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Emoji spells

When I first discovered emoji spells I did not understand how these emojis could be used for Magick, but through more research, and learning I learned that emoji spells could not only work in a magickal way, but were brilliant, and had adapted Certain Magickal techniques into a whole new form of magick that could be used in this new generation. So what are Emoji spells? Emoji spells are a line of instant messaging emojis that are used to express intent. These lines of emojis are usually charged, and cast much like traditional sigil magick. These emoji spells can be used for any type of situation that you would like to use magick to solve, such as bringing luck, protection, or happiness, among many other things in to your life. Emoji spells have been growing in popularity, and even though some practitioners are completely against them, it seems that they are here to stay.
Emoji spells work through the same sort of principles as sigils do, this being the grouping of emojis working as t…

The Three Treasures

The three treasures are known as chi, jing, and shen. These three treasures are used primarily in traditional chinese medicine, chinese philosophy, chinese metaphysics, and taoism. Though you may not use these understandings in your practice, it is always good to learn, and understand other people's practices, and how they are similar, and differ from yours. These are very helpful to learn to understand energy, and to be able to work with it better.


The first of the three treasures is jing. Jing is a very dense concentrated physical energy. Jing is stored in the lower dantian which is located below your navel. This would also resonate over to the sacral chakra in the chakra body system. Jing is like your essence, and is the whole of you. It is strongly connected to vitality, and the aging process, so much so that it is said that losing jing weakens, and shortens your life. When your jing energy is strong, your youthfulness will also remain, but when it is lost your physical …

Taglocks, And Magickal Links

Taglocksare objects that are used to connect your magick to a person, or entity. These taglocks are most commonly heard of in curses, but can also be used in other forms of magick. They are used to make your spell more powerful by giving them a direct connection to what you would like them to effect. It is a lot like building a bridge for your spell the crossover from you to your target. This connection comes from the magickal law of contagion which states that, if something has contact with something else it will continue to have contact with it even after they are separated. The taglockcan be anything the person has come in contact with, but is more commonly a piece of the person such as hair, nails, spit, dandruff, pee, blood, sexual fluid, etc... Once you have that you have a direct connection to the person. You can pretty much use that taglock in any type of spell with positive, or even negative intentions. If your taglock is not a piece of the person it will still work good in s…

Magickal Tools

When practicing magick there are many tools that can help you to cast your intent into the universe. These tools have been used throughout multiple cultures, and traditions, and will be helpful to learn, and adapt in your magickal practice.

Altar: An altar is a space in which you can worship, and perform magick. It is connected to the element of earth, and spirit. It is a space that has already been connected to your magick working, and is a place between worlds. An altar can be made for various different purposes, and reasons. They are a great thing to have if you are performing, or doing magick.

Athame: An athame is a ceremonial short blade that is usually a double edged dagger with some sort of black handle. This tool usually corresponds to the element of fire, but has been known to also represent air on occasion. It is usually used in magick to direct energy.

Boline: A boline is a ceremonial knife that may have a curved blade instead of a straight one, usually with a white handle. It…

The Planes Of Existence

The planes of existence are different milestones of existence that change with the vibration of the energetic frequency of the entity that is trying to perceive such planes. These milestones can be separated out usually into 7 main planes of existence, but there has been known to be subsets of planes with their own purposes. These planes of existence make up our universe, and are the levels of ascension on the way up to source consciousness. These levels have been studied by different magickal traditions, and have been named differently throughout history to make bunches of different systems to show the layout of our universe. These systems can coexist with each other, and be superimposed on top of each other in order to make a layered map of everybody's understanding. These planes of existence are helpful to know in order to understand various different parts of the universe, and their connection to everything.

Physical plane- the physical plane is the one that you are most famili…

Seeing Energy In The Air

Being able to see energy in the air is an incredibly useful skill anybody can learn. This ability will allow you to work with the energies on a more personal level, and will give your eyes something to observe while you do so. This skill can be used to see spiritual entities on the astral, and etheric plane, and will also allow you to observe certain energy patterns. I will now tell you how to see energy in the air. Step by step time...

