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Tulpas, And Tulpamancy

Tulpas are a certain type of thought form that are created through intense intent, and focus of your mind. These entities are a lot like servitors, but have more free will, and personality, and feel a lot less like servants, and more like friends, and allies. This entity can act independent of you, and has its own thoughts, feelings, and energy. Tulpas are usually assigned a form in which they primarily manifest in, but the tulpa can always change the form whenever it would like. These entities will be created in your mind to begin with, and over a course of time will learn, grow, and change into unique individual entities that can thrive, and survive on their own. While creating, and working with this entity that you have molded from the energy of your mind you will create a connection, and friendship that can last with you forever.

These entities were originally taught, and created by Tibetan Buddhists, but eventually the technique made its way into other types of practitioners hand…

The Raven's Nest

Some things that you might need to understand before this:

Alphabet of Desire:

Ravens of Antimony:

Sigil surroundings:

The Raven's Nest is a pair of 2 parallel circles with every single letter, or Raven of my alphabet of desire the Ravens of Antimony spread evenly around the inside of the two rings. This symbol is usually placed around all of my sigils, and is a way to protect, and enhance their energies through the power of the Ravens of Antimony. It seems only fitting because my sigils are composed of the Ravens of Antimony, and now they will be empowered by the very force that created them. It's pretty much just a symbol in order to invoke the energies of my alphabet of desire the Ravens of a…

Tarot Reading for beginners

Tarot is a very popular type of divination among practitioners. It can be very useful like other types of divination to see things that you might be missing, and to gain insight into the world around you. This is truly a practice everyone can benefit from, if they have the cards to do it. When you're first starting out learning tarot it can be quite overwhelming but if you stick with it you will learn how to have a relationship, and communication with your cards, but you probably did not think was possible. Tarot is a wonderful, and beautiful art in which you use 78 different, and unique cards to divine questions that you, or a client might have. These 78 tarot cards are split into the major, and minor arcana. Major Arcana The major arcana are also sometimes known as the trump cards, and are made up of 22 cards that hold very deep meaning, and important life lessons that can lead to great insight, and understanding. The major arcana are the first of the tarot cards where the firs…

Things you can use instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick

When I first discovered my path, I was surrounded by people who didn't know, and would not encourage me if I told them about my practice into the occult. so because of this I did not have a lot of tools to work with when I first started, and if I did have a tool it would have to be disguised as something that was "acceptable". This led to me learning, and adapting ways to practice better in secret without allowing people to know I was practicing. One thing that came out of it that people don't talk about a lot about is things that can be used instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick. I learned this, because back in the day I did not know how to make my own spells, so I had to use other peoples, and a lot of them called for candles. The replacements for candles that I will post below relies on the fact that you need the candles for energy in order to manifest your will into the universe not so much to bring fire energy, or light into your work. So n…

How to use a pendulum

The pendulum is a very interesting esoteric tool that can be used for divination, and dowsing, along with many other things. This tool consists of a string, and a heavy object at the very bottom of it which is held in the air, and asked questions in order to divine. These pendulums can be made out of almost anything, and are simple, but powerful tools that can help us in our workings, because of this pendulums are super easy to make, and can become a very easy tool for anyone to get a hold of. You could even use a necklace as a pendulum as long as it has some sort of charm, or something on it. The pendulum can be used by anyone, all you need to do is learn how to use it.

To use a pendulum you want to hold the string with your thumb, and index finger with your elbow bent slightly, so that the pendulum weight is off the ground. Also to keep your hands steady you might want to balance your elbow against a table, or some sort of other apparatus. This will help you rule out unnecessary move…


Samhain (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) means literally summer's end, and is a festival holiday that is usually celebrated by pagans. This holiday also has many names such as Calan Gaeaf, Nos Cyn Calan Gaual, Oie Houney, Feast of Mongfind, Feast of the Dead, Third Harvest, The Witches' New Year, and Celtic New Year. This festival holiday celebrates the Sabbath, and is also a time to pay your respects to your ancestors, and people that have moved on. This holiday is celebrated on the 31st of October to November 1st, but this time can actually be changed, or different depending on your spiritual tradition. This can make Samhain to some, a longer period of time in which will extend over multiple days, and may even go into early November. This is also the third and final Harvest of the year in which is the last time to get everything in before winter. During this time people will celebrate by doing rituals, honoring their ancestors, and throwing parties.

