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Seeing Auras

Seeing auras is a technique that can provide you with insight into the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy of different people, and objects. This technique maybe hard at first for some people, but eventually you will get it. The aura in general is a quite complex subject, and there's no way I can explain it all here, but I will try to explain as much as I can to help you understand how to see them, and use that information to give you insight into things.

The aura is the electromagnetic energy field that is emitted by all entities, and objects. The aura extends off all entities, and objects by about 2-3 feet, and it may extend even further on gurus, and spiritual leaders. The aura's color can change from color to color depending on the mood, or the state of the entity, or object.

Auras can be a very complicated subject with a bunch of ins, and outs, but for the purpose of this post the stuff that I have  above is all you really need to know. The short version is, we'r…

Compressing Psi Energy

Compressing psi is pretty self explanatory, and is a straightforward technique in which the user compressors his, or her energy into a denser state. This denser state of energy is used in energy manipulation to have a stronger effect on the outcome you're trying to create at that time. Compressing your psi will push your energy closer together allowing your energy to become more of a solid entity on this plane of existence. This will make it easier for it to interact with things that exist on this plane. Dense energy usually feels like a heavier more solid version of itself, and when your energy becomes more dense you should be able to feel it.There are a couple methods on how to actually do this technique. I will list the ones that I know that have work for me down below. Step by Step list time!
Method 1: Grow And Shrink Method First you will need energy to work with. So you will have to make a very strong psi ball. I have a post on how to make a PSI ball, If you do not know how …

“Anything you can not explain in a minute, will be forgotten in lifetime.”


Wolf Of Antimony

Ways to charge a sigil.

There are so many ways to charge sigils, and to empower your intent. In my other post "How to make Sigils." I covered some of the ins, and outs on how to create sigils. I even covered some ways on how to charge them, but there are so many ways. I thought this time, I would have to actually make a list. This list will cover so many ways on how to charge your sigils, and because there are so many ways I probably will miss a lot of them too. I will also cover some of the ways that I did in my other post. Without further Ado! Here is a list on ways to charge a sigil.

Ways To Charge A Sigil:
Pushing energy through your hands into the sigil.Meditating intently on the sigil.Dancing around the sigil.Chanting over the sigil.Masturbating on to the sigil.Masturbating while looking into the sigil.Burning candles around, or on the sigil.Rubbing blood upon the sigil.Putting the sigil in the sunlight, or moonlight.Having the sigil by a crystal grid.Placing a crystal on top of the Sigil.Subme…


Scanning is the act of sensing spiritual energy. Scanning can be useful to identify certain types of energies in people, places, and things. It is used in spiritual healing to find energy blockages, and spiritual impurities in the aura. Scanning will also allow you to tell the difference between certain energies. It is important to learn how different types of energy feel, and react. This will help you to build a stronger connection with the energy you work with on your path. First things first, if you have made a ki ball you have already used this technique technically. This is because when you made the ki ball you learned not only to make the ki ball, but to feel that it was actually there. Now then, second things second, it's step by step time!...

You want to find the person, place, or thing that you would like to scan. This can be anything, and everything.Stick your hand, or hands near the object as close, or as far as you feel comfortable. In the beginning you'll have to d…

How To Make a Witches bottle

A Witches bottle is a protective spell that acts as a decoy for curses, and hexes. A witches bottle will make the curse, or hex go after it instead of its intended target, and once the curse, or hex attacks the witches bottle it will be destroyed. A witches bottle can be a good technique when under spiritual attack by any other type of magick practitioner. A witches bottle is very easy to make. Here are the things you will need to make your very own witches bottle.

A glass bottle, glass jar , or other glass container with lid. (It should be glass so it does not add any unexpected magickal properties.)Nails, razors, needles, and/or pins. (This stuff will be used to damage the negative energies that are being targeted at you.)Your pee, your blood, your semen, or your spit. (I know unsanitary right! This is why the curses, and hexes would target the bottle instead of you because these things had your energy in it.)Salt (optional! All it really does is purify the negative energy that is le…

Programming spiritual energy

Energy can be manipulated, changed, and programmed in many different ways to help you in different situations in your life. This programming of energy will use your intention to instruct energy for a purpose or task. For example let's say you had a "lady friend" that was feeling sad, and you wanted to cheer them up. A way you could help them with their sadness is you could program some of your energy with the intentions of happiness, and instruct the energy to go to her. When the energy arrives to her it would ease her suffering by mixing into her aura, and persuading her to feel those feelings. Programming energy can be used for great good such as the example, or it can also be used in malicious purposes such as programming fear, or depression, and giving it to someone.

