many other things along those lines. These energetic blockages can form in any spot in your energetic body, and will not allow your spiritual energy to flow smoothly, or even at all. This can unbalance your chakras, and energy centers. This can lead to a myriad of different problems depending on where the energy blockage is located. For example if an energy blockage formed around, or in your throat chakra, or energy center you will have a harder time communicating, or expressing yourself. It may even take the forms of more physical ailments such as a sore neck, or headache.

One way to find out if you have an energy blockage is to scan your body. To do this all you need to do…

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a powerful purifying transmuting energy. It is also said to be the seventh ray of the holy spirit. The Violet flame is also known by the names of seventh ray, flame of forgiveness, mercy flame, The violet ray, and the Violet fire. This energy is said to manifest on higher planes as a bright vibrant violet color thus its name suggests. This energy is used to transmute negative energy into positive energy, and because of this it is very good for healing, and purification. The power of the Violet flame can be invoked through violet-flame decrees, mantras, and incantations. This will invoke the Violet flame through your body to be used by you in different forms of practices. The Violet flame is connected to many different types of spiritual entities, and ascended masters. Some of the most notable of these are Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master Saint Germain, and Ascended Master Lady Portia. Ascended Master Saint Germain was the main person who br…


Shufflemancy is a type of divination that works by receiving messages in the forms of songs in a playlist. In this form of divination the practitioner will ask a question, or for guidance, and then activate shuffle in a playlist of some type. This playlist will then begin to play a song and from the song the practitioner will get a message. These messages can be assigned before the act of shufflemancy begins, or can be interpreted as soon as the song in question appears. Both these forms, and methods work quite well for various different purposes. In the system of pre-assigned meanings one can connect certain songs to so many different correspondences, associations, and metaphysics that these songs take on a very new meaning, and power to them. Allowing readings that are done in this way to take on a new form of energy, and to truly resonate with the person's very core of their being expressed, and shaped through the music that they listen to. With the shufflemancy method of inter…

The Dreamscape

The dreamscape is the space in which we go to when we are dreaming. This place is also called by many different names such as, the dream space, the dream world, the dream state, or the inner astral planes. The dreamscape by itself is a formless void, that only can truly, become a place when the entity that owns that dreamscape enters it, and forces their will upon that place. This place can be freely controlled by your mind, and intent at any time. This place is located on the etheric plane, and astral plane. On the dreamscape one can consciously, and unconsciously create their desires, and fears in a safe space to experience them. For people who learn the ability to lucid dream can control, and manipulate this space in any way they would like to while being completely conscious. This can make the space incredibly valuable to them for not only a source of entertainment, but a place to learn, and practice mysticisms, and magicks. You can use this place as an astral temple, and perform …

The Triquetra

The triquetra also called the trinity knot, or Celtic triangle is a symbol that originated in the celtic culture over many years ago. The triquetra looks like a continuous knot, made up of three interlocked vesica pisces, that may sometimes have a circle that will interject it's three interlocked loops. It has been used to represent the trinity from not only the pagan celtic roots it was brought up in, but also the other traditions that discovered it afterwards. These trinities were three commodities that did not oppose each other, but were much more supports, that would keep each other in balance. Much like a three-legged table counts on all of its legs to stand. The circle that is sometimes interjecting the triquetra is there to represent unity, protection, and connection for the trinities that the knots represent, and the Eternal infinite power, and wisdom they can bestow.

The triquetra has meant so many things to so many different people throughout many different places in hi…

List Of Acronyms For Magickal Concepts

Every once in awhile I am met with an acronym for a concept that is in my practice, but the problem is I'm not too good at remembering acronyms. So, I decided to make a list of acronyms for magickal concepts to help me remember, and maybe some of you to also remember these acronyms.

List Of Acronyms For Magickal Concepts

AP - Astral projection
AB - Astral Body
APT - Astral Projected Travel
OBE, or OOBE - out-of-body experience
ASE - All Seeing Eye
LBRP - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
LBRH - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
GBR - Gnostic Banishing Ritual
IOT - Illuminates of Thantateros
OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis
HOGD - hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
TK - Telekinesis
PK - Psychokinesis
ESP - Extra sensual perception
SG - spirit guide
AA - ArchAngel
HP - High Priest
HPS - High Priestess
CM - Chaos Magick
COSP - Cross of St. Peter
FS - Familiar spirit
LOK - Law Of Knowledge
LOSK - Law Of Self-Knowledge
LOCE - Law Of Cause & Effect
LOSY - Law Of Synchronicity
LOA - Law Of Association

First Hand Tarot Spread

This is a 5 Card spread that I would like to call the first hand tarot spread. This tarot spread is primarily used to read people, and give you insight into the person before you associate yourself with them. This is just a base understanding of the person, and what you can expect to get yourself into. Though humans are very complicated this covers a wide variety of areas, and can help you choose to either associate with them, or not. This is also good for people you know, to gain insight into them, and  to figure out certain points that make them tick. These are all the positions, and what the cards mean in these positions:
Biggest strength.Biggest weaknesses.Overall characteristics.Agenda, and what they are focused on.What you can gain from extended communication with this person.

Moonlight Water, And Sunlight Water

Moonlight water, and sunlight water is as its name would suggest water that is left in the light of either the sunlight, or the moonlight. The water that is left in the light is charged with the energy of either the sun, or moon giving the water stronger metaphysical properties. This water can be used later in many different types of purposes like taking in the energy of the Sun, and Moon, being used as a base for potions, or teas, and It can even be used to make other types of magical waters. To make this water all you literally have to do is put water outside in the sunlight, or moonlight in a clear glass container, and it will begin to charge it with its energies. When making this water you want to use the best water that you have whether that be purified, spring, filter, or any other type. Some people also like to put a quartz crystal in the water to enhance the energies of the water, and to attract the light of the sun, or moon. This water can be helpful to give you energy, and …