This holiday was…


Mudras are symbolic gestures that are used in many different parts of eastern spiritual practice along with some parts of western spirituality. These hand gestures focus the body's energy in a specific way so that their energy can affect them, or the world around them. There are literally thousands of mudras coming from a wide array of different cultures, and belief systems. These mudras have many different wide varying effects, and purposes. Most of the time a mudra is only a hand gesture but there are some mudra that get the entire body involved. To use a mudra all you need to do is put your hand in that position for an extended period of time, and the act of this alone will focus your energy on the goal of the mudra. You can use a mudra whenever you would like throughout any time of the day. they are gestures that communicate language, and intent through the simple act of your body language. Now I will compile a list of some basic mudras, and their basic effects that I like to…

How I Make My Sigils

So I'm going to show everyone how I make my sigils. So I guess here we go. Step by step time!

What you're going to need is a pencil with a piece of paper, paint tool Sai, and gimp 2.

1) First thing were going to need is a statement of intent to make a sigil for. This can be pretty much anything. Just a statement to show our will, and what we desire to get from it. I think for the purposes of this tutorial I'm going to pick the statement of "People are attracted to my blog". Most of the time I would put this statement as present tense, but I have also done work in past tense, and future tense, and it has not change the effectiveness of my sigils in any way.

2)  Next I take my statement of intent, and I lower the amount of unnecessary letters by getting rid of most of the letters in the statement that do not represent the main meaning of the statement, or that are repeating letters. I usually lower the number of letters down to a usable amount, so to not make the s…

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is a universal, and magickal law that is quite prevalent in all aspects of life. This law states energies, and constructs that are alike attract. So whatever you put out into the world will come back to you. So if you put a very positive, and happy energy out in to the world you will receive positive happy energy in return. This also works with negative energy, and thoughts. So if someone wanted to attract something into their life all they would have to do is send that out. The law of attraction will bring to you experiences, situations, and conditions that you characterize, think, desire, and expect about. Focusing your entire being on a certain outcome, or situation will end up bringing those energies into your life along with the situations, and outcomes they in-body. If you desire one thing, and expect another the universe will be split and you may not receive the ultimate outcome that you were desiring, because of the unbalanced between your desire, and yo…


Elementals are beings that are strongly connected to a certain element. Traditionally there are four types of elementals that were first written about in the alchemical works of Paracelsus in the 16th century. These four types of elementals are known as gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. Each one of these elementals rules over, or works with it's element on a very close, and spiritual level. Elementals carry the elemental energy of the element they represent in them allowing them to harmoniously live with their element in a balanced way. Practitioners, and alchemists worked with these entities in order to use their elemental power in their practices. Elementals exist on the etheric, and astral planes, and can be seen by practitioners who have the ability of clairvoyance. They will, and can materialized in elemental, animal, or human form. It is said that they have the ability to change their appearance as well. It is also said that the elementals take their orders from div…


Ghost are disembodied humans, or other animals that have not crossed over that are still attached to the earth in some form, or way. Ghost usually become attached to the earthly plane if they die with unfinished business, very suddenly, or if they died in a very negative way. Depending on how the person or animal dies can also affect whether, or not the ghost knows it's dead. These entities are not always malevolent, and even can be quite friendly at times depending on various parts of their own unique personalities, and the death that they experienced. These entities are usually attached to a place, object, or person to keep them grounded in this plane of existence usually in the area where they died at. These places, objects, or people are usually referred to as haunted. Some ghost sightings have been recorded as one offs in which there was no haunted object, person, or place in the vicinity that the entity could have been connected to.

These entities usually appear as accurate …


Poltergeists are spiritual entities that exist on the astral, and etheric plane. The word poltergeist literally means "noisy ghost" in german, but actually has nothing to do with ghosts. These entities can be created by powerful negative emotions, and feelings, but usually are created by people that are practitioners, or have high psychic energy. It is known by many to be a form of uncontrollable psychokinesis brought on by a single person that may not know they have the ability, or the skill to use psychokinetic techniques. Poltergeist are also sometimes referred to as RSPK which stands for Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis. This has been noted by some to be a more accurate term to call poltergeist activity, because it is less connected to the idea of spirits, and ghosts, and more connected to individual, or agent psychokinetic outbreaks. It is said young women around the age of 9 to 17 have the highest potential for creating a poltergeist. Reports of poltergeists have b…

