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Alphabet of Desire

An alphabet of desire is a bunch of sigils that occult practitioners use to help him or her in their practice. This mass of sigils can be charged and reused over and over again to give them more power so you can have a bunch of ready to use sigils in Your Arsenal. To make an alphabet of Desire you will need to use creativity, intuition and metaphysical association skills. The alphabet of Desire is said to be a personal magical alphabet for the petitioner who creates it. So the alphabet may not be as useful to someone else if they try to use it. Well let’s start creating your own alphabet of Desire first thing you will need to make is a list of opposing aspects (like as you can see below).


You need to think of aspects that are important to you as a person and the opposite of those aspects. You can have as many aspects as you would like but I recommend that you end on an even number so every aspect as an opposite aspect.

After yo…