First thing you need to do is to relax, and get into a trance-like state. You will want to gently gaze in the direction you want to see the energy in. You need to relax your eyes so much that you go slightly cross-eyed. It is also good to note that the technique is a lot easier, when it is used in a dark space, and there is not much moving in the background. This will usually disturb you, and break you out of your trance, but eventually with good practice you can do this technique anywhere.Now you want to focus. It will also be easier to see energy in y…


This post is going to be a bit odd. The Spirit GOFLOWOLFOG is an artificial spirit that was created in a london magickal workshop. The workshop was used to explore different envoking techniques. This artificial spirit's purpose is to make traffic move when at a standstill. It is said when you invoke this spirit he will come to you in the form of a cool cat riding a skateboard wearing shades, and a medallion. The Spirit GOFLOWOLFOG also has a sigil, and Mantra to help you summon him. His Mantra being the sound "Neeeoooow", and sigil being 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions within a circle. GOFLOWOLFOG's personality is cool, relaxed, and kind. He is always willing to help as long as you return the favor by being nice to the next cat you meet, or letting someone go in front of you when it counts for them to do so. The way to summon GOFLOWOLFOG is to just be in a situation where nothing is moving around you in the way it should. Then you must imagine yourself as c…

The Symbol Of The Void

This is a reality map that I have made from my alphabet of desire, and certain esoteric correspondences. I usually refer to it as the symbol of the Void. I am able to use this reality map to explore certain life concepts, and also to make sigils. These sigils would be constructed as if you were using a magickal square, and would draw upon the energies of all the concepts, and correspondences that have been assigned, and imprinted upon the reality map.

My alphabet of desire The Ravens Of Antimony

Sigil For Dat Ass


Sigil for getting a lot of money quickly


Sigil for being carefree


Sigil for success


Sigil for making people see the world as you do


Sigil for determination


Sigil for luck


Sigil for bring noticed


Sigil for peace


Sigil for spiritual energy


Sigil for developing new ideas


Sigil for being charismatic


Sigil for being invisible, and not being noticed


Sigil for guidance on your path


Sigil for focusing on studying


Sigil for safe travels


Sigil for better communication


sigil for being awake, and alert


Enchanting Items

Basic enchantment:

Enchanting items is the act of charging items with a specific energy in order for them to take on the aspects of that energy. This can be useful in situations where you want your magick to be cast in more of a passive way over a long period of time. It is a lot like giving the energy of purpose, and putting the purpose in to an item to be used later. This energy radiates off the item granting its effects, and energies to the entities nearest to it. These items can be programmed, and become intelligent. They can be told to emanate their energies only in certain situations, or even have two effects they switch between. These items also need power sources to work out their goals. This can be done through the act of charging them, or having them draw on a certain energy form in order to charge themselves. Though the item usually is set to draw upon the energy of the person, it can be programmed to draw upon anything in its environment. This can be things such as emotion…

Power Hand

The power hand is your dominant magickal hand that is innately more powerful then your other one. The power hand is also called the projecting hand, and the hand that is not your power hand is called the receptive hand. The power hand is determined at birth, and is one of your main energy directing, and sensing tools. Using your power hand over your other hand will make it easier to do certain techniques in energy manipulation, energy sensing, energy healing, and other magickal practices. The energy of this hand is more sensitive, and flows more smoothly then your other one. Your power hand is also usually your dominant writing hand, but this is not the case for all people. There are many ways to find out which one is your power hand. The first method comes from just trial, and error. Take turns switching off using your two hands for energy work to see which one is more sensitive, and is more powerful. This method will allow you to experiment to find which one is your power hand. Anot…

Magickal Names

A magickal name is a name that practitioners use instead of their earth given name when they are doing magickal working, or anything related to there path. It is a way to separate yourself from the mundane world, and allow yourself to awaken to a different reality. A reality filled with more magick, and wonder. This name is protection for the practitioner. It is used to hide, and obscure their identity while also not giving a powerful link to the practitioners being in the form of the magickal law of names. This name would be exchanged between practitioners, or between practitioners, and spirits. Not all practitioners choose to have a magical name but, practitioners that do can actually have one, or more magickal names, or even change magickal names, from time to time. These names can be found, or created in many different ways. There is no correct, or wrong way in order to come upon your magickal name, but you will know when you do, because it will resonate with your soul. These name…

Crystal Spirits, and how to communicate with them.

