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Invoking And Banishing The Pentagram

(Figure 1)
Invoking, and banishing the pentagram is a technique in which you invoke, or banish the elemental energies through a process of drawing the pentagram in certain ways in the air. This technique can be and is used in other rituals. This technique can also be used by itself in various different ways depending on what element you are invoking, or banishing. These uses range from drawing a banishing earth pentagram to banish unwanted spirits, to drawing an invoking fire pentagram to charge items with energy. Though in the beginning is pretty confusing learning which point to start out in the pentagram as long as you stick with it, and stay focused you will eventually learn the correct way to invoke, and banish the pentagram.

The way you usually use all of these invoking, and banishing pentagrams is by drawing them in the air in front of you in the specific way for each invoking, and banishing pentagram. While you draw a pentagram in the air using your fingers, or a tool of some…

Kreidler The Magick Card Game

Kreidler is a magick card game I played, and invented with one of my friends to help learning, and understanding of occult techniques, and practices. This card game was one of the ways in which we tested are skills, and had fun passing time. It is a pretty simple game in premise, but can become complicated in tactics, and strategies. The Objective of Kreidler is to use all of your occult abilities to pick 2 kings, 2 Queens, and 2 jacks off your opponents space. Who ever gets 2 kings, 2 Queens, and 2 jacks off your opponents space first wins, but if you choose one of your opponents aces you automatically lose the game. Here is a step by step on how to play Kreidler. Step by step time!

1) Gathering Materials
First things first you will need a standard deck of 52 cards, and things you use to cast spells, do rituals, make sigils, and do other occult things. You will also need a partner since this game is a 2 player game, and they should probably also be a practitioner of magick. Once …

The Evil Eye, And The Malochia

The evil eye, or the malochia is a curse in which ones harmful intent is channel through there gaze Inflicting the entity on the other end with bad luck, blockages, sickness, and other misfortunes. This curse with its more self explanatory, and simple nature means that it can be done involuntarily. This allows people who don't even believe in the occult to accidentally curse people with a simple curse made from there harmful thought. The evil eye can also be used in more advanced ways by practitioners who use it voluntarily, and have master the use of the curse. These practitioners project there harmful energy of intent in such a manner that they can project it into other peoples charkas unbalancing them, or they can be specific to there harmful energy of intent for a specific misfortune to over take the person. This more advanced way of harmful energy projecting could be truly devastating to a person who is not prepared to handle such an attack. So you can see anyone can pull of…

Focal Meditation

Focal meditation is another simple meditation with a lot to teach you. Focal meditation is like void meditation. They both teach willpower, control, focus, and intent, but focal meditation can give you insight into objects, people, ideas, and situations.  Focal meditation is went you pick one thing to focus on for the whole meditation. Sitting, and focusing on one subject for a extended period of time can bring you closer to it. This would allow you to gain understanding, and work with the subject on a more spiritual level. Here is a step by step on how to Focal meditate. Step by step time! 1. First you need to pick a topic to meditate on. This can be anything, and everything. Just pick something you want to know better. Most people actually start out with a candle flame. 2. Find a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Sit, or lay in your spot depending on your meditation preference. Here is where you also should center, gro…

Void meditation

Void meditation is a basic meditation with a lot to offer. Void meditation is the meditation where you calm your mind, and think of absolutely nothing. This is the first meditation I usually hear people say they did for their first meditation ever. Those it sound simple in nature it is actually quite complex. People spend years trying to quiet their minds to the perfect level. While teaching themselves willpower, control, focus, and intent. Sometimes there is nothing like being  in a nice void meditation while you sit there, and just BE. Here is a step by step on how to void meditate. Step by step time!

1. Find a comfortable spot where you  will not be disturbed. Make sure you are wear comfortable clothing. Sit, or lay in your spot depending on your meditation preference. Here is where you also should center, ground, and cast a circle, or use some other protection method.

2. Now close your eyes, and think of nothing. This is not as easy as it sounds. I use the word "Nothing"…

Pushing, and Pulling Energy

Pushing, and pulling energy is a basic psi technique in which you push, or pull your personal psi energy in order to influence the world in some way. These are pretty much two fundamental parts in energy manipulation, because these psi techniques can be used in many other large psi technique. Pushing energy can be useful to charge sigils, and items with magickal intent, or to get the attention of someone, since they will most likely be able to feel subtle energy. Pulling energy can be used to drain energy from crystals, and other magickal items ,or can be used to cleanse objects, and sigils by removal of their energy. These are just a few ways you can use pushing, and pulling energy in your path, and practice. Here is a step by step on how to Push, and pull energy.

Pushing energy:
1. Start by centering, and grounding.

