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Esoteric Practitioners I Watch On YouTube

Here are some YouTubers that I watch that teach magick, spirituality, and occultism. Maybe they can teach you some stuff to. Not all of these are Super Active, but it is their previous works that can still teach, and allow for higher understanding of certain subjects.

13signsastrologyABroomandTheMoonAkasha WolfAllThingsFutharkAngelo NasiosAnnika GarrattAstro SolsinAtlantis KingAussieWitch90Avalon's Spiritual OdysseyAwakenWithJPBad YogiBilly BrujoblasiandreBrandon GilbertChaos Magick 101charliesaysgoChristina MartineChrisZanettiColette Baron-ReidConnie Eads

Journey meditation

Journeys are a form of meditation in which you travel to the etheric plane to explore, learn, and meet with guides, and angels. These journeys are not usually planned out, but are usually more a free exploration to find understanding through more improvised means. But when these Journeys are planned out it is usually in order to find specific things, or answers to questions in your life through free exploration. Just like meditating in general this can take a few times for you to actually understand how to do it. Here's a step by step on how to Journey. Step by step time...

1) First you need to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. This place should be completely free from distractions. You should put on some comfortable clothing, and take off any jewelry. If you would like you could also put on calming meditation music, or light some incense to really get the place in the perfect mood for meditation. Choose to sit, lay, or stand in any way that you would be comfortab…

Hex Bags, And Mojo Bags

Hex bags, and mojo bags are personal talisman bags in which you place crystals, herbs, and other objects inside to create a certain specific effect on the universe. Hex bags, and mojo bags are also call medicine bags, mojo bags, charm bags, gri gri bags, conjure bags, trick bags, root bags, along with many other names. They're a lot like the bag forms of sigils. Hex bags, and mojo bags can be created from many different objects, and material so anyone can make them.

To begin making your hex bag, or mojo bag you will first need to think upon what you want to make it for. Protection, love, luck, or anything you want can be enhanceds, or achieved with hex bags, or mojo bags. Once you figure out what you want it to be for you need to begin gathering materials that have to do with that subject. First you would want to procure a bag of some type. Bags are usually chosen for their color in which should represent your intend in color form, but if you can not find a certain color bag you…

Invoking, And Banishing The Spiral

Invoking the spiral is a technique much like invoking the pentagram, except when you invoke the spiral you are invoking the energies of spirit. This technique is like opening a portal between worlds that spirits, and energies can travel through to help, or connect with us in our practice. This will fill you with vital energy, and will act as a connection between you, and spirit. This spiral is also known as the sign of Spirit descending into man. Banishing the spiral will put back energy in to its natural state, and will sort of just correct the area of energy into a more harmonious place of being. This technique is pretty basic, and simple, but is always a good thing to know.

To invoke the spiral you must draw a spiral in the air with your power hand, while envisioning white light forming the spiral as you do so. You can also use a wand, or athame to direct the energy of your power hand while you are doing this. When drawing the invoking spiral you will want to start at the middle of …

Working With The Spirit Of The Land

Understanding, and being able to work with the land around you can give your magick a huge advantage when doing spell work, and magical practices within that space. The land that you are living upon is alive, and conscious. It knows of, and has been imprinted on by the energy of past events, good ones, and bad ones. Which in the end has either blessed it, or cursed it. The land that you are living in can provide you with energy, and many a magickal, and spiritual tools that you can use in your practice to enhance parts of your life, and to connect with the spirit of the land.

Connecting with the spirit of the land:

The spirit of the land is not a singular entity of the land, but much rather all the spirits, and energies that exists within the land.  This means that you are even a part of it, and you can use this connection as a form of empowerment in magical workings. By understanding the history, and the cultures that have existed within the borders of the land you can learn what it …

Crystal grids

Crystal grids are geometric patterns that are laid out in crystals, which are used to create certain effects. These crystal grids act like little crystal communities that work together by mixing there energies, and releasing that energy into the universe. Crystal grids can be quite complex, or simple depending upon what you're trying to achieve with the energies of the crystals you are using. There are a couple of different ways people make there crystal grids, but the structure is usually the same. This structure is made of a main stone, the way stones, and the grid. This structure is usually present in every crystal grid.

The main stone:

The main stone is the crystal in the very center of the grid. It is also call the focus stone, center stone, and the crystal generator. These crystals are the main base energy that permeates your entire crystal grid, and mix with the other crystals to create your desired effect. These crystals also call down energies from the universe to used thro…

Gem Elixirs

A Gem elixir is water that is infused with the energy of different types of crystals to produce a certain effect. This process can also be called crystal essences, or crystal waters. These gem elixirs can be used in order to bring certain energies into, and around your body. Gem elixirs can be ingested, sprayed, or used to anoint things, and have an unlimited range of effects and benefits they can provide. This will allow you to take in certain energies that you might need, or require at any given time in your life. They can be used for such things as healing, protection, increasing your psychic abilities, increasing your vibration, gaining more spiritual energy, and stamina, and much, much more. Making gem elixirs is a remarkably simple, and useful magical practice that anyone who has their hands on crystals can do, and benefit from. Here is a step by step on how to make gem elixirs. Step by step time.