Every crystal has its own unique spirit. These are called crystal spirits, crystal divas, or crystal nature spirits. This spirit can be communicated with, and worked with in order to build a stronger connection with that stone, and to get more out of it during your magickal workings that it is involved in. Crystal spirits can be wise, and knowledgeable on the energies of their stone which can be great assets when trying to understand and work with a particular stone. Since these beings know the ins, and outs of what is technically their body they can give you tips on how to work with them better. These spirits are always usually friendly, and are only usually intense, if it is a type of intense stone. Crystal spirits of the same type of crystal may have similar personalities, but there will always be things that make them stand out, and be unique from the other crystal spirits in its crystal type. Each Crystal spirits have there own spiritual missions that they are trying to fulfill, …

The Linking Sigil, And Ellis

The linking sigil is a sigil that was made back in about 2003 by a man named Arjil to break certain views of consensual reality, and to make the world a more magical place by connecting acts of magick together. This sigil was also used to assault the consensual reality of people who we're not yet awakened, and was heavily used by the group DKMU. This symbol became famous between chaos magicians, and has become very powerful, and well-known in the magickal community.
The linking sigil is also called ellis, or the ellis sigil. Ellis is connected to all the other ellis sigils through a connection called the ellis web. This web allows the ellis sigil to call upon energies from other places where the ellis sigil was drawn, in order to empower your magickal workings with the energies that have been stored in the ellis web. The ellis web takes these energies in, and grows, evolves and becomes more powerful with each absorption of these particularly creative energies. The linking sigil …

Chi Ghost Projection

Chi Ghost Projection is a technique that allows you to gain skills faster through a projection of your chi energy. This technique can be used to learn things more quickly through the process of tuning your energy to a task in order to take that energy back into your being to gain understanding, and experience in that skill. This technique is pretty simple, and can be learned by anybody who wants to learn something. I will now provide the step by step on how to do the chi ghost projection technique. Step by step time...

1) Find a place where you can enter a meditative State without being disturbed. Then sit, stand, or lay in a position that you are comfortable with, and close your eyes.
2) Now you want to focus on all the chi energy inside your body, and feel it flowing through your entire being. You want to see it as a clone version of your physical body, but made out of chi energy. You need to build a very strong connection with this version of yourself, so you can directly control i…

Artificial Elemental

Artificial elementals are thought forms that are strongly connected with an element. They are used to embody the powers of an element so that you can focus them for certain purposes. They can be overseers, guardians, gateways, and can be representatives for the element they are aligned with. These artificial elementals can be use as the watchtowers in rituals to watch over the corners. You can also call upon your artificial elemental in order to use there elemental energies. This would be like calling upon an artificial elemental of fire for protection, and purification , or calling upon a artificial elemental of air for mental stability, or for better idea development. These entities would be pretty much servitors with an affinity for one of the five elements. I have already posted something on servitors, and how to create them. You can find that information here, and apply it to this information.

Creating an artificial elemental would follow the same process of servitor creation, bu…


Affirmations are used to put change in motion in your life. They are said repetitiously in order to affect your consciousness on a subconscious level to pull you in the right direction with your intent, and effort. These affirmations are usually done through a positive statement of intent like "I am going to meditate tonight.", "I am able to remember my dreams.", or "I am surviving this day of work." These statements can be said aloud, or silently to yourself from under your breath, or inside your mind just as long as you get your intention out there, because once it's out there you can move straight into that reality.  You always want to use present tense, and positive, and simple wording. Some people like to tell them self the affirmation through a mirror in the second person in order to really drive the affirmation home. Just like all magick affirmations must be believed in order to work, because it is a positive reprogramming of your subconscious …

pentagram, pentacle, and the Goat of Mendes


The pentagram is a five-pointed star, geometric figure that is used in many different types of mysticisms, and magicks. The pentagram can also be called pentangle, pentalpha, Seimei-star, blazing star, or star polygon. It is said to be one of if not the most powerful magickal symbol. This is a symbol that represents many things too many different types of people. Though I believe all the representations are correct in their own way. The points of the pentagram represent the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and spirit, but different magickal traditions tend to have different spots where they put the elements except for spirit which is always placed at the top of the pentagram. This shows the divine ruling over the material world. The pentagram is also associated with the directions in which each direction corresponds to its related element, and spirit is the center, consciousness, or above, and below. Certain gods, and goddesses in pairs of 5 were also assigned to point…