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Sigil Matrix

A Sigil Matrix is an energy grid that covers a specific area with the user’s intended energy. These can be used when you’re trying to make sigil’s affect cover a larger area like a town or a County. The sigil matrix is made by having a 3D shape usually a dodecahedron with sigils you have made on each side of the shape. This object is called the chaosphere  and it is how you will control and influence your  Sigil Matrix. Now you must take each one of the sigils you have on your chaosphere and place them around the area to make your perimeter of your sigil matrix this is usually done in the shape of an even larger sigil which will act as the energy when the sigils not being used. After that is completed make a altar for your sigil matrix and set your chaosphere on it. Now whatever energy you send into your chaosphere will be sent throughout the area as long as you have the chaosphere and the sigils around the area remain intact.