2. First you need to choose the direction, or the target you want push energy at. The target can be anything.

3. Next stick out your power hand (this is the…

Sigil to repel spiders


How To Create a Astral Temple

The astral temple is a place created through meditation, and astral projection. Astral projection is not needed in order to create, or use an astral temple. Despite being called an astral temple it is actually more on the etheric plane then the astral plane. An astral temple is a place in between worlds. This environment can be completely controlled by the petitioner, and can be a place where the practitioner can do magickal workings. Many practitioners use their astral temple for invocation, servitor creation, shamanic journeys, summoning spirits, and much, much more. Astral temples are designed, and built by the petitioner. It can look any way he, or she would like it too. Astral temples are actually created a lot like servitors where we build it from intense visualization, intent, and programmed energy. It is said that you can create astral temples with other people, or your coven. Once you create your astral temple you'll never need to create it again, but you will need to vis…

The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

The gnostic pentagram ritual was made by Peter Carrol, and was first documented in the Liber Kaos. This ritual is usually done before other rituals to cleanse the area of all unwanted energies, and can also be used whenever matched with any type of negative entity. It will go through the process of grounding, and centering you, while putting you in a gnostic state. The gnostic pentagram ritual is a much more simplified version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Here is a step by step on how to do the gnostic pentagram ritual. Step by step time!

First thing you need to do is pick a direction you want to face while standing.Now stick your hand above your head in the air in front of you, while pointing with your pointer finger, and middle finger.Now move your hands so that your two fingers are touching your forehead, while you're doing this imagine dragging down cosmic energy from the universe into your body. Inhale deeply, and on exhale vibrate the sound of "I"…

Tracing sigils into the air.

Nobody ever talks about tracing sigils into the air to activate them. I don't know if is because it is common knowledge, or I'm just behind. Tracing sigils into the air can be used to activate sigils when you don't have pen, paper, or any other supplies with you to make a physical representation a sigil. Tracing symbols into the air to project your intent has been a part of esoteric practices for a long time; from tracing the pentagrams in the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram to the Japanese practice of kuji kiri, but anyway let me show you how to activate sigils by tracing them into the air. Step by step time!

First thing you are going to need is a sigil. You can use somebody else's sigil, or you can make your own, if you don't know how you can search "how to make a sigil" in google, or click here. Once you have your sigil you are going to use close your eyes, and enter a gnostic state.Focus upon the sigil you are going to trace. Focus, and see ev…

Acoustic Sigils

Acoustic sigils is a sigil that is made from complex electro-acoustic tones. These tones are selected by the remaining letters from a statement of intent. These letters will be used to make corresponding tones at different frequencies which will then be layered on top of each other to create these acoustic sigils. Once made you can use these acoustic sigils in many different ways such as putting them behind the music in the song, using them like a binary Beats while meditating, or sleeping, or even broadcasting them over a large area to activate your intent. These sigils as far as I can tell were first researched, and made by Kevin Max Krebs back in 1996. Time for a step by step on how to make acoustic sigils.

1) First things first you're going to want to make a statement of intent. You can do this just like you are writing one for a normal sigil. Write it however you write your statements of intent, but I will be right in mine as an i-statement in present tense. Pick whatever int…

The Ravens Of Antimony

The ravens of antimony is an alphabet of desire that I have engineered. “The Ravens” is how I usually referred to all letters primarily. Every letter in the ravens of antimony alphabet would be considered to be a servitor, and the astral form that has been associated to all of them is that of a raven with their sigil in their eyes. The Ravens’ astral body ,and etheric body has also been associated with human form variants in which they can switch between. The alchemical symbol for antimony is also burned into the backs of all The Ravens’ astral bodies, and etheric bodies which is more of a maker’s mark than anything else. The Ravens of antimony are split up into 12 aspects called Okna, or Okna ona for plural, and these 12 aspects are each separated into 3 sub aspect called Akna, or Akna ona for plural. Each one of the Okna ona has a counter Okna to it. This separates the Okna ona into two groups of  not positive and/or negative aspects, but into two different approaches for walking t…

How to make a Servitor

Servitors are artificial spirits that are made by the practitioner, and are used to complete tasks, or goals set by the petitioner to help him or her in their life, or magical practice. Before you jump right into creating a servitor there are things you must plan out beforehand. It's a lot like building a blueprint. You don't just start making the house before you have a blueprint. Here are the things you're going to need to think about  before building your very own servitor:

1) Purpose
Everything needs a purpose, and it's your job to pick your purpose for your servitor. A purpose can be anything. You could want your servitor to protect you, or your family. You could want your servitor to help you pass a test. You could have your servitor torture people in their dreams... You know whatever you want. It is important to give your servitor a purpose, because it is dangerous to make a servitor without a purpose. If your servitor does not have a purpose it may go rogue, an…