Vampires, And Vampirism

Vampires are entities that absorbs certain sustenance through the act of vampirism. Vampirism is the act of taking in sustenance from other entities, or constructs that need, and use it. These entities have captured the imagination of all different types of people. Though these entities do not burn up in the sunlight, or transform into bats they are still people, and entities we should be aware of. But today we're going to be talking about real vampires not the ones you see on the big screen. Vampires are very real, but probably not in the way we expect them to be. There are two main types of vampires with one of them splitting off into sub vampires. Depending on what type of sustenance a vampire feeds on will determine what type of vampire  they are. If a vampire does not get its type of sustenance then it will become lethargic, sickly, depressed, and burnt out. Vampires can start their life craving there sustenance, or they can go through an awakening that usually happens aroun…

Active, And Passive Sigil Activation

Once you have your sigil all charged up, and filled with your intent all there is left to do is to cast it into the universe to gain what you want, and desire. This casting into the universe can be done in two ways actively, or passively. Both of these ways have their own benefits, and setbacks, but it is important to determine which way you should activate certain types of sigils, because it changes the way the energy is released into the universe, and allowed to manifest. So we will be taking a look at both these activation styles, and when they would be most effective to use over the other one.

Active Sigil Activation:

In active sigil activation the energy is usually released all at once, or in a very immediate fashion. This is usually done through the means of destroying the sigil to allow all its energy to manifest at once. This type of activation is good for sigils that only have to be used once, or in a single situation. Sigils I would use in this activation method would be sig…

Spirit Ords

Spirit orbs are spiritual entities that choose to manifest as balls of light energy. Spirit orbs go by many different names such as Spirit globes, Spirit globules, balls of light, and ghost orbs. These are primarily believed to be simple manifestations of spirits, but a lot of people have a bunch of theories on what type of spirits manifest itself as an orb. Some people believe them only to be human spirits, where other people believe them to be human, animal, and/or even nature spirits. Skeptics believe spirit orbs are nothing, but dust, moisture, or pollen grains captured by the camera, or by people seeing them, and mistaking it for something spiritual. Because of this there has been quite a lot of fake spirit orbs photographs. No one truly knows what they are, and they are still quite mysterious. The difference between actual spirit orbs, and particles in the air is usually spirit orbs in photographs have a slight Trail, glow a bit, and have an odd interesting center.

These entitie…

Shadow people

Shadow people are black shadow mist humanoid like entities that are quite mysterious in nature. Other names that are used to refer to shadow people are shadow figures, shadow beings, black masses, dark shadows, shadow ghosts, Dark Ectoplasms, Moving Shadows, or shades. Shadow people have been seen in many different types of forms. People have ran into shadow people that looked children sized, adult sized, masculine, feminine, and even some that would wear "Shadow clothes". There are different types of shadow people, and shadow entities. Though these entities usually act similar to each other, it's important to know the types that one could encounter. These are the different types of shadow people:
Shadow humanoid - This is the form most people see, and is the basic human form.Shadow humanoid with Red, or Green Eyes - It's exactly what it sounds like... shadow people with colored eyes...Hat Man - This is a shadowy humanoid form that is wearing a hat, and is usually kno…

Energetic Burnout

Energetic burnout occurs when you have been using way too much of your own personal spiritual energy to such a high amount that you start to feel physically, spiritually, and mentally exhausted, and may even lose the ability for a short time to do types of energy work that draw specifically from your energy. This may give you headaches, fatigue, body aches, and much more symptoms depending on the person, and how much energy they have expended. When you are in an energetic burnout your energy will come back to you in normal means just through the continuation of life, but you can work yourself out of this state if you desire. To work your way out of an energetic burn out quickly you would need to take in more spiritual energy. This can be done through various different energy gathering methods such as keeping high vibrational stones next to you, burning certain herbs, grounding, centering, absorbing energy from other constructs, consumption of food, sleeping, and a plethora of  other d…

Name Sigils

Name sigils are just like normal sigils, except instead of the intent being focused on a situation, or act it is focused on the energies of the person whose name is used to create the sigil. Any type of name can be used for this type of sigil such as a first name, a middle name, a last name, a username, a nickname, a magick name, etcetera. These types of sigils resonate with the energy of the person bringing their natural energies into a physical form. These sigils can be used to enhance their already existing energy, or to bestow their energy upon another.