All types of energy already have programming assigned to them. This program makes them act in the specific way you would expect that certain type of energy to act. What I mean by this is if you encounter…

Pictish Swirl Alphabet

The pictish swirl alphabet is an alphabet in that was used by the Pecti-Wita Magickal tradition.

The Alphabet of the Magi

The Alphabet of the Magi is an alphabet that was created by Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. He used it in his magickal practice to engrave the names of angels into tailsmans.

Psi Wheel

The psi wheel is an object that is used to teach practitioners psi energy control, and telekinesis. It is a pyramid looking thing usually made from a bunch of random components you can find laying around. This is not always the case though because you can also buy some what I like to call premium psi wheels from people online, and other places that carry esoteric goods. To construct your very own psi wheel you will need:

A square piece of paper, or aluminum foil folded into a pyramid. (Psi energy does not flow through aluminum as easily as paper, so it is easier to move.)A paper clip that has been straightened.And A Pink eraser. (Note: It does not have to be pink.) If you haven't figured out how to put it together by now, do not threat , it is very simple. Simply stab the paper clip into the middle of the pink eraser, then put the paper pyramid on top of the paper clip like a hat, and and stand it up correctly if it is not already. Voila! You now have your very own psi wheel. Now y…

Creating a Bind Rune

Bind runes are atypographic ligature of runes that are used as a magical talisman in Norse magick. There are two types of bind runes that I will be discussing in this post. They are practical bind runes, and personal bind runes.

Practical bind runes are used to call upon the energies of a specific purpose such as, but not limited to:
Financial successProtectionLuckLoveBindingWardingHealthEtc... Practical bind runes use the runes that they are made up of to call upon these energies. This would be like if you were creating a bind rune, and you wanted to make it for protection. You could combine the runes tyr, algiz, and thurisaz because these runes have protective energies associated with them.
Personal bind runes are made from runes that make up a persons initials. This type of bind rune is said to reinforce one's personality that it is made for. Personal bind runes can be very helpful in strengthening the connection with you, and your path.

As I stated above all you have to do to m…

Ki Blast

Let's talk about the Ki Blast. The Ki blasts is a technique in which you shoot a ki ball from your hand in order to push, damage, or disorientate; someone, or something. I know it sounds like something right out of Dragon Ball Z... That's because for the most part it is, but I assure you there still is some truth to this. Martial artists in Japan, and China, among other places have train to use vital energy in advanced ways, and shooting vital energy out of their hands is pretty basic for their advanced level of mysticism. Here is a step by step on how to ki blast.
You gotta make a ki ball. If you don't know how click on this link it will take you to my ki ball post.Now all you do is take your hands back, and then push them forward in the direction of your target.The second your arms get extend to the maximum length that your arms can extend too. You must focus on the ki ball. You must visualize it hitting your target, and effect it in the way that you would like it to.Prof…

Therianthropy and Otherkinity

Therians are a kind of people that identify with a certain animal or animals, and otherkin means anyone who identifies as a nonhuman. Therians and otherkin can identify with there Theriotype/Kintype in a spiritual way and/or a psychological way. Kins go through something called an Awakening usually in their teenage years but can be earlier or can be later depending on the individual. When a kin goes through an Awakening they will go into something called a shift. This shift can be one or a combination of many types of shifts. The types of shifts are as listed: Mental Shift is where the kin takes on the mental characteristics of their Theriotype/kintype. This means that they could start making animal noises or creature noises or they could start walking on all fours. It’s pretty much just a change in mental state.Sensory Shift is where the kin’s senses become as strong as there Theriotype/Kintype.Dream Shift is where the kin shape-shift into their Theriotype/Kintype went they are sleep…