1) The first thing you will need to do is to get your materials. You will need typ…

How To Develop Telepathy

Learning to use, and better your natural telepathic gift can allow you to open yourself to energies that you we're not aware of previously. You can learn to communicate with, or manipulate people through subtle psychic energies that you send out, or you can learn to pull in energy, and receive messages. This skill takes a lot of training, and focus to make perfect ,and must be practiced vigorously to develop higher levels of telepathic ability. To gain these higher levels in telepathic ability one could use these different types of exercises, and techniques below:


Using telepathic abilities will be quite hard if you do not learn how to quiet, and focus your mind on a single thought, or intent. These meditations do not have to be any specific type of meditation. Just meditations that help you in tune with the energies around you, and open your third eye in order to send, and receive messages. These meditations also do not have to be long but it's a lot like working …

Problems, And Solutions For People Who Can't Meditate

Meditation is a skill that has a wide range of uses for beginners, and the well-established practitioner. This is a fundamental skill that is meant to be built upon, and used along the practitioners path, but for some reason, or another some people struggle profusely with trying to meditate. This can be for a plethora of different reasons, and with this post I hope I can help you to get your own handle on your meditation practice, even if you have been struggling up until this point. We are going to do this by laying out reasons why you would not be able to meditate, or why you would have a hard time meditating. Then I will place solutions for that problem to help you overcome part by part what may be affecting you, and preventing you from meditating to your full potential. If you need to know how to meditate click here.

Meditation problems, and their solutions:

Problem: Whenever you try to meditate your mind becomes busy, and plagued by thoughts that distract you.

Solution: When you …

Telepathic Gaze Technique

With your gaze you can create psychic links between you, and another, and can use this link to communicate, manipulate, or even spiritually attack someone. Your eyes are two of the most powerful energy projectors, and receivers. This allows them to be good tools in energy manipulation, and psychic techniques. These gazing techniques can be used, and adapted to many different types of situations, and events. They will allow you to train your psi energy control in mundane world settings without bringing attention to yourself.

Telepathic messages, and suggestion through gaze:

Your gaze can be used for telepathic messaging in a way that allows you to connect with the person even if they don't know you are connecting with them. This can be done regardless of them looking at you, or not, but making eye contact even if for a second can psychically connect you with that person, and will make this technique so much easier. This technique can be used with another practitioner to learn, and …

Cloud bursting

Cloud bursting is a technique in which you gaze at a cloud. and force it to dissipate. This technique  is more for training the psychic energy of your gaze than anything else. Since most practical situations don't require the removal of a cloud, but it can help with focus, determination, and understanding of energy projection from your eyes. To do this technique you will need to first find a cloud. You need to find a small cumulus cloud, because the bigger the cloud the more energy, focus, and willpower it takes to dissipate it.  It also works the best on cumulus cloud formations, because they are separated, and distant from each other, so they will be the easiest to work with. Once you found the cloud begin to gently gaze upon it. Make sure your eyes are relaxed, and your gaze is stern as you drift into a more of a trance state. See in your mind's eye the clouds splitting up in every direction like the explosion of a firework. Send this image through your eyes, and up to the …

Dreams, And Their Magickal Uses

A user by the name of @damagickalblackgurl suggested to me to write about dreams, and how they can be used in our magickal practices. Dreams are powerful tools that can be used in various different ways for not only performing magick, but also learning more about ourselves from the inside. Dreams are beautiful landscapes based on the etheric plane that you can experience when you are sleeping. It is your spirits way of continuing it's awareness while your body is at rest. Since your dreams are on the etheric plane of existence the environments that you exist on in the dream can be fully manipulated by your will, but your will need your awareness in order to be more voluntary. Your awareness usually fades when you enter a sleep-like state, but can be regained, or never lost depending on your skill to awaken within a dream, or your skill to keep awareness, while your body drifts off to sleep. Dreams can be a wonderful place where you can get messages from your guides, communicate wi…

The Story Of Dr. John Dee

A user by the name of @therodt suggested for me write a post about John Dee. This is going to be a short bio overlooking the life of John Dee, and the work he has accomplished. Clearly this is not 100% complete for his life was very vast, and full of experiences. We are just going to be looking at the main points of his life.

John Dee was a man who was born in the Ward of Tower in London on the day of July 13, 1527. John Dee spent most of his life studying, and trying to find out the secrets of the universe through whatever means he could find. This led him to become a very knowledgeable mathematician, cartographer, astronomer, astrologer, alchemist, diviner, hermetic philosopher, and a occult philosopher. John Dee eventually became one of Queen Elizabeth I's most trusted advisers, because of this John Dee was given complete freedom to carry on his works, and studies while not being reprimanded by the church, or the people of that time. Who thought certain studies, and practices w…

Relationship Between Thelema, The Golden Dawn, And Wicca

A user by the name of @maddiviner suggested to me that I should make a post about the relationship between Thelema, the Golden Dawn, and Wicca. Not exactly what I thought I would be getting on my suggestion box post, but I thought why not. First before I can explain the relationship between these three groups I will need to spend some time talking about each one individually. Laying some groundwork before I can talk truly about their relationships to each other. These are going to be a rough summary at best, and will not be covering everything. Mostly just main points to build some understanding before I talk about the relationship. This information is based off things I have read, and things that I know of. If you are a thelemite, a wiccan, or a member of the Golden Dawn, and you feel that your group was misrepresented, or you disagree with this post in any way feel free to add your two cents as long as you do it lovingly, and respectfully.

Thelema is a religion that is based on the …