It can be used as a symbol to represent you, and to target yourself with certain magical energies that you wish to bring into your life. Since these sigils energies mimic the energy of the person that's name was used to create them, they are technically linked to it on a spiritual level. This can also be used as a magickal signature, or claiming tool to show that you own something. Some people place them on things to mark them …


Visualization is a very important skill that we all have, and have used before in many different ways. This helps us experience, connect, and feel into experiences that we may not have the pleasure of experiencing in our waking lives. The skill of visualization can also be used to focus intent, and get your energy into the places where you want it to be in order to effect, and change the world. Though  visualization is a natural skill we all possess everyone should take special care to exercise their visualization skills so that they can have a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience. It is a lot like a muscle in this regard, and must be trained, and used in order to have in order to keep it at its best potential. All you really need to do in order to exercise your visualization skills is to visualize things. More intricate, varying or moving will become harder to visualize and will improve your skills then things of the opposite nature. Things that are visualized that are not…

Bubble of white light Protection

The bubble of white light protection is a technique that is used to protect from outside influences, and energies. This technique can be used anytime that you feel that you need spiritual protection, and is a very easy and basic technique to learn, and execute. Times when you would want to use this technique are right before you meditate, before doing psychic readings, if you are feeling overwhelmed as an empath, and many, many other situations. It may be a very basic technique, but it's a very good technique to have in your arsenal. Step by step time!
First thing you're going to want to do is relax. You're going to want to get into a nice, and calm state of mind in which you can focus completely on yourself. Next you're going to want to ground, and center yourself using any grounding, or centering method.Once you're done with that visualize in your mind's eye energy coming down from the higher planes filling your body with radiant white light all the way up to …

Derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community

Not trying to offend anybody through this list of words, and definitions. I just thought this would be educational, and I found it quite interesting after running into these terms a couple times. It's always very interesting to take a look at thought processes, and the way they form opinions of others. If you have anything to add I encourage you to reblog, and add them to help us gain a better understanding of the magickal community's derogatory terms.

List of derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community:
Once-Born - This was originally used to refer to Christians that became born again. It's a way of saying that this is your first incarnation, but it implies that you do not have knowledge, wisdom, or skill. The opposite of this would be Twice-Born.

Cowan - A non-witch, or a non-initiate. A word that was used for people non initiated into the craft, or for people that were not quote on quote "real witches". This also pertain  to people that we&…

Stitchomancy, and Bibliomancy

Stitchomancy, and bibliomancy are two forms of divination that are done through literature. Stitchomancy being divination through the use of all books, and bibliomancy being a subset of Stitchomancy that works through the use of a holy, religious, or sacred book. The books that are usually used for bibliomancy are the Bible, the Qur'an, the Torah, the Iliad, the Odyssey, and plenty of others. It is said that both of these techniques are very old, and have been practiced by many different cultures. Stitchomancy is a quick, and fun way to divine, and can be done anytime that you have a book with you.  All you need to do once you have a book of any type is to ask your question aloud, or in your head, then open the book, or let it fall open to a random page, and then take the first phrase you see as your answer for your question. Very simple, yet helpful at the same time. It is also discreet so you can do it at any place you would like without drawing attention to yourself. To do b…

The Should I Wolf Spread

The Should I Wolf Spread

This spread is to help you find your path. It will guide you by making you consider, and review the consequences from a certain situation to see if you should make that decision in the first place. This spread works best on questions that are in the form of  "should I" questions.

1 -  What has brought you to this question?
2 - How will the outcome effect you?
3 - How will the outcome effect the people around you, and in your life?
4 - What is the best outcome you can achieve?
5 - What is the worst outcome you can achieve?
6 - What do you hope to gain?
7 - What do you fear to lose?
8 - Overall recommendation on what you should do.

Ways to energize your chakras

Here is a list of ways to energize your chakras to keep them open and in balance with the rest of your divine being. Any of these techniques, or methods can be used at any time to charge your chakras, and are also just good to know. This list definitely does not get all of the ways, but it is a good start.

1) Meditation. Is there anything meditation can't do? So why not use it as some sort of energy working tool. It will allow you to focus your mind, and go deep into yourself to accomplish many tasks. Through a constant deep meditation cosmic energy will be brought down into you charging, and empowering your energy system.

2) Breathing exercises, or pranayama. This will bring energy into your body through better breathing methods allowing much needed energy to flow into your system.
3) Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, kuji-in, and other energy working arts. From doing these practices one will gain better energy flow through there nadis, and will facilitate a better state in which the…